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About Me

In order to get to know me better I need
to give you some background of what my life
has been like. I had a rough childhood. I had
to endure an alcoholic father, my parents
divorce and my older brothers' suicide. As
a consequence of this, I was very shy
and withdrawn throughout my teens. I met my
future husband and there was something
between us that I felt was enough reason
to marry him. I was married when I was 20
years old. My husband and I went on with our
lives and had 3 beautiful girls within 4 years.
They are Miranda, Angela and Michelle.
They were my whole life and gave me so
much love and joy.

Needless to say, my marriage was not very
good. He was very controlling and verbally
abusive to the whole family. I had no job
skills and not enough self worth to try to
make it on my own with 3 girls. I chose to
stay in this relationship because it wasn't
always bad. There were a lot of good times
and he did love the girls. I know there
is no excuse for how he treated us but I
did allow it to go on. This had an impact on
all of our lives.

There came a time though, when I felt like I
had no reason to live. When my second daughter
was 10 years old, I had to endure what is a
parents' nightmare. Angela was diagnosed with
cancer. Her odds were not very good but we had
faith that she would make it through this.
All the faith, prayers, and medical help in
this world could not save my little girl. After
one year of treatment, my beautiful little
Angela died and became an angel. You can read
her story through the link on My LINKS page.

It was very hard on all of us. I had to be strong
for my other girls. My husband was having a hard
time accepting it and instead of us comforting
each other, it drew us further apart. Within a
couple of years, his temper and abuse became
even more violent. I knew I couldn't go through
it anymore. I left him and took the girls. Now
it is so much better and I feel like I am free.

My oldest daughter is 23 and has a 4 year old
son. He is the light of my life. My youngest
daughter is 20. I am a manager at a fast food
restaurant and work long hours. I enjoy reading,
sewing, crocheting and doing arts & crafts. I
spend a lot of time studying the Bible. Now that
I have started using the computer, I do a lot
of surfing around.

Since losing my daughter, I have felt like my
life and faith was destroyed. These last few
years have been a struggle to get some sense
and understanding of why these things happen.
Rebuilding my faith in God (and a faith and
belief in my self) has helped give me
the strength to go on.

I have joined several support groups here
online and they are helping. I have also
joined 2 groups of wonderful women and am making
new friends. These pages are filled with things
that are important to me (like my Angels) and
things I enjoy (like my Teddy Bears and Quilts).
I am also enjoying and learning to make graphics.
Look around and hopefully there are things you
are interested in also.

Thanks for stopping in and letting me
share my world with you.