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Cemeteries in Connecticut, New Hampshire and New York

(For photographs on this page, thank you: Susan Fraser, Hugh Holland, Roger Davis, Linda from NYC, Frank Hathaway, Mona Rhone)


Center Street Cemetery, Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut:

Caleb Merriman
Silas H. Merriman

Old Burial Ground, Boylston, Worcester Co., Massachusetts:

Bixby, Mary (Buck) (1712-1773)
Bixby family plot - Unmarked graves surrounding Mary Bixby are where Samuel Bixby (1716-1800) and his second wife Sarah Bixby (1712-1800) are probably buried
Dunsmoor, Jane (Smith) (c. 1715-1765) - stone is practically illegible now
Dunsmoor, Ruth (Mitchell) (1724-1808)
Dunsmoor, William (c. 1698-1782)
New Hampshire:

First Baptist Church Cemetery, Sanbornton, Belknap Co., New Hampshire:
Photos by Ryan Wadleigh

Gale, Andrew E. (1855-1927)
Gale, Claribel A. (Wadleigh) (1853-1930)
Morrison, Emily J. (Burley) (1830-1900)
Morrison, Fred W. (1857-1864)
Morrison, Sally (Wadleigh) (1793-1857)
Morrison, William R. (1825-1900)
Smith, Anna "Nancy" (Taylor) (1786-1875)
Smith, Shadrach C. (1786-1852)
Taylor, Andrew J. (1816-1882)
Taylor, David (1795-1886)
Taylor, Ede (1803-1872)
Taylor, Elvira (1804-1847)
Taylor, Hannah (Mason) (-1812)
Taylor, John D. (1827-1904)
Taylor, Jonathan (1739-1816)
Taylor, Jonathan (1764-1841)
Taylor, Lydia B. (Perley) (1804-1866)
Taylor, Polly (Osgood) (1818-1893)
Taylor, Rachel (Moore) (1739-1808)
Taylor, Sarah (Doe) (1804-1887)
Taylor, Sarah E. (Jewett) (1780-1856)
Taylor, Theodosia (Gale) (1765-1849)
Taylor, Thomas (1779-1850)
Wadleigh, Fred B. (1862-1865)
Wadleigh, John (1788-1850)
Wadleigh, Joseph (1784-1867)
Wadleigh, Joseph D. (1823-1903)
Wadleigh, Phebe (Dustin) (1782-1872)
Wadleigh, Sally (Taylor) (1791-1858)
Wadleigh, Sarah S. (Hunt) (1823-1903)
Wadleigh, William A. (1863-1865)
John Wadleigh (1788-1850)
Sally (Taylor) Wadleigh (1791-1858)

Park Cemetery, Tilton, Belknap Co., New Hampshire:
The below five graves are all in the same plot, the other half of which is owned by the French family (apparently unrelated). Abigail, Jeremiah and Oscar Tilton were originally buried in the James Cemetery (?) in Deerfield, New Hampshire, but in 1894 their graves were exhumed and reburied here.
Photos by Ryan Wadleigh.
Tilton, Abigail S. (Freese) (1819-1858)
Tilton, Jeremiah D. (1816-1893)
Tilton, Martha (Jackman) (1822-1894)
Tilton, Martha L. (1866-1944)
Tilton, Oscar I. (1849-1864)

Central Hollis Burial Ground, Hollis, Hillsborough Co., New Hampshire
Photos by Ellen Gaimari

Thurston, Hannah (1744-1758)
Thurston, Hannah This stone was in a different section of the cemetery, leaning up against the stone of an unrelated person. It is smaller than most headstones, and contains no inscriptions except for the name. It is not clear if this was a footstone for Hannah Thurston (above), or a stone for her mother, who had the same name.
Thurston, Lydia (1756-1757)
Thurston, Mary (1752-1753)
Thurston, Moses (1721-1800)
Franklin Cemetery, Franklin, Merrimack Co., New Hampshire
Photos by Ryan Wadleigh

Blake, Clinton (1839-1908)
Blake, Henry T. (1876-1951)
Blake, Inez H. (Wadleigh) (1885-1973)
Blake, Josephine L. (Wadleigh) (1844-1900)
Burleigh, Martha E. (Perley) (1856-1935)
Burleigh, Moses C. (1843-1885)
Emery, Dexter W. (1918-1964)
Emery, Henry L. (1857-1937)
Emery, Infant Daughter (1922)
Emery, Jay F. (1891-1976)
Emery, Sarah "Sadie" E. (Wadleigh) (1865-1951)
Nourse, Charlotte F. (Wadleigh) (1852-1922)
Nourse, Phineas A. (1845-1932)
Perley, Charles B. (1818-1885)
Perley, Sarah A. (Wadleigh) (1821-1883)
Prescott, Bertha M. (1882-1967)
Prescott, Eugene G. (1879-1961)
Snyder, Infant Twin Daughters (1929)
Wadleigh, Abbie R. (Tilton) (1842-1929)
Wadleigh, Benjamin M. (1817-1876)
Wadleigh, Betsey (Thomas) (1821-1892)
Wadleigh, Daniel T. (1835-1909)
Wadleigh, Hannah P. (Burley) (1829-1893)
Wadleigh, Harriet O. (Thomas) (1807-1853)
Wadleigh, Helen A. (1872-1955)
Wadleigh, Huldah (1815-)
Wadleigh, John B. (1829-1912)
Wadleigh, John P. (1869-1902)
Wadleigh, Jonathan T. (1819-1874)
Wadleigh, Kendall (1839-1865)
Wadleigh, Mary J. (1823-1907)
Wadleigh, Mary P. (1867-1894)
Wadleigh, Shadrach (1810-1889)
Wadleigh, Walter K. (1865-1906)
Wadleigh, Warren (1807-1889)
Freese-Fogg Cemetery, Deerfield, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire:
This small cemetery has no sign at the entrance. It is located on the east (north) side of Highway 107 (North Road), just north of Freese's Pond.
Photos by Ryan Wadleigh
Freese, Andrew (1738-1848)
Freese, Clarissa A. (1823-1913)
Freese, Dudley (1787-1843)
Freese, Dudley Jr. (1814-1838)
Freese, Dudley (1850-1920)
Freese, Eunice (James) (1783-1865)
Freese, Jacob (1778-1843)
Freese, Jacob Jr. (1813-1833)
Freese, Jenny C. (Harvey)
Freese, John M. (1821-1902)
Freese, Ruth (Stearns) (1789-1885)
Freese, Shuah (Thurston) (1748-1827)
Freese, Susan E. (Batchelder) (1825-1911)
Freese, William G. (1823-1903)
Robinson, Jacob F. (1844-1915)
Robinson, Olive E. (Freese) (1859-1941)
Tilton Cemetery, Deerfield, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire:
This cemetery is located near Deerfield Parade, along Nottingham Road, leading southeast from town.
Photos by Ryan Wadleigh.
Tilton, Irene (1806-1889)
Tilton, Josiah (1778-1860)
Tilton, Julia D. (1819-1860)
Tilton, Sarah (Dearborn) (1778-1864)
Tilton, Sarah T. (1811-1834)
New York:

Floral Park Cemetery, Johnson City, Broome Co., NY

Evangeline (Marsh) Wadleigh (1889-1921)
Andrew J. Marsh (1851-1924)
Minnie (Burt) Marsh (1856-1940)

Charles Pease (1829-1901)
Martha (Blanchard) Pease (1830-1918)

Pepacton Cemetery, Delaware Co., NY

Pepacton Cemetery
Cannon Family Plot
Joseph Cannon (1745-1807)
Abigail (Dexter) Cannon (1745-1834)

Eliza Cannon (1810-1875)
Benjamin Cannon (1776-1839)
Persis (Miller) Cannon (1778-1859)

Wait Cannon (1770-1804)
Eliza Cannon (1799-1817)

Persis (Cannon) Miller (1801-1872)
Persis E. Miller
Sarah E. Miller
Sarah J. Cannon

Peter Huyck (1810-1896)
Esther (Seeley) Huyck (1812-1875)

Walton Cemetery, Walton, Delaware Co., NY

(A complete (??) online listing of their burial records can be found here.)

Amherst P. Owen (1802-1869)
Charlotte (Huyck) Owen (1796-1884)

John Owen (1771-1856)
Olive (Kilburn) Owens (1780-1857)

Oakwood Cemetery, Stilesville, Delaware Co., NY

A view of Oakwood Cemetery
Winters family plot
Alphonso Winters (1828-1911)
Mary J. (Owen) Winters (1830-1908)

Gordon O. Winters (1855-1918)
Katherine L. (Colvin) Winters (1857-1944)

George C. Winters (1858-1931)
Sarah P. (Swartout) Winters (1863-1944)

George Winters (1830-1918)
Mary J. (Cannon) Winters (1835-1891)

Joseph C. Winters (1803-1881)
Sarah A. (Woodbeck) Cable Winters (1824-1871)
Maria (Brewer) Winters (1809-1864)
Andrew B. Winters (1842-1865)
Smith Cemetery, Trout Creek, Delaware Co., NY:

(A complete listing of their burial records can be found here.)

A view of Smith Cemetery
Annah (Clauw) Huyck (1774-1804)
Peter Huyck (1771-1854)
Cornelia (Huyck) Huyck (1785-1865)

Cornelius Huyck (1747-1832)
Hester (Gardinier) Huyck (1754-1832)

Isaac Huyck (1728-1826)
Susanna (Clauw) Huyck (1732-1816)

US Columbarium, Fresh Pond Crematory, Middle Village, Queens, Queens Co., NY

Further view of plot in columbarium
Oscar S. Wadleigh (1865-1932)
Charlotte F. (Winters) Wadleigh (1861-1924)
Henry E. Beamish
Gertrude L. Beamish
Mary L. George
Charlotte M. (Wadleigh) Wilson


Blanchard (Old North) Cemetery, Guilford, Windham Co., Vermont:
Photos by Ryan Wadleigh.

Bixby, Betsey (Rice) (c.1764-1808)
Bixby, Edwin (1808-1811)
Bixby, Elizabeth (Dunsmore) (1745-1791)
Bixby, Emerline (1806-1850)
Bixby, Hannah (Heywood) (1748-1827)
Bixby, Hannah (Worrick) (1778-1851)
Bixby, Manassah (1745-1828)
Bixby, Thaddeus (1780-1850)
Worrick, Keziah (Orcutt) (1750-1814)
Guilford Center Cemetery, Guilford, Windham Co., Vermont:
Photos taken by Ryan Wadleigh.
Bixby, Cleveland R. (1814-1862)
Bixby, Hannah E. (c. 1841-1849)
Lynde, Albert R. (c. 1849-1851)
Lynde, Annis (Bixby) (1788-1810)
Lynde, Charles H. (1843-1845)
Lynde, Daniel (1787-1862)
Lynde, Eliza (Bixby) (1812-1895)
Lynde, Elizabeth (Miles) (c. 1787-1823)
Lynde, Francis G. (c. 1834-1839)
Lynde, George (c. 1820-1830)
Lynde, Jarvis (1813-1852)
Lynde, Tamson B. (McClure) (c. 1801-1872)
May, Gratia M. (Lynde) Bixby (1817-1853)
Salsbury, Fanny (c. 1786-1858)
Salsbury, James (1784-1853)
Salsbury, Lovina (c. 1824-1868)
Salsbury, Lysander (1811-1852)
Ward, Henry (1764-1821)
Ward, Priscilla (Bixby) (1767-1847)
Worden, Annis B. (Lynde) (1815-1869)