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Women of WWI, I Need Your Memories!

Hello, my name is L.L. Lummus. I am a historian whose passion is for the era of WWI, and I would like to write a book about the women who served as nurses during that conflict, both on the homefront and especially in the warzone itself. Please, if you are one of these women, or if you have a female relative who was one, have them write down their stories and send them to me. I am primarily interested in British nurses, but I will be glad to recieve stories from any country. Also, if you are a man who served in the conflict and have any recollections about the nurses, I would glad to have those, also. I will give full credit for every story I recieve in my final book. The generation of women who served in this terrible conflict has almost passed away. Please don't allow them to do so without helping to preserve the voices of those women who gave so much of their lives to this war. You may e-mail me your enquiries , or send them to: L.L. Lummus, 9449 Pinedrop Dr., Olympia, WA 98513, USA

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