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Cemeteries of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri and Iowa

(For photographs on this page, thank you: Betty Boroski, Bob Arens)


Garden City Cemetery, Garden City, Blue Earth Co., MN:

Bixby, Alvin E. (1849-1914)
Bixby, Ella T. (Rowland) (1872-1961)
Bixby, Evelyn S. (Barton) (1856-1909)
Bixby, Henry A. (1819-1891)
Bixby, John C. (1855-1927)
Bixby, Loren C. (1823-1904)
Bixby, Mary (Palfrey) (1829-1882)
Bixby, Mary E. (King) (1840-1918)
John, Charles H. (1860-1944)
John, Jessie (Thurston) (1867-1954)
Reynolds, Floyd L. (1878-1956)
Reynolds, Verna E. (Bixby) (1886-1922)
Smith, Electa (1807-1880)
Thurston, Cora B. (1859-1867)
Thurston, Frank (1844-1928)
Thurston, Irvin H. (1828-1887)
Thurston, Jennie M. (1870-1880)
Thurston, Julia (Marvin) (1850-1935)
Thurston, Lydia E. (Dunham) (1837-1869)
Thurston, Mary A. (1878-1968)
Thurston, Mary M. (Brooks) (1803-1876)
Thurston, Otto W. (1876-1876)
Thurston, Reuben H. (1806-1880)
Thurston, Rose B. (1872-1872)
Decoria Cemetery, Decoria Twp., Blue Earth Co., MN:

Kling, Christian S. (1834-1894)
Kling, Dora M. (Lilienthal)(1834-1921)
Miller, Genevieve (1913-1914)
Miller, Geraldine (1913-1913)
Glenwood Cemetery, Mankato, Blue Earth Co., MN:

Baker, James H. (1829-1913)
Hoffman, Henry (1836-1906)
Hoffman, Lena H. (Funk) (1869-1944)
Hoffman, Sophia M. (Streu) (1840-1922)
Hoffman, William H. (1864-1932)
Tivoli Cemetery, Mankato Twp., Blue Earth Co., MN:

Hoffman, Alfred A. (1878-1930)
Hoffman, Christina M. (Kling) (1865-1954)
Hoffman, Elizabeth M. (Haslip) (1886-1950)
Hoffman, Henry J. (1866-1907)
Lamm, Fred W. (1866-1958)
Lamm, Ida J. (Hoffman) (1872-1899)<
Lamm, Mary(1898-1898)
Oakland Cemetery, St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN:

Brooks-Elliott family plot
Brooks, Cyrus (1811-1902)
Brooks, Henry M. (1850-1865) no tombstone survives
Brooks, Laura A. (Davenport) Elliott (1813-1903)
Brooks, Olivia D. (1844-1910)
Brooks, Sarah (Morse) (1777-1863) no tombstone survives
Carpenter, David
Elliott, Antoinette (1912-1990)
Elliott, Cyrus B. Sr. (1872-1910)
Elliott, Cyrus B. Jr. (1904-1975)
Elliott, Laura A. (c. 1874-1875)
Elliott, Laura B. (1897-1899)
Elliott, Minnie (Able) (1873-1949)
Elliott, Olivia (c. 1877-1877)
Salisbury, Caleb

Wheeler Prairie Cemetery, Dane Co., WI:

Cannon, Charles M. (1857-1901)
Cannon, Hannah M. (Dickson) (1832-1908)
Cannon, Joseph (1782-1850)
Cannon, Joseph C. (1828-1911)
Cannon, Rachel (Huyck) (1790-1846)

Salem Cemetery, Salt River Twp., Randolph Co., Missouri:

(Photos courtesy of Anna King)

Halliburton, Ambrose (1791-1860)
Halliburton, Frances (Turner) (1784-1867)
Halliburton, Francis B. (1833-1906)
Halliburton, George W. (1858-1858)
Halliburton, James H. (1830-1896)
Halliburton, Martin (1776-1860)
Halliburton, Mary (1792-1875)
Halliburton, Mary A. (1841-1842)
Halliburton, Mary F. (1847-1848)
Halliburton, Nancy (1806-1853)
Halliburton, Sallie (1826-1894)
Halliburton, Sarah M. (1834-1856)
Halliburton, Thelma (1911-1912)
Halliburton, William C. (1869-1918)
Williamson Cemetery, Mendon Twp., Chariton Co., Missouri:

(Photos courtesy of Anna King and Steve Spicer. Tombstone of Vashti Willits Dunham was not found on two seperate visits.)

One view of the cemetery
Another view of the cemetery

Ottumwa Cemetery, Ottumwa, Wapello Co., Iowa:

(Photos courtesy of Anna King.)

Davies, Mary C. (1901-1902)
Edgerly plot
Edgerly, Adine (1892-1892) [Monument]
Edgerly, Adine (1892-1892) [Headstone]
Edgerly, Adine C. (1866-1923) [Monument]
Edgerly, Adine C. (1866-1923) [Headstone]
Edgerly, Charlotte Bishop (1882-1908) [Monument]
Edgerly, Charlotte B. (1882-1908) [Headstone]
Edgerly, Edward T. (1864-1931) [Monument]
Edgerly, Edward T. (1864-1931) [Headstone]
Edgerly, Helen A. (Opperman) (1895-1975) [Monument]
Edgerly, Helen A. (Opperman) (1895-1975) [Headstone]
Edgerly, John T. (1893-1957) [Monument]
Edgerly, John T. (1893-1955) [Headstone]
Edgerly, John W. (1833-1894) [Monument]
Edgerly, John W. (1833-1894) [Headstone]
Edgerly, John W. Jr. (1868-1892) [Monument]
Edgerly, John W. Jr. (1868-1892) [Headstone]
Edgerly, Maria L. (1841-1927) [Monument]
Edgerly, Maria L. (1841-1927) [Headstone]
Edgerly, Nettie (Thurston) (1861-1939) [Monument]
Edgerly, Nettie (Thurston) (1861-1939) [Headstone]
Rupp, Madeleine (Edgerly) (1896-1978)
Rupp, Madeleine (1920-1962)