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Jehovah designed us with the purpose of
living forever. We have the promise of
everlasting life.

"This means everlasting life, their
taking in knowledge of you, the only
true God, and of the one whom you sent
forth, Jesus Christ." John 17:3.

Jesus said we will be with him in Paradise.

"You will be with me in Paradise."
Luke 23:43.

No one will have to suffer the pain and
loss of loved ones. Sickness, old age, and
death will no longer exist.

"And he will wipe out every tear from
their eyes, and death will be no more,
neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain
be anymore. The former things have passed
away." Rev 21:3,4.

Through Jesus Christ as a ransom sacrifice,
we are given a chance to have
everlasting life.

"For the wages of sin is death, but the gift
God gives is everlasting life by Jesus Christ
our Lord." Romans 6:23

I know I have the chance to be reunited
with my daughter. Jehovah 'yearns' to
reunite children and their parents by means of
the resurrection and has made provisions
to do so.

"And I have hope towards God, which hope
these men themselves also entertain, of both
the righteous and the unrighteous."
Acts 24:15; John 5:28,29


Love Jehovah with your whole soul, mind and heart.
Love your neighbor as yourself.


Regularity in your study
Meeting attendance


Bible-the entire Bible is the inspired word
of God. Hold to the Bible as the standard
for all beliefs.

God-worship Jehovah as the only true GOD.

Jesus Christ-the son of God, the first of God's
creations; prehuman existence and his life
transferred from heaven to Mary; his perfect
human life was given up in sacrifice making
possible salvation to eternal life for those
who exercise faith; Christ is actively ruling
as King over the earth since 1914.

God's Kingdom-God's kingdom is the only hope
for mankind; it is a real government; it
will produce a new system in which
righteousness will prevail.

Heavenly Life-believe that 144,000
spirit-anointed Christians will share with
Christ in his heavenly Kingdom.

The earth-believe that God's original purpose
for the earth will be fulfilled; earth will be
turned into a paradise.

Death-believe the dead are conscious of nothing;
they do not exist except in God's memory so
hope for their future lies in a resurrection
from the dead.

Last days-believe we are in the last days of
this wicked system since 1914; that lovers of
righteousness will survive into a cleansed

Separate from the world-earnestly endeavor to be
no part of the world; show genuine Christian love
for neighbors but do not share in the politics
or wars of any nation; provide for the material
needs of your family but shun the world's avid
pursuit of material things.

Apply Bible counsel-believe it is important
to apply the counsel of God's Word in everyday
life now.