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Cemeteries in Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia

(For photos on this page, thank you: Cyndi Buie, Mona Reubens, Dick and Faye Jensen)


Greenwood Cemetery, Clarksville, Montgomery Co., TN
A somewhat complete listing of their burial records can be found by clicking here. (Photos courtesy of Carolyn Smithfield, Mary Kidd and Amelia Wallace.)

Brown, Amanda A. (Stephens) (1838-1923)
Brown, Christopher C. (1862-1938)
Brown, Georgia (Current) (1868-1910)
Brown, William R. (1834-1904)
Daniel, Cole S. (1842-1923)
Daniel, Helene T.
Daniel, Lucy L. (Jones) (1850-1929)
Robert Daniel Family Plot
Daniel, Robert (1849-1931)
Daniel, Sinclair
Daniel, Soren T.
Daniel, Susan M. (Jones) (c. 1854-late 1870's)
Daniel, Virginia (Thompson)
Neblett, Minor E. (Daniel) (1879-1924)
Riverview Cemetery, Clarksville, Montgomery Co., TN
A somewhat complete online listing of their burial records can be found here. (Photos courtesy of Cyndi Buie.)

Brodie, David (1792-1871)
Brodie, Lucian L. (1828-1876)
Brodie, Susan M. (Sthreshley) (1802-1854)
Ogburn, Ethalinda E. (Brodie) Jones (1826-1912)
Central Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery, Dotsonville, Montgomery Co., TN
(Photos courtesy of Amelia Wallace.)

Bradway, Etha (O'Neal) (1906-1995)
Bradway, Ray A. (1900-1969)
Martin, Bradley (1855-1934)
Martin, Bradley A. (1886-1956)
Martin, Bradley A. (1922-2005)
Martin, Dorothy (Chester) (1928-2002)
Martin, Etha M. (Jones) (1853-1906)
White, Etha L. (Martin) (1896-1979)
White, William A. (1897-1975)
Old Grant's Chapel Methodist Cemetery, Montgomery Co., TN
These photos were taken by Dick and Faye Jensen in 2005:

Grant, Aquilla (1824-1888)
Grant, C. Aquilla (1863-)
Grant, Joseph (1817-1892)
Grant, Maria L. (Cherry) (1824-1866)
Grant, Mary (Wheless) (1789-1858)
These photos were taken by Ryan Wadleigh in 2008:
Farmer, Jennie F. (1874-1875)
Grant, Aquilla (1824-1888)
Grant, Beulah M. (1882-1913)
Grant, Charles A. (1886-1959)
Grant, Dora M. (1886-1907)
Grant, Etta (1853-1880)
Grant, Hattie E. (1860-1909)
Grant, Mary (Wheless) (1789-1858)
Grant, Sallie A. (Norfleet) (1837-1886)
Grant, Zachariah (1786-1864)
Gunn, Aquilla L. (1852-1924)
Gunn, Emmitt R. (1877-1878)
Gunn, Francicus (Rogers) (1835-1877)
Gunn, George H. (1871-1871)
Gunn, Henry (1809-1886)
Gunn, Martha (Grant) (1814-1852)
Gunn, W. H. (1859-1943)
Herring, Ann E. (1835-1858)
Herring, Joseph L. (1855-1857)
Herring, Nancy (Grant) (1811-1874)
Pfister, Mary (Grant) (1878-1936)
Rosson, Edward F. (1867-1896)
Rosson, Infant (1881-1881)
Sango Cemetery, Sango, Montgomery Co., TN
The cemetery is next to the Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church and some records refer to the cemetery by that name. A complete listing of their burial records can be found here.

Brown, Mary (Foust) (1809-1883)
Brown, Nelson (1808-1885)
Current, Elizabeth G. (Halliburton) (1842-1875)
Current, Esther F. (1864-1865)
Current, Frances (1870-1878)
Current, Hugh A. (1832-1911)
Halliburton, George C. (1816-1878)
Halliburton, Mary (Grant) (1820-1870)
Halliburton, Sylvester E. (Adkins) (1836-1916)

Riverside Cemetery, Hopkinsville, Christian Co., KY

Jones, Lee P. (Whitlock) (1869-1919)
Jones, Thomas A. (1856-1928)
Flat Lick Cemetery, near Herndon, Christian Co., KY
Most of the graves below were originally buried in what was called the Gilmer Cemetery in southern Christian County that was "moved" with the creation of Fort Campbell. (Photos courtesy of Brantley Clegg)

Flat Lick Cemetery - view of following plots
Donaldson, Benjamin C. (1828-1830)
Donaldson, David S. (1837-1838)
Donaldson, Elizabeth (c. 1793-1863)
Donaldson, Eliza T. (Parrish) (1817-1852)
Donaldson, James W. (1850-1850)
Hunt, James M. (1812-1860)
Hunt, Sion (1769-1845)
Hunt, Sarah (1776-1847)
A view of Sion and Sarah Hunt's graves
Another view of Sion and Sarah Hunt's graves
Kessee, Fannie D. (Parrish) Whitlock (1829-1880)
McKenzie, William J. (1868-1871)
Parrish, David W. (1789-1876)
Parrish, Drury
Parrish, Frank
Parrish, Lutilda T. (Hunt) (c. 1797-1835)
Parrish, Mildred M. (Gilmer (1805-1843)
Roberts, Collin H. (1816-1889)
Roberts, David P. (1854-1855)
Roberts, Mary A. (1847-1848)
Roberts, Mary W. (Parrish) (1825-1906)
Whitlock, John R. (1822-1901)
Whitlock, Lucretia (Parrish) (1831-1903)
Whitlock, Mary F. (1853-1854)
Whitlock, William T. (1819-1856)
Whitlock Cemetery, Christian Co., KY

(Photo courtesy of Brantley Clegg)

John R. Whitlock (1897-1878)
Carpenter Cemetery, Garrard Co., KY

(A complete listing of their burial records can be found by clicking here.)

I. Ambrose Ross
Elizabeth (Gordon) Ross
West Virginia:

Hatfield Cemetery, Roach, Cabell Co., WV

(Photos courtesy of Mona Ruebens

Lucinda Hatfield (1846-1926)
Hannah A. Hatfield (1862-1901)
Moses Hatfield (1822-1895)
Rufus Hatfield (1869-1941)
Andrew Hatfield (1737-1813) [Rev. War Marker]
A.M. Hatfield (1848-1915)
Jessie J. Hatfield (1892-1980)
Albert B. Hatfield (1885-1960)

Ola A. Hatfield (1903-1906)
J.C. Hatfield (1857-1919)
Charles F. Hatfield (1882-1956)
Elizabeth Hatfield (1885-1964)

Nancy Hatfield (1806-1843)
Henry Hatfield (1808-1877)
William M. Hatfield (1887-1932)
Mary M. Hatfield (1864-1951)