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SmegHead Page of Insults

If you dont see a Red Dwarf Insult here, Please send me the Insult and where you found it and I'll see about adding it to this page. I hope one day to have every Insulting thing ever spoken on Red Dwarf Listerd here, with corrisponding sound files. Its gonna suck up a lot of space but what the smeg!


Smeghead (to Rimmer, cat, kryten, a future version of himself, just about everyone)Smeghead
Hey Rimmer (in reference to Rimmer)
A cancerous polyp on the anus of humanity (in reference to rimmer)
Cancerous Polyp


Smeg off dog food face! (to Lister)
Puss Head Holister(in reference to the late Capt. Holester)
that demented Tonka Toy (in reference to Kryten)
that Fruit bat computer (in reference to fem. Holly)
Captains oats was a pratt (in ref. to the late antartic explorer Captain Oats)


Monkey (nick name given to both Lister and Rimmer)
Alphabet Head (nick name for Rimmer)
Goal Post Head (nick name for Rimmer)
Grease Stain (nick name for Rimmer)
That smeghead rimmer (in refernce to Rimmer)
Do do breath (in reference to Lister)
Gerbal face (in reference to Lister)
Stumpy (in ref. to Lister transmogrified into Robolister)

Smeghead Page of Insults 2