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Surfing The Goon

Where There's Never a Flat Spell!

Call Doug Dumont, Pool Manager at Typhoon Lagoon
1-407-560-4025 and leave a phone number with your message. He will call you back ASAP with info.

Brad Surfin' the Goon Take a Virtual Tour Online

Surf the Waves Without getting Wet!

Lonnie Surfin' the Goon October 19, 2000

Goin' Goony for the Last Time This Year
See Pics from the Latest Session of Wave Pool Madness!!

Tim Surfin' the Goon September 14, 2000

Surfin' The Goon will never be the Same!

O'Neill Surfin' the Goon September 16, 2000

O'Neill goes Goony
At the Surf Expo!!

John Surfin' the Goon July 28, 2000

Even Lightning Can't Stop These Guys! (Session postponed from 7/20)

David Surfin' the Goon June 15, 2000

Surfin' The Goon with BH2!
Who Needs Lake Atlantic?

Jim Surfin' the Goon May 18, 2000

Boardheads2 Goes Goony!

Dave Surfin' the Goon April 13, 2000

Team Boardheads and Friends Take Over The Goon!

BH2's Jim Surfin' the Goon March 9th, 2000

Boardheads2 Celebrates our 1st Year Anniversary at The Goon!

Sandler Surfin' the Goon January 23nd, 2000

Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) Surf Team Rips it Up!

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