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Does anyone fancy a Vindaloo?

I've taken it upon my self to scower the Internet looking for information and Recipies to all of Listers favorite dishes. I must state right now that I dont have the resources (or the courage) to try all these recipies so its strickly try at your own risk! And remember the trick is to eat it before the Bread Dissolves.

Lamb Vindaloo
Death by Curry
Try this site from a man who wants to die, eating the hottest meanest curry ever.
Home of Kingfisher National Curry Day! This site is full of all sorts of good stuff!
Hot Curry Facts
A page of Interesting British Curry facts from the CURRYWORLD page.
A page of non-vega indian dishes including curry's and vindaloo's. Part of a greater India theme website.
Arielle's Recipe Archives
A massive Archive of virualy every food stuff imaginable. The Indian section is huge with recipes for foods including currys's, tandoori's, vindaloo's, and even pappadums, plus much more.