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Clowning Around with T Tator Tot the Clown & Co.

You're not there on T Tator Tot's picture below and enter T. Tator Tot's world of Clowning


You're not there yet..MAKE SURE YOU click on T Tator Tot's picture above and enter T. Tator Tot's world of Clowning

Questions and Answers about T. Tator Tot the clown services!

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    The preferred method of payment is check or cash the day of the party. But we also accept major credit cards! If its a surprise and you are not going to be at the party you're more then welcome to use paypal or send a check or money order before the event!
  • Why can't I book on line?

    Its best to call or email to determine availability. Also remember before sending out your invitations make sure you HIRE T. Tator Tot first! Sometimes, everyone wants the same time slot! It's a lot easier to book at a different time then it is to find another great entertainer!
  • Is there a travel fee?

    Most of the time there is not, but depending on the driving time to your destination and gas prices increasing there might be. We will let you know when you call!
  • Am I "allowed" to tip T. Tator Tot?

    allowed?? of course you are!
  • Okay, so if I am allowed to tip her, what is the proper amount?

    The proper amount is what you can comfortably afford.
  • Can adults participate in the activities?

    OF COURSE (but as you know all the little children get to be taken care of first!)
  • Speaking of activities, what does T. Tator Tot do at the parties?

    Most entertainers charge addtional fees for more activites! But NOT T. Tator Tot! For up to 15 kids, She comes in and does facepainting, balloon animals, and pocket magic, if we are outside we have bubbles, hula hoops, and bubbles that her and the children do together! If we are inside, due to weather or time of the party, we have feather balancing, juggeling scarves, The Hokey Pokey and The Chicken Dances. Please make sure you click on T. Tator Tot's picture above to get to see pictures!
  • Just what does it cost to have T. Tator Tot come to our event?

    Cost's depend on the amount of time T. Tator Tot is going to be at your event and what you plan on having her do! Please call for the best rates available! Parties that are booked to start after 5PM are a minimum of 2 hours.
  • Do you offer discounts?

    I do offer a discounted rate for events that are longer then 3 hours!
  • If there is going to be more then 15 kids how long do you need to do everything?

    The more children that are at your event the longer T. Tator Tot needs.
  • What hours does T. Tator Tot work?

    T. Tator Tot works for sure Friday, Saturday Sunday and Monday's during anytime that you're holding an event! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's are a little harder for booking because of having a "real 9-5 job" (but please dont hesitate to call and see if something can be worked out!)
  • CLICK HERE and Make sure you check out the questions and answer page on planning the perfect party!

  • You can contact T. Tator Tot, Tot the Pirate, Sea Tot, Alice in Wonderland, Mrs Claus or Dingles by calling or texting (360)568-6300 for more information or email her at or
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