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Donegal Australian Shepherds - History and Future

Gayle with Star
Above: Gayle with Star
Donegal has been registered with ASCA since 1978.  I started out with Windsongs Miska CD ATDc STDs.  She became the foundation of my kennel.  Miska taught me so much about training and competing, and also a lot about myself.  I grew to love competing in working trials, obedience and conformation.  I fell in love with the breed.  I have met many intelligent, caring people through competition who have become steadfast friends.

Throughout the years I have collected the titles needed to achieve Hall of Fame status.  I am now proud to say I am Hall Of Fame Kennel # 25!

I am very proud of all the owners who have competed with my dogs through the years, and had such great accomplishments!

In total I have: 11 Champions, 2 WTCH's, 1 OTCH, 3 CDX, 3 OTD's, 4 STD's and 1 Ranch Dog Degree.  I have put 10 CD's on my own dogs.

I donated one of my dogs, named "Glory", to the Womens' Prison (Purdy WA), and she became the first to be trained as an assistant dog for the handicapped. She was given to Burt Pusch where she lived out a great life, helping him.  Glory was his closest companion for many years and she was totally devoted to him, as he was to her.  They travelled everywhere together and she was one of the first to be able to go into stores and restaurants and in the main cabin of jets with him.

Another aussie that has made me very proud is "Heidi", who belonged to Marleen Davis. She was a therapy dog, visiting hospitals in and around San Diego, where she loved the patients and helped them in numerous ways to get better.  She spent many hours comforting the terminally ill.  This gift cannot be measured.  She is deceased now, and we will miss her portrayal of "Heidi the Red Nosed Raindog" in the halls of the hospital, pulling Santa!

One of the greatest dogs I've bred is OTCH CH Donegal's Certain Success STDs OTDd "Ceasar". He and his sister Heidi were from my successful cross of "Buddy"(CH Successor of Windermere X CH O'Sages Donegal Misripplemint STDc) "Ripple".  Ceasar was one of those "Once in a Lifetime" dogs.  He was an eager and willing student and was happy to own Diane Munson and myself.  I congratulate Diane and her husband for all their accomplishments.  Their love had no bounds.  Although he and his sister, Heidi, have departed this earth, their memories will be nearest and dearest to all who knew them.

I am so proud of these beautiful Aussies, but space is limited! I plan to write a book about all of them!

My main goal in breeding aussies is to breed a versatile dog with a temperament one can live with.  I have found exceptional people to own them and show them off. 

I have been a member of ASCA and the ASC of WA since 1978. I have been active in our club and have made lifelong friends.

My latest accomplishments are: finishing CH Donegals Graceful Star's championship and obtaining her ASCA/AKC CD, and finishing CH Donegal's Lorena of BristleCone, my Pepe daughter.

Recently 2 littermates of my breeding finished their titles ASCA/CKC CH Donegal's Timaru Step in Style STDd and ASCA/AKC CH Donegal Premiere Rulz.

ASCA/AKC CH De Abajo's Double Latte' Donegal,"Pepe", is my main man.  I love him very much and he has been a joy to show and own.  He has won ASC of WA ROM "Champion Dog of the Year" for 3 years running, has 21 Best Of Breed's, 20 Best Opposite Sex ribbons, and 4 Premiere ribbons (One at the 1999 ASCA National). 

My future goals are staying happy and healthy, traveling and showing my dogs!

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