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The Bon Marche

Everett Mall

The Everett Mall Bon Marche opened in 1977, the same year as the Sea-Tac Mall (now The Commons at Federal Way) Bon store. These were the first stores to use signs that said The Bon instead of The Bon Marche. The typeface was new for these signs.

Everett Mall had opened around 1970 with Sears and White Front as its two major anchors. White Front was a California based discount department store chain that had expanded into the Puget Sound area in the later 1960s with stores in North Seattle and Burien. The Everett Mall, Bellevue, and tacoma stores, as well as a store at Mall 205 in Portland, were added around 1970.

White Front went out of business in the early-mid 1970s. The Everett Mall store sat vacant for a few years until it was renovated and reopened as The Bon. The North Seattle White Front is now the Kmart at N 130th Street and Aurora Avenue N. The Bellevue and Burien stores are now Fred Meyers. The Tacoma store was split up into smaller stores.

Everett Mall was expanded around 1980 with the addition of a new wing extending from the center of the mall south to a new Frederick & Nelson store. After the demise of Frederick's in the early 1990s, the store became Mervyn's.

This photograph was taken in November 2004 facing southeasterly. Note that the parking lot was closed for repaving.

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