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Freddy Garcia The Seattle Mariners #1 Ace

Freddy's Amazing Stats!!

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Even Freddy is showing his support!!

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This is the most valuable card I have of Freddy. It's signed and numbered 331/550.

Here is a pic of our beloved Freddy with Kazuhiro Sasaki, and Jeff Nelson. At the All Star Game here at the Safe.

Here is one where he looks stoned or something.. He was probably just caught off guard : )

With how great Freddy is I can't see how any one thinks or could of thought that we where getting nothing for the Randy Johnson trade! Come on just look at him!

Here are the pics off of some cards that I have!

Ok more pics are to come, but first!! How Freddy did he last outing..

Opening Day 2002

Freddy oh Freddy. He started out looking so promising, and he was pretty promising. Those mean old White Sox had a different plan for Freddy. It was a mean plan at that. Freddy did a pretty good job till about the fifth..Then in the sixth it got worse. It was still good until Lou put Franklin in.. He's the one that should have Freddy's loss. He will shine Saturday against those stupid A's!! Good luck Freddy!!

Here is some extra info. about Our Freddy!

* Full Name: Freddy Antonio Garcia

* Birth Date: October 6, 1976

* Birth Place: Caracas,Venezuela

* Height/Weight: 6 foot 4/ 235

* Off Season Home: Baruta,Venezuela

* Favorite Kind of Music: Salsa

* Favorite Food: Seafood

* Favorite Action Hero: Jet Li : )

* Favorite Childhood Food: Candy (such a little kid at heart)

* Favorite Fast Food: Taco Bell

* Favorite Midnight Snack: Roast Beef Sandwich

* Best Appetizer In Seattle: Chicken Wings (anywhere)

* Typical Pregame Meal: Pasta

Thats all for now! Hope you enjoyed and got the info. you wanted. If you didn't please e-mail me and tell me what you would like to see. Thanks much. Buh-Bye!

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