My Artwork

Yes, here it is, My Artwork. Well, most of it anyway. More of my artowrk can be found in Dark Hood's Pics. However, don't expect anything great, I'm not that good an artist. Everything drawn by hand are sketches, since I don't have any color pencils.


- My first hand drawign of Blue.

- My first hadn drawing of Dragadon, a friend's alter-ego. Looks a bit too much like a horse.

- My favorite out of the three drawings of Drag that I did.

- I supposedly profile drawing of Dragadon that didn't come out right.

- My first drawing of a mudokon.  Apart from the legs, it didn't come out too badly.

- A second drawing of a mudokon which came out quite good as well.

- A drawing of a mudokon head. Not very good.

- A drawing of a  Scrab. Yes, I know, it looks like it has boobs, but that was a small mistake.

- My first drawing of a slig.

- Second drawing of slig. Thsi time from the front.

Art for other people:

- A drawing of one of Alector's characters.

Computer art:
Most  can be found at Dark Hood's Pics under "My Drawings".

Firing Sqaud.gif
  - Ian Hamilton, the main contractor for the development site next door got on my neavers because his workforce cut my phone line, and he didn't do anything about it. So this is what I drew. I got the idea from Mr. Beams diary. :)

- A little animation for the Oddworld Forums that I used to be able to use before Angelfire stopped everyone using gifs on other sites.

This page will be updated next time I update the site.