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To subscribers, contributors and friends of MARGIN:

Thanks for joining us as we celebrate MARGIN's 4th Anniversary. This Winter Edition launches a new triquarterly schedule for 2004, with editions of the anthology appearing in January, May and October.

There's a great deal that's new with this edition as MARGIN continues to grow. You'll find new columns, plenty of enriching content, and other special features, as well as guidelines for our first-ever contests and the latest special theme call for submissions.

We're especially excited to learn that Oprah has selected Gabriel García Márquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude for her next book club feature, as this will no doubt raise awareness of magical realism's important presence in postmodern literature to millions of mainstream readers who may have never knowingly been exposed to it. We imagine her influential spotlight will lure readers to many, many more works of magical realism. At MARGIN, we are prepared for this and welcome their questions and comments.

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Thank you for reading MARGIN, and for supporting magical realism and literary discussions on the web! A special thanks to all of you who have included a link to MARGIN at your own website, or who include MARGIN in your classroom reading lists. We rely on word-of-mouth and are pleased to learn, from your feedback that we are meeting your needs. We hope to continue with this success in 2004; it's going to be a great year, you'll see!


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