Ribbon Awareness
Ribbon Awareness Campaign

Everyday, thousands of impoverished ribbons are inhumanely sliced up into pieces so their fabric can be made into cheap clothes produced in ribbon sweatshops. Others are forced into bondage and made to hang on their master's shirt. They live in constant fear; many have gone underground, living in vans down by the river.

They need your help. By pasting this ribbon on your page, you spread the word about the monstrosities that are committed against ribbons.

Please save the picture to your own server, and paste this html to your page:

<a href=https://www.angelfire.com/wa2/various/ribbon.html><img src=
"ribbonawareness.jpg" height=200 width=135 alt="Ribbon Awareness"

Thankyou for supporting Ribbon Awareness. Here's some other causes that are worth supporting:

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Email: dalla777@aol.com