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Slider_JCM's Nintendo links
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Slider_JCM's Nintendo links

Not all of the systems on all of these sites are made by Nintendo!
Here is a bunch of Nintendo links :)


James' Team Rocket Base - This is a great Pokémon-based site!!!
Cube.IGN.Com - Nintendo's next-gen console web site!!! (Game Cube)
The PokéMasters - This is THE BEST Pokémon site! (that I know of...)
Metalic Mewtwo's Masters Site - GREAT Pokémon site!...Has pics of fake pokémon!
Pokémon HQ - This is a great site, it'd be better if they knew how to type é.
PokéGod's Pokémon Universe - Good Pokémon site...
Mario Golf 64 Online Tournament - This is for people who have the Mario Golf game for N64.
GameShark.Com - This is the official Game Shark web site put up by Interact.
Cheat Code Central - GREAT cheat site. They have game cheats and Game Shark codes!
CMGSCCC - They have ONLY Game Shark codes! -- AND LOTS OF THEM!
RC Pokémon - this is a GREAT Pokémon site! There is even a list of Pokémon up to 251!
IGN Pokédex - Online info on Pokémon (joining IGN required) . . .
The official Pokémon site!
The official Nintendo site!
The Donkey Kong megasite
The Donkey Kong Tribute Page
Planet Donkey Kong
Game Boy Monolith (whatever that means)
Nintendo Code Center
Super Mario Bros. Headquarters
Game Sages
Pocket IGN
Used Video Games - order games
Used Video Games - order games - DIFFERENT SITE!
No, I did not mess up and add the same site twice, these are TWO SITES WITH THE SAME NAME!

...Please report any broken links to me!

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