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These are my Freddy Garcia pics (because he's a hottie)

Freddy's first trip to the All Star game

GRRR! Mr. Tough man!

He's coming at 'cha!

Let's see how long Freddy can hold his breath....

The name of this picture is Fatty..need I explain why?

He's checking me out from afar!

Does he look a little bull legged to you?....

He is thinking "WHAT IS UP MY BROTHER?"

My friend said he looks mentally handycap.. i just say he looks challenged...

Who can turn the world on with his smile? Who can take a nothing day and suddently make it seem worth while? Well it's you Freddy and you know it! With every glance and movement you show it! YOU"RE GOING TO MAKE IT AFTER ALL!!!!!!!

He's thinking..."should I have pizza again tonight or have fish?"

This is Freddy showing us the lastest Salsa dance moves

There he goes holding his breath again..

I wonder why the ball is yellow?

He needs a shower, he's all nasty and sweaty..sick dude! PAGE TWO (yes that means there's more.. much more)