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Carlos Guillen- The Mariners Great Shortstop


Carlos's Amazing Stats

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How Carlos Did In His Game!

OK.. Well this game sorta sucked.. BIG Time.. even though we won! The 1st Rain Delay was sad.. and boring.. Then the game came back after an 1 hour and 21 minute delay. Carlos was up with a full count... he flied out, but got an RIB in doing so. He knows when and what to do. Some times he just doesn't have the best days. It doesn't matter though.. He's soo great this season!!!

2001 Season

Carlos may not be the best hitter. Or should I say as good of hitter as Alex. Well, He is a great shortstop. As David Bell said "The best shortstop I have seen." Well all he needs is some more batting time. Maybe he will start batting his best ever this winter when in Venezuela playing for the Magallanes. Then bring that magic back to the M's for next season. You never know! Next season he could be doing what Boonie is doing this season! Never doubt the boys from Venezuela! So far Carlos has done an awesome job as OUR shortstop. Oh, oh and so far his knee/leg hasn't been hurting = )

2002 season

OK well you can disregard that hitting stuff from last years stuff:D So far Carlos is off to the best start that he has ever had. He's back and beefed up. That's right girls our Carlos is totally beefed up. Just like boonie was last year. The thing is.... he's hitting better than boonie.. boonie has let his ego get a bit to big (It's ok Bret we still love you too). Carlos has been making most of the hits that count.. and man is he doing a great job or what... The thing that makes me the angriest, is that Carlos is NOT getting reconized for it, but it's ok. We can do that for him.. So Keep up the extra great stuff your up too :D!!!!!!!!


Here is some extra info. about our Carlos

* Full Name: Carlos Alfonso Guillen

* Birth Date: September 30th 1975

* Birth Place: Maracay,Venezuela

* Height/Weight: 6 foot 1/ 200

* Off Season Home: Aragua,Venezuela

* Favorite Kind of Music: Salsa (he grew up on it)

* Favorite Pets: Dogs

* Favorite Game System: Playstation (how cute!)

* Favorite Childhood Meal: Pasta

* Favorite Fast Food: McDonald's (are you sure he's from Venezuela????)

* Favorite Midnight Snack: Cookies

* Best Appetizer In Seattle: Calamari (Elliott's Oyster House) Sorry Carlos but Calamari.. squid.. eww!!!

* Typical Pregame Meal: Rice

Thats all for now. I will be getting more pics and info later. Hope you liked the site. Please sign my guestbook. Thanks! Buh-Bye

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