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"Apparent Suicide: A Postpartum Fairy Tale," Literary Mama, October 2006; Freak Lightning (anthology), 2009/TBD

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WTO haiku collaboration (with Kelli Russell Agodon, Janet Norman Knox and Marian McDonald), The Bremerton Sun, 2000


Book Reviews
Slow Time: Recovering the Natural Rhythms of Life, by Waverly Fitzgerald, for Long Story Short (forthcoming)

Interfictions: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing, by Theodora Goss and Delia Sherman, editors, for Serendipity, April 2008

Saraminda: Black Desire in a Field of Gold, by José Sarney, for Serendipity

The Writing Life
"Rainmaker," Jan 2008 AUDIO PODCAST for Writer's Umbrella

"A Walk in the Park (In the Dark)," Fiction Factor/Horror Factor, 2007

Tiny Lights essay on getting "unstuck," Oct-Nov 2007

"Magical Realism: A Simple Approach," Voices in the Dark, 2006

Bylines Writer's Calendar 2005 commentary

"Citizens Don't Have to Be Weak Links," Candleflame, March 2003

"The Great Disconnect: Do You Recognize These Symptoms?" Candleflame, June 2003

"If You Could Pick One Book... a student's quest ends, then begins again," (book review: Magical Realist Fiction by Keith Holloman and David Young, Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism, 2001

"Recycling a Worry," Chicago Tribune, January 1990

"What Do American Readers Know About Magical Realism? A Book Group Infiltration" Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism, 2001

"Why We Don't Need Irradiation," American Harvest, Spring 1994

General Interest Writing
"After-Dinner Tee" (evening golf), Ford Times, June 1990

"And The Band Plays On" (California raisins "celebrities"), Ford Times, April 1990

"Arts and Litter" (Adopt-a-Highway program), Ford Times, March 1990

"Castles? No Hassle" (Sand castles), Ford Times, June 1990

"Don't I Know You From..." (worst pick-up lines), Ford Times, March 1990

"First Dance With Peter Damian Bellis: Toward A North American Magical Realism," Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism, 2000.

"George: The Man, The Myths" (George Washington), Ford Times, February 1990

"Great Moments In Travel" (photo contest results), Discovery Magazine, Summer 1990

"Of Ghosts, Gods and the Raw Ingredients of Human Experience: Mary Overton Discusses Magical Realism," Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism, 2001.

"One Well-Seasoned Morsel From A Well-Seasoned Translator," Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism, 2000.

"Reclaiming The Park" (Yosemite anniversary), Ford Times, May 1990

"Rob Johnson and the Haunted Valley of Fantasmas," Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism, 2002.

"Toss This Around" (Frisbee championships), Ford Times, June 1990

See Also Food & Agriculture Writing Credits

Pushcart board nomination: Pushcart Prize, 2006

Finalist, the Speakeasy Poetry Contest (judge: Li Young-Lee), for a three-poem submission, 2004

"Alone on the Day Before Mother's Day" (poem) -- winner, Peninsula Writers Association poetry contest, 2005

"American Blackshirt" (short story) -- honorable mention, ByLine Formal Poetry Contest, 2001

"Carmelita Licks A Stamp" (poem) -- King County Arts Commission Bus Poetry competition, 2001

"Evacuation Plan #1" (poem) -- 1st place, Illinois State Poetry Society, 2001; 3rd place, Louisiana State Poetry Society, 2001

“Hawthorns Grew Outward In Threes” (poem) -- 1st place, ByLine Fall Poem Contest, 2002; Byline Best of 2002 edition, 2003

“The Intuitions of Mim” (short story) -- finalist, Authors In The Park contest, 2001

"Madam's Curse" (short story) -- Best of Entries, Whelks Walk Review, 1998

"Making Paneer," (poem) -- finalist, Spoon River Poetry Review, 2003

"Messages," (short story) -- Editor's Pick, March 2006; nominated, 2007 Million Writers Award for best online short story

"Other People's Stories" (poem) -- 2nd prize, ByLine Poems of Loss contest, 2003

“Oyster Coast” (short story) -- second prize, AIM: America's Intercultural Magazine annual contest, 1997

"Resolution" (poem) -- honorable mention, Illinois State Poetry Society,2001

"The Rosaries of Raggedy Ann" (short story) -- Pushcart Prize nomination, 1997

"The Rosaries of Raggedy Ann" (short story) -- Rosebud 's Best of 1997 edition

"Search Engine" (short story) -- Long Story Short's Story of the Month selection for October 2007 AND Story of the Year winner for 2007

“Shrapnel Over Chicago: August 1989” (short-short story) -- honorable mention, ByLine Short Short Story Contest, 2003

"Spur: Big Quilcene River Road" (poem) -- honorable mention, Louisiana State Poetry Society, 2001

"Stubborn Tourist" (poem) -- finalist, James Hearst Poetry Prize, 2004; honorable mention, Louisiana State Poetry Society, 2001

"Tiger's Eyes" (short story) -- finalist, Clackamas Literary Review, 2005

"Urban Flight" (poem) -- 2nd prize, Northwest Cultural Council art/poetry contest, 2004


Field's End writer's community core team: esp, volunteer service as selected annual conference director, 2008

Bluestocking 8 Women Writers, 2008

Small Press, Artists and Writers Network, 2006-present

Associated Writers Programs, 2006-present

Indie Press webgroup (hosted by CLMP), 2004-present

The Richard Hugo House, 2004-present

The Speculative Literature Foundation, 2004-present

PEN Washington/PEN USA WEST, 2002-present

The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses, 2001-present

The Hive/Marketeers writers markets group, co-host with Kelli Russell Agodon, 2001-2007

Jane's Stories Press Foundation women's writing collective, 1998-2003

Co-founder, Wild Dove Writers Studio, 1998

River Oak Arts, 1996-1999

Barrington Area Arts Council member/writer's workshop, 1995-1996

Teaching history
"Diagnosis: MR" magical realism workshop, MRCentral.net, 2008

New media discussion panelist, AWP Conference NYC, 2008

Panel moderator, PNBA, 2007

"Curses!" magical realism workshop, MRCentral.net, 2007

Guest presenter, It's About Time reading series, 2007

Roundtable leader, Field's End, 2005-2006

Guest lecturer, World Literature, Highline Community College, 2004

Workshop facilitator: Writer's Marketing Groups, with Kelli Russell Agodon, PNWA, 2004

Writing workshop facilitator, Mundelein Park District, 1999 (various offerings)

Writing workshop facilitator, Mount Prospect Library, 1999 (new writers workshop)

Writing intensives instructor, Wild Dove Writers Studio, 1999 (short fiction workshop)

Magical realism lecture, First Friday Coffeehouse, Prairie Moon, 1998

Appearances & Readings
KGB Bar reading sponsored by Mad Hatter's Review, New York City, 2008

Jane's Stories reading series, with Bette Lynch Husted and Kat Vellos, In Other Words Books, Portland, 2007

ProseWest, with Bette Lynch Husted and Kat Vellos, Newberry Books, Seattle, 2007

Ugly Mug Reading Series, with Bette Lynch Husted and Kat Vellos, Newberry Books, Seattle, 2007

Foolscap panelist, Bellevue, WA, 2006

ProseWest "Pacific Northwest Magical Realists," with Kathleen Alcalá and Wayne Ude, Epilogue Books, Seattle, 2005

Foolscap panelist, Bellevue, WA, 2005

"Magical Realist Poetry" with Marjorie Rommel, Erin Fristad and Marge Manwaring, The Richard Hugo House, 2005

"A Night of Magic (Realism) and Midnight Liar's Fest," Our Town Cafe, Vancouver BC, 2005

Margin 5th Anniversary Celebration, Lottie Mott's, 2005

A Wave of Caring: Tsunami Benefit Concert, 2005

Featured guest, Woodinville Barnes & Noble, 2004

Jewel Box Theater featured reader, 2004

Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference panelist, 2004

Norwescon featured reader, Midnight Special reading event, 2004

Featured reader and hostess, O Taste and See! Food Poems, Russian Tea Time/Chicago, 2004

Featured guest, Richard Hugo House, 2003 (Kathleen Alcalá's magical realism workshop)

Panelist with Bruce Taylor, Norwescon, "What Is Magical Realism?", 2003, 2004

"Poetry Is…: Island Poets In Performance and Conversation" feature with Neil Baker and Marian McDonald, Bainbridge Island Broadcasting special, 2003

Lottie Mott’s featured reader, 2002-2003

Otis Café featured reader, 2002

PEN Washington Internet Marketing for Writers panel moderater, 2002

Poets for Peace/September 11th Red Cross fundraiser, 2001

Kitsap Community Arts Center featured reader, 2001

Poulsbohemian Coffeehouse featured reader, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004

"Market Mosaic" columnist, Wild Dove Review, 1998-2000

Barnes & Noble/Writer’s Harvest featured reader, 1997

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