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Little Amos the SFT  

(Home Page of a Smooth Fox TERROR...oops...Terrier)

Hey name's Amos, and I'm a Smooth Fox Terrier (SFT).  I was born September 15, 1998 and weigh 20 lbs.  My full name is Amos Alonzo Brown, but I'm called lots of other Devil Dog, Spock (they giggle about my ears for some reason), Mr. Long Nose, Sir Amos, and Jaws, to name a few.

I'm not around other dogs very much (although when I'm with them I mostly ignore them), so don't have much of an opinion about them, but I know one thing for sure...I'm the ALPHA-male in THIS den. My Mom and Dad tell me I'm number three in the pack, but buying into that is hogwash. They can't seem to figure out I dominate their every moment. If I'm not terrorizing them with my shenanigans, they're cooing over my cuteness and sudden ability to cuddle up and be "such a sweet little fellow."  It's during my "tender" moments they call me Little Amos, and I look sternly down my nose at them and suck up the attention like a vacuum.

The most fun is to open Dad's closet door and run like the wind with anything I can get my "TINY little teeth" into. Wherever Mom and Dad are located in the house I whiz past them with my prize so they can see just how naughty I am. What fun!

Although I'm very headstrong, I can SIT, STAY, and lay DOWN when told. That's quite a feat for someone of my character. I'll admit they have to tell me more than once now and then, but I can't have them thinking they're in control, now can I?

Anyway, I'm very happy to meet you, and hope you enjoy my very own personal web page.  Only further proof I'm not a mere DOG.

Take a look at MY PHOTO GALLERY, and see if you don't think I'm just the cutest there is.

So, to all of you who visit, I send you my very best snips, snaps, licks, and sniffs.

If you're another super good dog, please E-MAIL me.  Send a picture and I'll put you on MY FRIENDS page, along with a link to your website if you have one.

Thank you for stopping by!

Most Sincerely,

Little Amos

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