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Model R/C Hovercrafts

Hi, and welcome to my site! I have made this site so that I can spread the joy of model hovercrafting.

This is my first hovercraft. It was constructed with a foam posterboard sheet, and a plastic garbage bag skirt. The engine is an E-Chargers engine out of a broken toy. The hover heigth is about 1 1/2 in. and works on carpet, lenolium, and even water! Though it works on many different tarrains, it cant even hold its own batteries. Infact, it cant even hold one of my socks!

View of entire craft.

Bird's eye view of craft.

This is a view of the botton of the craft. The 2 hulls are visible through the circular duct. Sorry about the camera resolution, it is my lego mindstorms cam, used for robots to see, not to capture amazing photography.

This is my 5th craft, but it is my strongest so far. It was constructed from styrofoam sheets, and a plastic trash bag skirt. The engine is a radio shack 9-18v engine, using a wind-up airplane's propeller. This one is very, very strong. It can hold 3 of the 9.6v batterypacks, and one of my shoes. It works on carpet, and hard sufaces, but I am too afraid to try it on water. It is 3 ft in length, and 16 in in width.

Picture of all 3 feet of craft.

Bird's eye view.

Bottom of craft.

From this view, you can see that the skirt "tube" runs all around the crafts perimeter.

Picture of craft not hovering.

Picture of craft hovering. Notice the heigth difference.

From this view, you can see where the air is divided to inflate the skirt, and create the air cusion. This is the strongest design I have found, so if you build a model hovercraft, try this technique.

Below is my most recent craft. It is still under construction, but i will post pictures of it with just the lit element. Later i will be adding remote control capabilities.

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