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Name: Dark Hood.

How can a furre have such a stupid, boring name? Rumour has it that Darky's real name is Edmund, but he tells no-one. He is known simply as Dark Hood, or by friends and loved ones as Darky. His name is given to him by his infamous black hood, which he wears up when in colder environments, when it is raining, and when lurking dark places.


Age: 19


Gender: Male

Species: Feline (Furre)


Height: Darky's height is 5'7" with his boots on, but his real height is only a mere 5'6". Although this isn't very tall, it appears to be average height compared with those around him.


Weight: Darky's weight of 196lbs is given to him by lack of activity and is spread out moderately along his abdomen, torso, and rear, yet he isn't that inactive, eats relatively little for his size depending on what he's been doing that day, and has a slow metabolism. He has some muscle which becomes apparent when he flexes them, but his muscles aren't really that noticeable, apart from his leg muscles.


Eye Colour: Slightly inset into his face, Darky's eyes are Greyish/Blueish in colour, and tell a lot about his mood and his personality by their expressiveness.


Hair Colour: Light Brown. Hair colour was formally blond when he was younger.


Voice: Darky’s voice is said to be warm, and soft-spoken with a south-eastern British accent, far from the posh stereotype that most people think the British have. However, Darky has the tendency to occasionally mumble and, more often, talk too fast, making him hard to understand at times.


Personality (brief): Friendly, laid-back, gentle, down-to-earth, mostly emotionally stable, somewhat loyal and honest, yet very lazy, can get confused easily, and also lacks motivation and self confidence.


Diet: Vegetarian. He’ll happily consume anything that contains or is milk, cheese, eggs and fish, but apart from fish, he refuses to eat anything that is or contains meat.


Outfit: Darky’s outfit consists of: Plain black hoodie, black combats or technical pants, with black “Gore-Tex”, steel toe-capped chainsaw boots that go up to his ankles and are quite heavy, yet he still manages to sneak and run in them.


Family:  Darky's family currently consists of his recent mate, Tina Soaten. And they're expecting more. . . A lot more. :)


Sexual Orientation: Straight


Sexual Preferences: Darky isn’t really as fussy as it seems when he comes to finding partners, but it is said that he physically prefers the podgy, cuddly and voluptuous type of girl. He likes large, smooth, round curves, yet doesn’t like them too large and isn’t really a fan of folds. Personality is also very important to him, since he seeks someone who he can be good friends with and who can provide him with good company.

(Note: Yep, contrary to belief, some people find the pudgy and voluptuous type very attractive. And if you don't believe me, stop listening to Hollywood and the media, break away from the flock of sheep mentality, become an individual, and add more variety and diversity to Furcadia. I know Furcadia is an escape from reality and all, but you all need to realise: It's not cool to be as thin as a twig. Very few people like their women with little or no curvature - Why do I keep seeing the words "Lithe" "Petite", "delicate" and "fragile" in almost every description that I view? They just mean to me that you aren't nice to snuggle with and that you break easier. Think about it. Fat is only bad if it noticeably affects your health - It's not always a bad thing. Open your eyes to the truth.)


Zodiac: Taurus


Religion: None. Darky believes in himself, his friends, his family and his pets, nor cares that much about where the planet came from or what we’re all doing on it.


Home: Darky lives at his own self-built house, Dark Hood's Shack. More of a mansion then a shack, it features security, a large garden, swimming pools, bedrooms, a kitchen, a large outdoor chess set, and several hidden secret rooms and areas.


Current Employment: Darky is currently employed by Zepor as a bartender/handyman at PP, standing in when the other bartenders aren't working, or during busy shifts. Need a drink or something else? Just yell. Not responding? Try whispering him.


Weapons: Being the peaceful type, and the fact that he rarely enters combat situations, Darky hardly ever feels the need to arm himself. However, when he needs to, he will use whatever he can get his hands on, though he has been known to occasionally carry and use a Flak Cannon, seemingly the very same one from the Unreal universe. He is also permanently armed with his Steel toe-caps, his fists, claws, and teeth, but has never been known to use any of them in combat.


Words of Wisdom: Darky is not really the philosopher type, though there are a set of statements and ideas that he sometimes uses as a guide to living life. Here are a few of them:

"What will be, will be."
"What you don't experience, you don't miss."
"Everything happens for a reason."
"Accomplish as much as possible and enjoy your life. Try not to waste it - You only get one chance. Exist for yourself, those close to you, and what you care about."
"You have nothing to fear from death. Just suffering. And those you leave behind."
"Life has it's highs and lows. And if you're stuck on a low, there will always be a way up. You just have to find it."
"There's always a good side to everything, no matter how small or insignificant."
"Defences are only as strong as their weakest point."

"There is no such thing as 100% good or 100% evil. It's impossible. The human race doesn't work that way."

"Be wise to fate: There isn't such thing as perfect. And if you get a situation that seems perfect, then there is always a catch. Make sure you aren't caught off guard."


Player Statistics: Last updated 07/08/05 12:14am GMT:

Character Name: Dark Hood

Furcadia member since: 10/08/02

Time Spent in Furc (as Dark Hood): 111 days, 8 hours, 10 minutes.

Logged in: 3089 times.


Darky's Hints & tips: A word from the. . . Not so wise. This section will constantly be added to.

Furcadia Hints (if you didn't know already - Some of these are obvious):

1. Pressing Ctrl + I several times will allow you to cycle through the last few things that you said. Useful for re-posts.

2. When joining or summoning, remember it's the ` key to the left of the 1 on your keyboard, not to be confused with an apostrophe.

3. Holding down Ctrl while pressing the left and right arrow keys will allow you to move your cursor left and right in order to edit text that you type in the chat box.

4. Furcadia being too slow, lagging, or giving you problems? Go to: C Tab -> Change my settings. Then in the new dialogue box that appears, select the connection tab. Changing the "Preferred Server Port" from 80 to 6000 or the other way around sometimes helps, but not all the time.

5. When whispering, joining and summoning names with spaces in them, be sure to use the "pipe" | instead of a space. For example: /Dark|Hood Oi, you!. To type a pipe, hold down shift, and press the backslash key \ , left of the Z.

6. Hitting F4 in a dream will bring up a list of players in the dream. This in turn can be combined with the 'look' command to look at furres within the dream without being on the same screen as them. The look command has the same affect as clicking on a furre to view their portrait, name, and description. Example of the look command: look Dark|Hood

More to come when I think of them. (Feel free to suggest some, I'll credit you. :P)


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