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Britax Laptop

On this page you will view pictures of the Britax Laptop. The Laptop is a energy absorbing child restraint. It is made of EPS foam(similar to head gear) and comfort foam and is fitted over the child's thighs. Then the vehicle belt is threaded through the steel reinforced groove in the restaint. This restraint can be used for a child 3 years old and older weighing between 30-65 pounds. This restraint can be used with both a lap/shoulder belt AND a lap only belt. This restraint is great for those who only have lap belts and for those who have both lap and lap shoulder belts. It is light weight and easy to move from car to car. My oldest son(7 1/2 yrs) uses this restraint and likes it.

Britax Laptop

This is a picture of the Laptop from Britax's site. To read more about Britax and their products click here: Britax's Web Page

Kyler in the Laptop

This was taken March 2003. Kyler is 7 yrs old, 50 pounds and 49 inches tall. This restraint is installed using the lap/shoulder belt in our 1998 Ford Windstar.

Kyler Pretending to Sleep

Many people wonder how a child might sleep while using the Laptop. Kyler actually finds it quite comfortable and both my husband and I feel he actually sleeps better and looks more comfortable in his Laptop then in any of his belt positioning boosters. This picture was taken in March 2003

Justice in the Laptop

Justice is 5 years old, 45 inches tall and around 50 pounds. This picture was taken in June 2002.

Janae in the Laptop

This is my daughter Janae sitting in the Laptop. She is 3 1/2 years old and weighs 26-27 pounds and is 36 inches tall. She doesn't weigh enough to use this restraint in the car yet, but fits with in the height requirements. I thought I would take a picture to show how a child her height would fit in the Laptop. If she weighed 30 pounds, I think I would still prefer a 5 point system for her. However, if she weighed 30 pounds, I would use it in a pinch. Even under the reccomended weight limit, she still could not wiggle out of the restraint. I just don't think she'd be comfortable for very long. I also want to include that she is resting her chin on the top of the laptop. If she held her head up, she'd look more comfortable!


Please do not confuse this restraint with a shield booster seat. This restriant is very different from a shield booster in that it snugly holds a child AND the child is not boosted, but sitting on the vehicle seat while this restraint is fitted to them. Also, remember that not all children and vehicles are the same, so your experience of using this seat may be different from my own and others :-) This site is for informational purposes only. If you have any questions about this product, please contact the manufactuer.
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