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LT1/4L60E Engine Conversion




95 Camaro/Trams Am Electric Fan

vetterad.jpg (79055 bytes)    LT1radcontrol.jpg (57778 bytes)    vetterad1.jpg (65801 bytes)    vetterad2.jpg (58389 bytes)    relaybox.jpg (59554 bytes)

 Over all pic of the dual fans           tight fit on control arm washer                                                                  '95 Camaro engine fuse box

 A '95  Camaro/Trans Am Radiator coolant fans will fit into a C3 with a little work. I used a hack saw to trim off areas of the fan to clear the upper control arms and sway bar.  It will take a few trial runs until you get it right. To mount the Fans I sandwiched the top portion of the plastic fan assembly between a 1/4" thick x 3/4" wide aluminum strip and 1/8" x 1" angle iron on top. The angle iron then mounts to the top radiator support. The purpose for the aluminum is to give support to the the plastic frame the fans are mounted to. I drilled and tapped the aluminum to attach the angle iron easier. I used the existing lower mounts originally used to attached the fan shroud to mount the bottom of the plastic fan frame. The '95 Camaro relays operate the fans. GM uses 3 relays which work together to turn on one fan under normal conditions or both fans when either the temperature of the engine reaches 220 degrees or the A/C is turned on. I wired the coil wires of the relays to a thermal switch located in the cylinder head. When the engine reaches 200 degrees, the thermal switch grounds the coil wires of
the relays, which turns the fans on. You can buy after market relays and thermal switches through Mid America, Eckler's, Jeg's, or Summit. The thermal switch will only fit '84 thru '96 Corvette or Camaro/Trams Am with aluminum
cylinder heads. You should use two separate relays for each fan.  Below is a very simple wiring diagram to operate two fans without using a PCM to control them.

fan relay circuit.jpg (30898 bytes)

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