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The following is the known burial places and corresponding photos of my ancestors' tombstones.

I have tried to include a burial place for every ancestor that died after 1800, even if that place is not known. For people that died before that date, I have taken no aims to put unknown burial locations.


Zoar (Berkshire) Cemetery, Newtown, Fairfield Co., Connecticut:

Thaddeus Bennett (1753-1831)
Martha (Hall) Bennett (1760-1842)
Center Street Cemetery, Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut:

Eliasaph Merriman (1736-1815)
Jerusha (Mattoon) Merriman (1742-1827)
Phillip Mattoon (1711-1782)
Mary (Humiston) Mattoon (1718-1806) tombstone apparently does not survive
John Mattoon (1682-1754)
Jerusha (Hall) Mattoon (1687-1760)

Fancy Creek Cemetery, Fancy Creek Twp., Sangamon Co., IL:

Reuben Merriman (1790-1842)
Betsy (Bennett) Merriman (1789-1842)
Unknown burial place (probably Arenzville Cemetery), Cass Co., IL:

Abigail (Williams) Merriman (c. 1760-c. 1830)

Cox Cemetery, near Dover, Jefferson Twp., Boone Co., Indiana:

John W. Custer (1852-1936)
Elizabeth R. (Taylor) Custer (1863-1916)
Charles H. Custer (1826-1903)
Mary J. Custer (1829-1878)
James L. Taylor (1841-1912)
Rachel L. (Hill) Taylor (1844-1919)
John Hill (1773-1853)
Dorothy (Allen) Hill (1776-1851)
William Hill (1801-1889)
Rachel L. (Cowan) Hill (1801-1877)
John Ferguson (1755-1842)
Taylor Cemetery, near Hazelrigg, Jefferson Twp., Boone Co., Indiana:

William R. Taylor (1816-1890)
Elizabeth P. (Beck) Taylor (1819-1865)
James L. Taylor (1794-1875)
Esther (Fall) Taylor (1793-1866)
Beck Cemetery, near Lebanon, Center Twp., Boone Co., Indiana:

John Beck 1798-1876
Judith (Chinault) Beck 1799-1875
Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Washington Twp., Boone Co., Indiana:

Susannah (Gold) Roberts (1777-1845)
Springersville Cemetery, Springersville, Fayette Co., Indiana:

Abner Chenault (1773-1851)
Mary (Ferguson) Chenault (1776-1849)
Unknown burial place, Franklin Co., Indiana:

James Gold (c. 1750-1831)
Marcha (Webster) Gold (1752-1836)
Hebron Cemetery, Monroe Twp., Jefferson Co., Indiana:

Isaiah Custer (1798-1862)
Elizabeth (Seilhammer) Custer (1803-1866)
James Custer (1796-1887)
Catherine (Ross) Custer (1808-1876)
Arnold Custer (1755-1840)
Elizabeth (Scholl) Custer (c. 1755-1825) (Tombstone has not survived)
Samuel Ross (1787-1846)
Hannah (Jameson) Ross (1786-1865)
Thomas Jameson (1732-1830)
Hannah (Taggart) Jameson (1743-1830)
Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana:

Odin F. Wadleigh (1888-1964)
Louise (Custer) Wadleigh (1890-1962)
Newell B. Brown (1898-1963)
Louetha (Jones) Brown (1894-1963)
Providence Cemetery, Walnut Twp., Montgomery Co., Indiana:

Solomon Beck (1772-1833)
Elizabeth (Peeler) Beck (1775-1839)
Unknown burial place, Union Co., Indiana:

Christian Fall (c. 1730-1820's)
Hannah (Barrow) Ferguson (c. 1751-1820's)
Old Centerville Cemetery, Centerville, Wayne Co., Indiana:

Henry Dunham (1774-1833)
Unknown Burial Place, Wayne Co., Indiana:

Sarah (Ellison) Dunham (1778-1864)
Franklin Cemetery, Washington Twp., Wayne Co., Indiana:

Levi Willits (1777-1828)
Rachel (Field) Willits Kirlin (1780-1851)

Flat Lick Cemetery, Christian Co., Kentucky:

John R. Whitlock (1822-1901)
Lucretia (Parrish) Whitlock (1831-1903)
David W. Parrish (1798-1876)
Lutilda (Hunt) Parrish (c. 1797-1835)
Sion Hunt (1769-1845)
Sarah Hunt (1776-1847)
Riverside Cemetery, Hopkinsville, Christian Co., Kentucky:

Thomas A. Jones (1856-1928)
Lee P. (Whitlock) Jones (1869-1919)
Whitlock Cemetery, Christian Co., Kentucky:

John R. Whitlock (1797-1878)
Elizabeth B. (Radford) Whitlock (1800-1841)
William Radford (c. 1763-1838) - [no tombstone has survived]
Lucy (Blakey) Radford (c. 1775-c. 1823) - [no tombstone has survived]
Harris-Fletcher Cemetery, Christian Co., Kentucky:

Thomas A. Jones (1822-1857)
Anthony D. Jones (1780-1824)
Martha M. (Woodson) Fletcher (1795-1859)
Elizabeth (Jones) Woodson (1755-1840)
Unknown burial location, Christian Co., Kentucky:

John Brown (c. 1750-1816)
Betsy Brown (???-a. 1816)
Constance (Perkins) Blakey (c. 1745-1823)
Unknown burial location, Scott Co., Kentucky:

Amos Merriman (1762-1829)
Unknown burial place, Fayette or Woodford Co., Kentucky:

William Sthreshley (c. 1766-1810's)
Lucy (Upshaw) Waring Sthreshley (c. 1766-1818)
Thomas Sthreshley (c. 1746-1829)
Martha (Hipkins) Sthreshley (c. 1747-1820's)
Unknown burial place, Nicholas Co., Kentucky:

William Allen (c. 1750-1810's)
Margaret (----) Allen (c. 1750-???)
Isaac Cowan (1770's-1847)
Jane (Hall) Cowan (1775-1820's)
John Davidson (c. 1750-1815)
Agnes (Robinson) Davidson (c. 1755-1810's)
Old Whitlock Cemetery, Exie, Green Co., Kentucky:

Thomas Whitlock (1769-1848)
Rebecca (Radford) Whitlock (c. 1769-1844)
Carpenter Cemetery, Garrard Co., Kentucky:

Isaac A. Ross (1762-1821)
Elizabeth (Gordon) Ross (1765-1844)

Unknown burial place, Cornville, Somerset Co., Maine:

Josiah Tilton (1743-1820)

West Barnstable Cemetery, Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts:

Joseph Blossom (1673-1749)
Acushnet Cemetery, Acushnet Center, Bristol Co., Massachusetts:

Mehetebel (----) Blossom (1681-1771)
Old Burial Ground, Boylston, Worcester Co., Massachusetts:

Samuel Bixby (1716-1800) (no tombstone survives)
Mary (Buck) Bixby (1712-1773)
William Dunsmore (1698-1782)
Jane (Smith) Dunsmore (1715-1765)
Old Burial Ground, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts:

Samuel Walker (1643-1703)
Nathan Brooks (1706-1751)
Sarah (Wyman) Brooks (1706-1747)
Unknown burial place, Warwick, Franklin Co., Massachusetts:

Jesse Worrick (1748-1815)
Unknown burial place, Cohasset, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts:

Susanna (Bates) Orcutt (1731-1822)

Garden City Cemetery, Garden City, Blue Earth Co., Minnesota:

Henry A. Bixby (1819-1891)
Mary (Palfrey) Bixby (1829-1882)
Irvin H. Thurston (1828-1887)
Lydia E. (Dunham)Thurston (1837-1869)
Reuben H. Thurston (1806-1880)
Mary M. (Brooks) Thurston (1803-1876)

Tivoli Cemetery, Mankato Twp., Blue Earth Co., Minnesota:

Henry J. Hoffman (1866-1906)
Christina M. (Kling) Hoffman (1866-1954)

Decoria Cemetery, Decoria Twp., Blue Earth Co., Minnesota:

Christian S. Kling (1834-1894)
Dora M. (Lilienthal) Kling (1834-1921)
Glenwood Cemetery, Mankato, Blue Earth Co., Minnesota:

Henry Hoffman (1835-1906)
Sophia M. (Streu) Hoffman (1840-1922)
Unknown burial place, Blue Earth Co., Minnesota:

John Stroy (c. 1800-1883)
Fredericka (Detloff) Stroy (c. 1805-1883)
(If anyone has any information about where these 
individuals might be buried, please contact me.)

Oakland Cemetery, St. Paul, Ramsey Co., Minnesota:

Sarah (Morse) Brooks (1777-1863)

Halliburton Cemetery, DeSoto Co., Mississippi:

David Halliburton (1753-1843)

Williamson Cemetery, Mendon Twp., Chariton Co., Missouri:

Vashti (Willitts) Dunham (1808-1873)
Salem Cemetery, Salt River Twp., Randolph Co., Missouri:

Martin Halliburton (1776-1860)
Frances (Turner) Halliburton (1784-1867)
New Hampshire:

Franklin Cemetery, Franklin, Merrimack Co., New Hampshire:

John B. Wadleigh (1829-1912)
Abbie R. (Tilton) Wadleigh (1842-1929)
Park Cemetery, Tilton, Belknap Co., New Hampshire:

Jeremiah D. Tilton (1816-1893)
Abigail S. (Freese) Tilton (1819-1858)
First Baptist Church Cemetery, Sanbornton, Belknap Co., New Hampshire:

John Wadleigh (1788-1850)
Sally (Taylor) Wadleigh (1791-1858)
Jonathan Taylor (1764-1841)
Theodosia (Gale) Taylor (1765-1849)
Jonathan Taylor (1739-1816)
Rachel (Moore) Taylor (1739-1808)
Old Wadleigh Homestead Cemetery, Sanbornton, Belknap Co., New Hampshire:

James Wadleigh (1753-1830)
Molly (Blake) Wadleigh (1755-1813)
Unknown burial place, Sanbornton, Belknap Co., New Hampshire:

John Gale (c. 1737-1802)
Susan (McCarty) Gale (c. 1741-1815)
Freeze-Fogg Cemetery, Deerfield, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire:

Dudley Freese (1787-1843)
Ruth (Stearns) Freese (1789-1885)
Andrew Freese (1738-1814)
Shuah (Thurston) Freese (1748-1827)
Stearns Cemetery, Deerfield, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire:

John Stearns (1762-1843) (external link)
Sarah  (Lane) Stearns (1759-1845)
Tilton Cemetery, Deerfield, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire:

Josiah Tilton (1778-1860)
Sarah (Dearborn) Tilton (1778-1864)
Unknown burial place, Deerfield, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire:

Sarah (True) Tilton (1748-c. 1789)
Abraham True (1721-1812)
Sarah (French) True (1725-1814)
Unknown burial place, Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire:

Jeremiah Dearborn (1743-1816)
Hannah (Locke) Dearborn (1747-1820)
Landing Cemetery, Hampton, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire:

Jacob Freese (1685-1727)
Joseph Chase (c. 1647-1718)
Rachel (Patridge) Chase (1650-1718)
Pine Grove Cemetery, Hampton, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire:

Robert Smith (c. 1612-1706)
Susanna Smith (c. 1615-1680)
Central Hollis Burial Ground, Hollis, Hillsborough Co., New Hampshire:

Moses Thurston (1721-1800)
Hannah (Johnson) Thurston (1724-c. 1775)
John Brooks (1733-1776)
Unknown burial place, Hancock, Hillsborough Co., New Hamshire:

Mary (Kemp) Brooks (1738-1829)
New Mexico:

Unknown burial place, Santa Fe? Fort Craig?, New Mexico:

John E. Dunham (1800-1873)
New York:

US Columbarium, Fresh Pond Crematorium, Middle Village, Queens Co., New York:

Oscar S. Wadleigh (1865-1932)
Charlotte F. (Winters) Wadleigh (1861-1924)
Oakwood Cemetery, Stilesville, Delaware Co., New York:

Alphonso Winters (1828-1911)
Mary J. (Owen) Winters (1830-1908)
Joseph C. Winters (1803-1881)
Maria (Brewer) Winters (1808-1864)
Walton Cemetery, Walton, Delaware Co., New York:

Amherst P. Owen (1802-1869)
Charlotte (Huyck) Owen (1796-1884)
John Owen (1771-1857)
Olive (Kilburn) Owen (1780-1856)
Smith Cemetery, Trout Creek, Delaware Co., New York:

Peter Huyck (1771-1854)
Anna (Clauw) Huyck (1774-1804)
Isaac Huyck (1728-1826)
Susanna (Clauw) Huyck (1732-1814)
Pepacton Cemetery, Tompkins, Delaware Co., New York:

Joseph Cannon (1745-1807)
Abigail (Dexter) Cannon (1745-1834)
Smith Cemetery (also called Newell Cemetery or Abandoned Cemetery), Davenport, Delaware Co., New York:

Catherine (Miesig) Brower (1779-1841)
Unknown burial place, Delaware Co., New York:

Jane (Cannon) Winters (c. 1780 - c. 1805)
David P. Brower (1776-1830's)
Unknown burial place, Columbia Co., New York:

Peter Brouer (1754-1830)
Maria (Herder) Brouer (1756-1810's)
Hendrick P. Clauw (1729-1800's)
Unknown burial place, Erie Co., New York:

Mary (----) Palfrey (c. 1800-c. 1840's)
North Carolina:

Stoner's Church Cemetery, Alamance Co., North Carolina

John Faust (1719-1789)
Anna Barbara (Albright) Foust (1719-1802)
Beck-Shouse Cemetery, Forsyth Co., North Carolina

John M. Beck (1740-1819)
Unknown burial place, Iredell Co., North Carolina:

Andrew Current (c. 1793-1840's)
Elizabeth (Wallace) Current (c. 1796-1850's)
John Current (c. 1763-1831)
Susannah (Remington) Current (c. 1765-1820's)
Unknown burial place, Caswell Co., North Carolina:

James Grant (c. 1725-1805)
Ann (Diskin) Grant (c. 1735-1808)
Unknown burial place, Rockingham Co., North Carolina:

William Chenault (c. 1740-1812)
Unknown burial place, Stokes Co., North Carolina:

William Barrow (c. 1728-1817)
Maria (Gibler) Beck (1742-1824)
McPelah Cemetery, Townsville, Vance Co., North Carolina:

Edmund Taylor (1723-1808)
Anne (Lewis) Taylor (1733-1811)
John Taylor (1696-1780)
Catherine (Pendleton) Taylor (1699-1774)

Old Colony Burial Ground, Granville, Licking Co., Ohio:

Peter Thurston (1761-1829) [Tombstone has shattered]
Nathan Brooks (1767-1826) [No tombstone present]
Robbins-Thurston Cemetery, Hilliar Twp., Knox Co., Ohio:

Hannah (Butler) Thurston (1772-1866)
Unknown burial place, Logan or Champaign Co., Ohio:

William Riddle (1772-1813)
Jane (Davidson) Riddle (c. 1775-1820's or 1830's)
John Bouseman (c. 1755-1822)
Rebecca (Stilley) McGill Bouseman (c. 1773-1830's)
Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio:

Sophia (----) Seilhammer (c. 1781-1856)

Crescent Grove Cemetery, Tigard, Washington Co., Oregon:

Henry W. Bixby (1858-1941) 
Julia M. (Thurston) Bixby (1864-1946)
Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon:

Neil F. Bixby (1893-1985)
Bertha (Hoffman) Bixby (1897-1995)

Lincoln Memorial Park, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon

Vera V. (Merriman) Plymale (1896-1974)

Eastwood I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon:

Benjamin H. Plymale (1888-1929)
George F. Merriman (1855-1915)
Mary E. (Murray) Merriman (1857-1923)

Central Point I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Central Point, Jackson Co., Oregon:

James Murray (1819-1885)
Flora A. (Barklow) Murray (1826-1896)

Jacksonville Cemetery, Jacksonville, Jackson Co., Oregon:

William J. Plymale (1837-1904)
Josephine L. (Martin) Plymale (1845-1899)
Gabriel Plymale (1804-1852)
Mary A. (Hatfield) Plymale (1804-1875)
William H. Merriman (1825-1877)
Artinecia (Riddle) Merriman (1830-1917)

Glendale Masonic (now Memorial) Cemetery, Glendale, Douglas Co., Oregon:

William J. Martin (1814-1901)

Riddle Cemetery, Riddle, Douglas Co., Oregon:

William H. Riddle (1805-1891)
Maxamillia I. (Bousman) Riddle (1809-1868)

Unknown burial place, Douglas Co., Oregon:

Harriet C. (Crobarger) Martin (1817-1884)
Catherine Crobarger (1777-1875)
(If anyone has any information about where these
two individuals might be buried, I would like to get 
in touch with them. They died in the Galesville-Azalea-Quines Creek area.)

McMinnville Masonic Cemetery, McMinnville, Yamhill Co., Oregon:

Zaddock Martin (1789-1849)
Susannah  (Brown) Martin (c. 1782-c.1859) (tombstone has not survived)


Unknown burial place, Abington, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania:

Ann (Phipps) Webster (1716-1808)
Oakland Cemetery, Warren, Warren Co., Pennsylvania:

John Owen (1744-1843)
Unknown burial place, West Buffalo Twp., Union Co., Pennsylvania:

James Barkelow (1753-1834)
Elizabeth (----) Barkelow (c. 1790-c. 1845)
Unknown burial place, Susquehanna Co., Pennsyvlania:

Silas Winters (c. 1770-1820's)
Unknown burial place, Berks Co., Pennsylvania:

Jonathan Custer (1738-1823)
Hannah (Peters) Custer (c. 1735-1805)
Jonathan Bell (c. 1745-1823)
Mary (Yocum) Bell (1755-c. 1835)
Margaret (Jones) Yocum (c. 1724-1801)
Unknown burial place, Juniata Co., Pennsylvania:

Nicholas Seilhammer (c. 1749-1822)
Unknown burial place, Franklin Co., Pennsylvania:

Marsilea (Pohl) Seilhammer (1749-1849)

Greenwood Cemetery, Clarksville, Montgomery Co., Tennessee:

Christopher C. Brown (1864-1938)
Georgia L. (Current) Brown (1867-1910)
William R. Brown (1834-1904)
Amanda A. (Stephens) Brown (1838-1923)
Riverview Cemetery, Clarksville, Montgomery Co., Tennessee:

Ethalinda E. (Brodie) Ogburn (1826-1912)
David Brodie (1792-1871)
Susan M. (Streshley) Brodie (1802-1854)
Sango Cemetery, Sango community, Montgomery Co., Tennessee:

Hugh A. Current (1832-1911)
Elizabeth G. (Halliburton) Current (1842-1875)
George C. Halliburton (1816-1878)
Mary(Grant) Halliburton (1820-1870)
Nelson Brown (1808-1885)
Mary (Foust) Brown (1809-1883)
Old Grant's Chapel Cemetery, Montgomery Co., Tennessee:

Zachariah Grant (1786-1863)
Mary (Wheless) Grant (1789-1858)
James Brown Cemetery, Montgomery Co., Tennessee:

Mary (Ballard) Brown (c. 1773-1847) [No tombstone survives]
Unknown burial location, Montgomery Co., TN:

Jeremiah Brown (1771-1838)
Jacob Foust (c. 1785-1863)
Mrs. Jacob Foust (c. 1785-c. 1823)
Nancy (Head) Stephens (c. 1802-1856)
Diskin Grant (c. 1755-a. 1825)
Susannah (Robertson) Grant (c. 1760-a. 1820)
Zachariah Robertson (c. 1740-???)
Elizabeth (Tate) Robertson (1743-???)
Joseph Wheless (c. 1760-1843)
Nancy Wheless (c. 1755-c. 1835)
John Brodie (1753-1830)
Mary (Taylor) Brodie (1760-c. 1849)
Unknown burial place, Sumner Co., Tennessee:

Hardy Hunt (c. 1747-1829)
Sarah (Taylor) Hunt (c. 1746-a. 1829)
Unknown burial place, Houston Co., Tennessee:

James Stephens (c. 1798-1880)
Unknown burial place, Giles Co., Tennessee:

Samuel Gordon (c. 1730-c. 1808)
Unknown burial place, Jefferson Co., Tennessee:

George? Crobarger (c. 1774-1820's)
Unknown burial place, Henderson Co., Tennessee:

Lucy (Reynolds) Halliburton (1755-1835)
Unknown burial place, Wilson Co., Tennessee:

Henry Parrish (c. 1765-1811)
Unknown burial place (Old Cemetery, Middleton), Rutherford Co., Tennessee:

Elizabeth (Strother) Parrish Sheppard (c. 1767-???)
Unnamed Cemetery, near Edgewood, Dickson Co., Tennessee:

John Turner (1755-c. 1824)
Elizabeth (Dilliard) Turner (c. 1755-???)

Blanchard Cemetery, Guilford, Windham Co., Vermont:

Thaddeus Bixby (1780-1850)
Hannah (Worrick) Bixby (1778-1851)
Manassah Bixby (1745-1828)
Elizabeth (Dunsmore) Bixby (1745-1791)
Keziah (Orcutt) Worrick (1750-1814)
Gilman Road Cemetery, Hinesburg, Chittenden Co., Vermont:

Thomas Butler (c. 1745-1815)
Jane (White) Butler (1752-1834)
Unknown burial place, Chittenden Co., Vermont:

Daniel Morse (1735-1808)
Ruth Morse (1739-1811)

Boyd (French) Cemetery, Giles Co., Virginia:

Matthew French (1737-1814) (no tombstone survives)
Sarah (Payne) French (1740-c. 1810) (no tombstone survives)
Unknown burial place (probably Old Plymale Farm), Giles Co., Virginia:

Bethia (Bowen) Plymale (c. 1772-c. 1812) (no tombstone survives)
Unknown burial place, Buckingham Co., Virginia:

Michael Jones (1750-1821)
Leanna (Dibrell) Jones (1759-1830's)
John Radford (c. 1735-c. 1828)
William Blakey (1732-c. 1802)
William Perkins (c. 1722-c. 1800)
Unknown burial place, Prince Edward Co., Virginia:

Daniel Woodson (c. 1752-c. 1807)
Unknown burial place, Essex Co., Virginia:

John Upshaw (1715-1801)
Mary (Lafon) Upshaw (1744-1807)
Christ Church Parish Cemetery, Middlesex Co., Virginia:

Robert George (1666-1734)
Warner Hall Cemetery, Warner Hall, Gloucester Co., Virginia:

Augustine Warner (1611-1674)
Mary (Townley) Warner (1614-1662)
Augustine Warner II (1642-1681)
Mildred (Reade) Warner (c. 1643-1694)
Elizabeth (Warner) Lewis (1672-1719)
John Lewis (1669-1725)
Grace Episcopal Cemetery, Yorktown, York Co., Virginia:

George Reade (1608-1674)
Elizabeth (Martiau) Reade (1625-1696)
Nicolas Martiau (c. 1591-1657)
Jane Martiau (c. 1593-c.1625) (probably)

Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Seattle, King Co., Washington:

Ben T. Plymale (1926-1981)
Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery, Seattle, King Co., Washington:

Patricia J. (Bixby) Plymale (1928-2008)
West Virginia:

Hatfield Cemetery, Roach, Cabell Co., West Virginia:

Andrew S. Hatfield (1737-1813) [Rev. War Marker]
Christina (Powell) Hatfield (c. 1737-1809) (no tombstone survives)
Isaac Hatfield Cemetery, Lincoln Co., West Virginia:

Isaac Hatfield (1763-1823)
Mary (French) Hatfield (c. 1767-1820's)
Unknown burial place, Jefferson or Berkeley Co., West Virginia:

Benjamin Custer (1763-1832)
Margaret (Bell) Custer (c. 1780-1850's?)
Conrad Seilhammer (1785-1810's)

Waukau Cemetery, Waukau, Winnebago Co., Wisconsin:

Thomas Palfrey (1796-1875)