by Teri Leigh

Rated: NC-17
Joss owns all.
Summary: Takes place in the Wishverse before Willow and Xander were vampires.


  Willow jumped as she heard the bang on the door. The sun had gone down 20 minutes ago and she had no idea who could be outside her door. She peeked out of the window and was greeted by the sight of Xander, leaning heavily on the door frame, clothes torn and tattered and half hanging off of him. He had several cuts and scrapes that were oozing blood.  She quickly threw open the

    "Oh my God, Xander get inside!" She grabbed him and pulled him into her house. He staggered slightly and clung to her, trying to get his feet back under him. She pulled him into the kitchen and sat him down on a stool. She quickly pushed his hair back from his forehead, noticing that he felt chilled. "Xander you're freezing! What were you doing out after sunset? You could have been killed? What happened to you? Were you attacked? How did you get away? God,
Xander, how could you be so stupid you know that..." she was cut off as he reached out and put his hand over her mouth.

    "Vampires..." he stumbled out. "I knew I shouldn't be out...but I thought... I could make it ... here in time. Got back from Grandpa's ... too late last night to...see you. Miss you, Will." He pulled her to him, placing her body between his legs and pulling her head down for kiss. She wrapped her arms around him, and he deepened the kiss, his tongue flicking out to lick at her lips, which she quickly parted for him. Her arms tangled around his head as she continued to kiss him. Her fingers slid their way down to play with the
nape of his neck, where she encountered something sticky. Quickly pulling away she examined her fingers. They were covered in blood.

    "My God, Xander you're bleeding!" She quickly turned his head and saw a bite mark on his neck. "Xander you were bitten! How did you get away?"

    "I'm bleeding? I knew he went after me, but I hit him with my cross and got away. I didn't think he really had gotten me, but I guess so." His hard went up to the bite on his neck and he winced. "Ow. That kinda stings."

Willow took his hand and lead him upstairs to the bathroom. She sat him down and pulled out a washcloth and some disinfectant. She noticed scratches on his arms and chest as well as the bite in his neck. "Um...Xand, maybe you should take off your shirt. It's all torn and you...umm..have scratches," she quickly looked away, blushing slightly. She and Xander hadn't been together very long,
and even though they had done some necking and petting, she still felt awkward about asking him to take off his clothes.

He smiled slyly at her and began to unbutton his shirt slowly, teasing her slightly with his looks. He pulled the shirt off and stood there in his jeans.

    "You want me to take those off too?" he teased. Willow just blushed and sat him down. She put some disinfectant on the wash cloth and slowly washed the bite mark on his neck and the scratches on his chest and sides.  She finished her task quickly and rinsed the washcloth in cool water before returning to
run the wet wash cloth over his neck and chest. She felt Xander's hand on top of hers, before he pulled her against his bare chest and latched his lips onto hers.

This kiss was different from the earlier ones. There was a desperate passion in this kiss, as if it were the last time he would ever kiss her. His hands quickly tangled into her hair as the kiss became more passionate, more needing. His hands slid down her body and he was quickly untucking her shirt. Pulling away from her just long enough to get her shirt off, his hands quickly found her lace covered breasts and began to fondle them as he kissed her
again. His kisses took her breath away and she found herself gasping as his mouth slid down her neck and over to latch onto her breast.

    "Xander," she moaned, pulling his head up and away from her breast. His mouth quickly reclaimed hers as he lifted her onto the counter and wrapped her legs around his waist. She arched into him as his tongue thrust into her mouth and his hips thrust into hers. She began returning his kisses, lust overcoming good sense, until she felt his hands unclasp her bra. She quickly pulled away,
her hands coming up to cover her breasts.

    "Xander, wait," she gasped. She tried to reclaim her breath, leaning her head against his chest. His hands continued to stroke her back, massaging her. She lifted her head, having finally regained her breath. "Xander, what's going on? I thought...I thought we were going to wait."

He took her face between his hands and leaned forward to brush his lips against hers before he began speaking. "Willow, I could have died tonight. I know we said we were gonna wait, but with everything that happens here with the vampires and demons and attacks, who knows how long we have? I know that I want to be with you. I want to share everything with you. I realize we haven't
been together long, but Willow you've always been a part of my life. It took so long for us to get together....I just don't won't to miss out on anything with you." He kissed her again, slowly, deeply, with all the feeling he couldn't find the words to express.

    "I don't want you to feel like I'm rushing you into something you aren't ready for, I just don't want to lose anymore time with you because who knows what could happen to us tomorrow?" He looked up into her eyes and she smiled at him. He continued to watch her waiting for her to say something. "Will?"

She stood up, one arm still crossed over her breasts and took his hand in her free one. Without saying a word, she lead him to her bedroom.

Willow was slightly nervous upon entering her room. She knew what was going to happen and she wanted it to, but she was entirely unsure of how to proceed. She stood in the center of the room, facing away from the door, trying to gather her courage, when she heard Xander enter behind her and shut the door.
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she tried to think of her next move.

Feeling Xander's body behind her, wrapping his arms around her as he kissed her neck, she realized that she didn't need to worry about the next step. Xander seemed to have things under control. His hands caressed her stomach and worked their way up to where her own hands still covered her breasts. He gently tugged her hands away and brought them up around his neck before
placing his own hands over her breasts. Her head fell back on his shoulder as his mouth wandered over her neck and his hands caressed her breasts. He pinched her nipples, causing them to harden into little buds.

    "You're so beautiful, Will." His voice was husky and rich and reverberated in her ear causing her to shiver. Turning her around, he kissed her as he lifted her in his arms and carried her to her bed. It was the same bed that they had laid in together as children and now she was going to become a woman in it. She smiled as he lay down beside her on his side, propped up on one arm. He
took his free hand and ran it down her neck and over her breasts, cupping them lightly, before moving down her stomach to her boxer shorts. His hand slid under the elastic waist band and massaged her stomach lightly before sliding further down. Willow moaned, her eyes closing, her body tensing slightly with the new sensations.

He leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Open your eyes, Willow. I want to watch you react to me." As soon as the words were out of his mouth, she felt his fingers slide over her panties. They started to slowly circle her clit through the satin and Willow felt a rush of warmth between her legs. Her eyes flew open and locked with his. Her hand latched onto his arm, her nails digging into his flesh. She whimpered at him as his fingers pressed into her without entering. He leaned down to kiss her gently, pulling his hand out of her
boxers and pulling his legs up underneath him as he leaned over her.

His hands settled on her waist and he pulled his lips from hers. "Why don't we take these off?" he asked quietly as his fingers hooked into her boxers. She nodded silently and lifted her hips to help him as he slid not only her boxers, but her underwear off as well. He sat beside her on the bed, just looking at her lying there naked. His attention made her blush and she started to squirm before closing her eyes. Noticing her tense up, he quickly moved to
the bottom of the bed. He took one of her feet in his hands and began to massage it, in an attempt to relax her.

He moved up her leg, working his way to her knee before he stopped and picked up the other leg, giving it the same attention. Once she'd relaxed somewhat, she felt his mouth tickling the sensitive spot behind her knee. She squirmed slightly, causing his mouth to slide further up her leg. He nipped and kissed his way up her leg until he was positioned between her thighs. She felt his
hands stroking her and she opened her eyes. Their eyes locked for just a moment before his tongue flicked out and licked the length of her hot, wet core.

Her thighs began to quiver as his tongue continued it's exploration of her most private part. Her breathing became shallow as his tongue found her clit and started to flicker over it. She felt her stomach tensing and she tried to pull his head from between her legs as the feelings became more intense. He took her hands in his, interlocking their fingers and pulling her hands down to her sides. She began to moan, begging him to stop, begging him to never
stop. Her hands clenched tightly onto his and she cried out his name as all the tension in her body became too intense. Suddenly her entire body was flooded by wave after wave of intense sensation. She cried out his name again as her first orgasm washed over her.

She realized her eyes were clenched shut, when she felt Xander stroking her check. "Hey," he whispered, leaning down to kiss her gently.

She blushed and pulled her gaze away from his, burying her face in his chest. Turning on her side, she wrapped her arms around him, stroking his back as she placed kisses over his chest.

    "Did you enjoy that?" he murmured into her hair. She smiled and brought her face level with his.

    "Do you have to ask?" The look on her face was positively giddy. Her hands slid down his back and to the waistband of his jeans. She slid them lower, cupping his ass through the denim. "Shouldn't we get these off?" she asked quietly.

Xander kissed her nose and then quickly stood and shed his jeans and boxers. As he stood up, he noticed her position. She had her knees pulled up slightly and she was leaned against her elbows, looking at his naked body. He stood there for a second, letting her look at him, before he quickly climbed onto the bed, lying over top her. She giggled, falling onto her back as his weight pressed against her, parting her thighs to accommodate his hips. Her hands
went up to caress his biceps as she pulled her body up to kiss his nipple.

    "Xander, don't you want me to...y'know...cause you did for me and all and...I mean, I could.."

"Maybe next time," he quickly replied, then stopped any more words with a long, passionate kiss as he wiggled his pelvis against hers. The friction was amazing and Willow gasped. He reached his hands down between their bodies and slowly pushed a finger into her. She gasped at the feeling and arched her hips up into his. His finger thrust in and out slowly before he added a second, stretching her virgin passage. She placed urgent kisses all over his face, squirming underneath him.

    "Please," she groaned as his thumb started to rub her clit in time with his fingers thrusts.

He gave her one more kiss before pulling his fingers from her. Taking hold of his manhood, he rubbed it up and down the length of her sex, using the head to rub her clitoris, making them both moan. Positioning himself, he slowly pushed the head into her warmth. She winced as he pushed himself into her. He was
halfway in when she gasped, digging her nails into his arm. Xander stopped his movement and leaned down to kiss her. As soon as he felt her relax into the kiss, he thrust sharply into her, breaking through her maidenhead and causing her to scream into his mouth.

He remained motionless above her, but continued to kiss her. His hands slid under her body and around her shoulders, pulling her up to him.  Slowly pulling out, he then thrust back in carefully. He continued the painfully slow motions until she started to lift her hips up to meet his. Her tongue flickered across his lips and he took it as a sign to increase his pace. He was soon thrusting steadily into her, still keeping him movements slow and
deep. Never in his sixteen years had he felt anything as wonderful as the sensations he was feeling now, his penis deeply embedded in Willow's body.

His thrusting began to pick up pace as he heard her moaning and gasping beneath him. His fingers again found her clit between their bodies and he started to slowly circle it. Feeling Willow's inner muscles tightening around him almost sent him over the edge. He quickly yanked his hand away and crushed his lips to hers. "I want to be with you forever, Willow."

Her body tighten around his and she arched into him. "Me too. I want you Xander....forever." He thrust sharply into her one last time before she threw her head back, crying out as she climaxed again.

She never saw Xander vamp out as he came, but she did feel his fangs enter the vein in her neck. Her eyes flew open as he drained her, but she knew that it was too late. When he slashed his neck with his nail and drew her near, she drank hungrily.

There was no other way. If he were a vampire, she would become one too. They had shared everything with each other. Everything. Now they would be together.


The End

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