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1975 Fiat X1/9 (1300cc)
Specifications & Data

Special thanks to Ron Lockman for providing the content

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Part 1 - Specifications:


I.1 - General Information
I.2 - General Info (continued)
I.3 - General Info (continued)


II.1 - Block, Connecting Rods
II.2 - Pistons, Pins, Rings
II.3 - Crankshaft, Main Bearings
II.4 - Cylinder Head
II.5 - Valve Mechanism
II.6 - Fuel System, Lubrication
II.7 - Torque Specifications
II.8 - Torque Specs (continued)


III.1 - Clutch, Transmission, Differential
III.2 - Front Suspension
III.3 - Rear Suspension
III.4 - Steering Gear
III.5 - Brakes
III.6 - [torque specs coming soon]


IV.1 - Charging System
IV.2 - Starter Motor
IV.3 - Ignition, Aux. Equipment
IV.4 - Lighting Equipment
IV.5 - Fuses

Tool Equipment:

V.1 - Tool Equipment
V.2 - Tool Equip (continued)
V.3 - Tool Equip (continued)

Part 2 - Illustrations:

Main Data:

I.a - Dimensions
I.a1 - Dimensions (continued)
I.b - Inst. Panel, Engine Compartment
I.c - Instruments & Controls


II.a - Longitudinal Section
II.b - Cross Section
II.c - Servicing Instructions
II.d - Carburetor
II.d1 - Carb (continued)
II.d2 - Carb (continued)
II.d3 - Carb (continued)
II.d4 - Carb (continued)
II.d5 - Carb (continued)
II.e - Fuel Evap Emission Control
II.f - Crankcase Emission Control
II.g - Exhaust Emission Control
II.g1 - Exh. Emission Cont. (continued)


III.a - Clutch
III.b - Transmission, Differential
III.c - Transmission, Sections
III.c1 - Trans., Sections (continued)
III.d - Differential
III.e - Front Suspension
III.f - Rear Suspension
III.g - Steering Gear
III.g1 - Stg. Gear (continued)
III.h - Brake System Diagram
III.h1 - Bk. Sys. Diagram (continued)


IV.a - [wiring diagram coming soon]
IV.b - Ignition Distributor
IV.b1 - Ign. Dist. (continued)
IV.c - Catalyst Warning System
IV.d - Typical Curves
IV.e - Headlight Adjustment
IV.f - Seatbelt / Starter Interlock System
IV.f1 - St / Sr Interlock System (continued)


V.a - Underbody Diagram
V.a1 - Udb. Diagram (continued)