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Tax Treaties


by: Jim Shaver

An expose that every American should consider--especially veterans!

Since most Americans were first introduced to the IRS, we have been programmed from grade school that these were good people, working for our Federal government who were only in the business of collecting tax revenue from Americans who were legally and morally obligated to pay their "fair share" of the costs of running America. And we have done so proudly since the great war against Axis powers of World War II, through the Korean War, Vietnam, Grenada, Desert Storm and other military offensives. Supporting our Government, especially our military has always been the duty and honor of all reputable Americans in spite of the many sacrifices and way it reduced our standard of living!

Have we been suckered by the hirelings we have entrusted???

Let us take a look at IRS methodology. They are feared by most of our American population in a manner carefully orchestrated. The major media is replete with horror stories of the victims of this allegedly American government organization. You decide, whether they are who we have been led to believe they are, and whether they, their political, judicial and centralized banking hacks, should or should not be...."Run out of Dodge" or tried for TREASON and hung by 8:00 tomorrow morning!!! Has anyone got the plans of how to build a gallows???

In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man and brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
Mark Twain
A Patriot, is an individual who by his or her sovereignty takes advantage of Constitutional and statutory safeguards, uses them wisely and respectfully as shackles for the restraint of (public servant) government abuse.
Bind the government down by the chains of the Constitution For the united States of America.
---Thomas Jefferson
"There is no acceptable substitute for honesty in government at any level."

Table of Contents:

  • Public Disclosure Laws - Title 42 RCW
  • Public Law 85-766 - Funds Appropriated (Statutes at Large)
  • Skunk
  • Privacy Act Notice 609
  • Publication 1
    Publication reflects the KGB doublespeak
  • Income Tax Treaties - Jon Bischel
    This shows that we have had a tax treaty with USSR since 6-20-73 and the Vietnam era ended in May of 1975
  • Page from Tax Treaty
  • Flowchart
    The late, great patriot, Nord Davis Jr., publication "Pardon Me, but ...#5"
  • Diversified Metal Products, Inc. 3 pages
  • Publication 901
    These are the countries highlighted inside of Publication 901: Peoples Republic of China, Commonwealth States, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia
    Giving information to enemies of America violates Title 18 USC Section 2381 which carries the death penalty for aiding and abetting the enemy.
    Knowing the information in this package, shows this Korean War Veteran that filing anything with the IRS is in violation of Title 18 USC Section 2381 for aiding and abetting the enemy.
  • Title 18 - Section 872 Extortion by Officers for employees of U.S.
    Inferring that they are employees of the United States and they are not
  • Extra Miscellaneous Information:
    Bossett - no W-4's case
    1979 US News and World Report - Banking: Consider the most prudent way to use your bank account
    28.8 Study of Constitution necessary for High School diploma
    National Law Journal

The Revelation

Aiding and Abetting the Enemy carries the Death Penalty
(Title 18 Section 2381)

IRS Notice 609 states:

"We ask for tax return information to carry out the U.S. tax laws. We need it to figure and collect the right amount of tax." . . . . .
"And we may give it to certain foreign governments under tax treaties they have with the United States."
Cat. No. 45063A
(Revised April 1992)

Would a Prudent Man take a chance?

Attention American War Veterans

The United States ratified a tax treaty with Russia on June 20, 1973.

While we were engaged in
the Vietnam War!

48 countries are listed as having tax treaties with the United States, but as many as 161 are suspected as being on the list.
These include Russia and the Peoples Republic of China.

Your Rights as a taxpayer
Publication 1

States: "Privacy and Confidentiality -You have the right to have your personal and financial information kept confidential. People who prepare your return or represent you must keep your information confidential."
Further it continues: "Information Sharing - We can also share it with certain foreign governments under tax treaty provisions."


Do Americans want their personal and financial information shared with foreign governments?
or enemy foreign governments?

United States Government Attorneys deny that Internal Revenue Service is agency of United States Government.
Click Here for more Information

How could this information be used against our own armed forces in acts of war.

This is a training manual for correcting the fraudulent recording of Notice of Federal Tax Liens in your county. If your county officials want to keep business as usual with the fraud, this manual will teach you how to replace them with the help of members from your steering committee.

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