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Desert Kung Fu banner

At RICHLAND DOJO Martial Arts Center
Richland, Washington

Desert Kung Fu offers instruction in the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Wing Chun is a close quarters self-defense system renowned for economy of motion and efficiency. The techniques and the founder of the style originated from the famous Shaolin temple over four hundred years ago. As was common with traditional Kung Fu styles, it was passed down through the generations of a family until being taught publicly in Hong Kong by Grandmaster Yip Man in the 1950's. One of Grandmaster Yip Man's most famous students was Bruce Lee, who almost single-handedly introduced martial arts to the Western world.

Wing Chun enjoys the reputation of being a scientific martial art because it is based upon principles of physics and body dynamics, making it one of the most effective, yet simple to learn martial art systems. It was adopted by many Chinese rebel groups due to the short time it took to produce effective fighters. Wing Chun emphasizes skill, timing, technique and footwork rather than brute force, making it a martial art for everyone regardless of size, strength or body type. In fact, Wing Chun was developed by a 16th-century Shaolin nun, and is named after the young woman who used it defeat the bully terrorizing her village!

No acrobatics - just effective self-defense!
We provide:     Instructor with 30 years of Wing Chun experience.
Large facility with a variety of modern and traditional training equipment.
Class Schedule:  Wednesday  6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Contact: Tim @ 509-943-5107 or Richland Dojo @ 509-375-3030
Address:    1930 Saint Street, Richland, Washington 99352
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