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Two of my cohorts, Chris Whitaker(Funky Bunnies) and Kelli Davis(Etoli) and I entered the first annual Unearthly Challenge environment art competition. While I was plagued with insane overtime and the fact that none of had much experience with Unreal, we completed the competition, had an awesome time and learned so much.
Kelli was kind enough to lend her talented hand to concepts, Chris did the chicken and chicken-themed vehicles, and I took care of the environment modeling/texturing, lighting, composition etc.We didn't win but did get placed by a few judges at 1st,5th and 6th places and an honorable mention.

Original Concept:: We had to pick from the concepts provided and being the(insane) people that we are we chose this one. Our task: to re-design and turn the concept evil.

Re-imagined Concept:: We decided to go with an evil chicken overlord theme, a planet ruled by "His Eggcellency Buk-Buk Bukaw". This level was designed as a reconnaissance mission in which your character sneaks into a large gathering of Buk-Buk's military leaders in a steam-powered chicken suit.We borrowed heavily from World War 2, Fascist Architecture and any number of ridiculous villains. One judge summed it up fairly well I think as "Valliant meets V for Vendetta".

Beauty:: Presented and composed in UnrealEditor 3, the modeling was done in 3DS Max and Zbrush, concepts and textures in Photoshop. We had a total 4096x4096 texture space to work with and 250k tris, we got towards the upper limits of both.

Beauty 2::