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Building Your SCA Persona

These questions are designed to stimulate your flow of thought about your persona, and to help you flesh out and fill in the blanks. If you need help with research sources, drop me an email at the address below, and I'll try to help.


What is your nationality/culture?
What was the date and year of your birth?
What is the current year?
Where were you born?
What is your occupation?


What are your parentís names?
What do they do?
Are they still living?
Do you have brothers and sisters?
Are you married?
What does your spouse do?
How did you meet?
Do you have children?
What are their names and ages?


Where do you currently live?
What is the closest major city?
How far away is it?
How long does it take you to get there?
Have you traveled?
Where have you traveled?
Why did you go there?
How did you get there?
What sorts of crops do farmers in your area raise?
What is the local topography like?


What sort of education do you have?
Can you read and write?
What do you read?
Can you name a few of your favorite books?
What languages do you speak, read, or write?
What subjects are you knowledgeable in?


What kind of money do you use?
What are the relative values of that money?
What is your annual income?
Where do you derive your wealth?
How much does a skilled worker make a month?
Do you and to whom do you pay taxes?
How much is:
A tankard of ale?
A room for the night?
A horse?
An outfit?


What sort of clothing do you wear?
What colors and fabrics do you use?
Who makes your clothes?
Where do you get them?
What sort of footgear do you wear?
Are there sumptuary laws?
Do you follow the laws?


Have you served in the military?
If so, in what capacity?
Have you ever committed a crime?
If so, what sort of crime did you commit?
Were you arrested, brought to trial, convicted?
Have you been a slave or indentured servant?
Do you own slaves or indentured servants?
How long did you train for your occupation?
Who taught you your trade?
Do you belong to a guild or union?
For whom do you work?
Where do you work?


Can you describe the construction, size, and rooms of your home?
What sort of hygienic facilities does it have?
How is it decorated?
Where and with whom do you sleep?
What furniture do you own?
What are your family treasures?
What did you inherit?
Do you own a horse?
Do you own livestock?
Do you have any pets?


Who prepares your food?
What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
What is your favorite drink?
What are your favorite foods?


How much leisure time do you have in a day?
How do you obtain your news?
What games do you play?
Do you gamble?
If so, what do you gamble on?
Do you drink?
If so, how much?
What music and dances are you familiar with?


How do you tell time?
How often do you bathe?
To whom do you owe service?
Who would help you if you were in trouble?
To whom would you offer help?
What sort of health do you have?
What sort of medicines do you use?
What diseases have you had?
What is your life expectancy?
When do you wake up?
When do you go to work?
How long do you work?
When do you go to sleep?


What is your religion?
How often do you attend services?
Have you made any pilgrimages?
What are the holy books of your religion?
Have you read them?
Who is the local See?
Who is the Holy See?

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