'Fic by Laura...

This girl has written more fanfic than I know what to do with. And, I'll give you a fair warning right now, some of the stuff she rights is a little raunchy. Oh my, what she loves to think about Willow and Xander doing. I believe that there's a rating for each of her stories. I hope so, anyways. This is only a few of her stories. Fortunately, she keeps all of her fanfic archived on her very own site. If you wanna see these and then some, then by all means, click here. But, if you'd rathered stay and see all that the Realm has to offer for you, then scroll down and enjoy. ~Oz~

Remember....all stories are by Laura

The Carnival's Spell

Sweet Victory

Someday Forever

Breathe In

Any Old Music

Dancing in the Rain



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