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Welcome to Lymphoma Libby's website

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If you happen to have some spare change...feel free to donate it to the American Cancer society! Each year we (my family and friends) have had a team out at the local relay. This year is our 5th year going! You can help by making a donation online, plus you get to see me!Thank you!!!! (just click below to go to my online donation page, and feel free to pass it on!)

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Hello! And welcome to my webpage! My name is Libby, and in January 2001 I found out I had Hodgkin's lymphoma. I under went four months of chemo and 17 "cooking" of radation. I hope that this site can offer anyone help with learning about what it is like to have cancer and the treatment that can go along with it. I had lots of pictures taken during my treatment so you can see what types of things I had to do. I also have lots of links to help you learn even MORE information, woo woo! Good luck, and drop me a note by email if you have questions!

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Non-cancer related things, but dang it, they are still good!
* For a "tree"-mendous story about my day with a squirrel
* Viva Las Vegas 2004! Pirate wedding and all!

Made the paper!!!

Fun things to do with a bald head!

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2 years out from finishing Chemo, and I never thought I would look like this!!Me, a blonde?

Here I am at the first annual Young Adult Cancer Survivor's camp. I'm the one in the middle. Smile!


3 years out! (Almost!)

Lets just say I am going to get my money's worth out of this wench dress (see the Las Vegas link for info) This would be all of the wench girls my cousin's wedding reception. Anywho, when I get a current 3 year photo, I'll get it up here, but until then, enjoy the wenches! Still a blonde, as you can tell!

The real 3 year photo!

Me and Jilly at her 21st birthday dinner. We don't look related one bit, do we?


4 years remission looks good to me!

My dad and I at my 25th Birthday dinner! I also included this photo, not because its a good boob shot (although it is) but because you can see my port scar, so no fear ladies, the scar does start to fade, a little anyway!

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