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Any church that makes membership in itself a requirement for admission into Heaven (not the same as salvation according to the ICC) is not following the Bible. This belief creates logical inconsistencies within the beliefs of that church. According to the Bible, the church does not decide, or have any say in who is saved and who is not. But any church that believes that membership in itself is necessary for salvation DOES hold the belief that it is the ONLY gateway to God, and therefore able to have a very significant say in who is saved and who is not. When my friend joined the ICC, he wanted to be baptized after the 2nd Bible study, but they wouldn't let him. They made him finish the studies. My friends heart was willing to accept the ICC's message, but what if Jesus came back between the time my friend decided to be baptized, and when the ICC decided to allow him to be baptized? What if he had died? According to the beliefs of the ICC, he would have gone to hell, despite his open heart. Making people wait to be saved is not a biblical practise, and I would not want to stand before God and answer for his soul. This is one way the ICC can (and, according to its own beliefs and actions, does) control who is saved, and who is not. If 1. Membership in the ICC is a requirement for salvation, and 2. The ICC has the authority to determine who gets to be a member, and who gets to stay a member, then a logical conclusion is that the ICC can have a very significant say in who is saved, and who goes to hell (just about an equal say with God, to be exact). I am aware that this belief is not supported by the Bible, and I am aware that this is not a belief taught by the ICC. But if beliefs 1 and 2 are held by the ICC, then Belief 3 MUST also be held by the ICC. Whether or not it is written down somewhere, taught, or has ever been mentioned is irrelevant, beliefs 1 and 2 make belief 3 a necessary conclusion.

Please understand that the vast majority (if not all) of the members of the International Church of Christ are not out to intentionally deceive their recruits, they honestly believe that what they are teaching is the truth. And for the most part, it is, but their deviations from the truth are significant, and the presence of just one lie makes the entire teaching false.

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