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Rimmer World

Second Technichian Arnold Judas Rimmer. Few people could ever stand to be around the bitter weasly little man. This was what one of his best mates (only somewhat hatefull towards him) Dave Lister had to say about him.
He has three brothers: John, Howard, and Frank. He's really mean with money. He's a tremendous physical coward. He once spent an afternoon on the Samaritan switchboard, and four people committed suicide! His middle name's Judas, but he tells everyone that it's Jonathan. He signs all his official letters A.J. Rimmer, B.S.C., and B.S.C. stands for Bronze Swimming Certificate. He's a cheating, weaselly, lowlife scumbucket, with all the charm and social grace of a pubic louse!

Better Dead Then Smeg

>The Rimmer Munchkin Song
Check out the Lyrics to the Rimmer Munchkin Song on Kunoichi's Red Dwarf Page.

To smeg or not to smeg? That is the question.

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