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. . .I bid thee aideu. . .

Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens
So I see you have come to the point where you want out. . .Well here are a few links to some pages that I really like. . .and some that. . .well that are just there.

* Highly Recomended
~ Recomended
^^ So-so. . .

<b>*</b>Visit DragonBall Z GT Power

* Rayne Storm: One Writer Unblocked
She has some really good works on her page if you like reading Fan Fiction!

*Dot's Fiction Corner
A great writer also! Fun to read. . .so if you have lots of time-do sit back and take a look

*Lady Saiya-jin's Sekai
Great writer in her own right, and she hosts my works so how can I not support her 100%?

~Son Goku
Great page! Has about everything you can be looking for on the Son's.

A very comprehensive site.

~Dr. Gero's Laboratory
A very clean and easy to manuver site with some goodies.

*Zee's Dragon Ballz Z Shrine
My favorite site to find information!

~Planet Namek - Your Source for DragonBall
Has everything you will need to know!

Capsule Corporation Headquarters
I couldn't get this page to work. . .but it does come highly recomended by everyone who has been able to see it. So take a look and let me know if it is worth recomending!

I can NOT recomend this site enough. A site for Vejita and Bulma lovers, this has fics, beautiful fan art. . .which my page is sprinkled with, and Celine has a wonderful sense of taste and drawing talent.

~Vegeta Insane
I love this page. . .Very nicely done. Take some time and look through everything!

~blue wind of hope : a Trunks' shrine
I love Trunks. . .so I love this site! And I love the name. . .Very creative

I love this page. . .Entirely dedicated to a very often over looked character Goten.

A very nice, manageable page. Has very good fiction and fan art works.

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Well if you have any recomendations of sites that should be on my links page, or would like you site on my page you can contact me by clicking the link below and sending me a message since I am not telepathic and won't know any other way. If any of the links DO NOT work, or do not contain what I said they would. LET ME KNOW! That's right! Don't be scared. Drop me a line. Ta ta! Come back soon? Promise? Ok good!