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X-Treme TV Results

These results will probably be shorter than usual because we're pretty behind on writing results. Now these would've been up earlier, BUT... soooomebody in ETW who's name I won't mention, William, said that he'd write the results but he didn't so it looks like I, the regular results writer, will have to write them again, so Will, STOP JA... excuse me, SLACKING OFF!!!

Plus, I'm really not in the "mood" right now with that terrible tragedy that just happened on Tuesday, but anything that will get my mind off it I guess.

Now anyways, this was a pretty cool show, once again taking place at the school yard.

Justin Cage vs Super Kool

This was for the ETW Universal Title and was Justin's first title defense. This was a great match-up, with cool hardcore spots, it ended when Justin hit the Sitdown Powerbomb, and a succesful title defense.

Awesome Aaron Thomas vs Jon Michaels

This match was between new comer Jon Michaels and Aaron Thomas. There was great technical wrestling, and they took it everywhere. The ending came when Aaron hit a vicious 10-Star Frog Splash onto a cookie sheet layed out on Jon's stomach. And Aaron gets the win.

Super Kool vs Silk

This match was just about as good as seeing Hulk Hogan vs Kevin Nash... in other words, not very. But I guess it was okay for what it was, Super Kool having to carry the non-experienced Silk thru this one. The ending came when Super Kool hit the Kool Fool on Silk.

Aaron Thomas vs Jon Michaels vs Justin Cage

Very cool main event. Great wrestling, and they took it ALL OVER THE PLACE. The ending came when Jon tied Aaron to a pull-up bar, as Justin then mercilessly beat the hell out of Jon with a steel chair, repeatedly. He then got the cover, and retained his title. Then Aaron got free, and both him & Jon began to beat the hell out of the champ as the show went off the air.

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