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Sneaky Lex Van Den Bergh manipulates Colby's ouster from Survivor: All Stars.

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Colby Thrown From Saddle (Calgary Sun)

What could possibly top a spittle-spewing, venom-hurling, patent-pending Sue Hawk tirade?

Nothing on last night’s Survivor: All-Stars.

Admittedly, the producers had the impossible task of following in the manly paw prints of one Ms. Hawk — oh, I’m sorry, “the victimized, sexually-ravaged Ms. Hawk,” who’s probably seeking psychological help at a truckstop somewhere after being “violated” by menacing gay Machiavelli wannabe Richard Hatch.

Still, the lack of fireworks — physical, emotional or even sexual — had to come as a disappointment, given that the episode saw old lovers-turned-foes Jerri Manthey and Colby Donaldson square off for survival — a confrontation that resulted in cowboy Colby getting punted by the members of Mogo Mogo.

Then again, as that old Klingon proverb states: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Certainly Jerri’s vengeance — “One of my goals was to last longer than Colby,” she said prior to tribal council — was delivered in icy fashion, masterminded by newly-minted power player Lex Van Den Berghe, who appears to be living up to his nefarious name and multiple tattoos. - Read The Whole Article...