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Donegal Australian Shepherds

Donegal Winkin Blinkin - "CeCe"

Owned and Loved by: Terry & Dona Thomas
CeCeUpdate 1/24/08
CeCe is doing great, still.

I can't begin to tell you how well she has integrated into our lives.  But from what I've seen, all of your dogs have become integral parts of their families and CeCe is simply upholding the standard.

I had a Blinding Flash of the Obvious today, I'm living with this dog 24/7.  It wasn't exactly what I intended when I purchased her from you, but anything less would now seem inadequate.

Anyway, CeCe and I will compete in our first flyball tournament near the end of next month in Canada.  She still has some "passing" issues but she improves every week.  I'm confident she will become the third or fourth fastest dog on the Jet City Jumpers.  They have two blindingly quick Border Collies and gifted Lab in the top three spots right now, but the Lab will definitely be challenged.

For what it's worth, CeCe and I are still doing weekly obedience and agility training.  It will be awhile before we are competing though.

CeCe has also done a few home interviews for ARPH with me.  She's an excellent breed representative.  She's handled the cats and children we've met very well.  We will be in the ARPH booth for the Seattle Kennel Club show.

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CeCe CeCe
CeCe CeCe

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