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TSH Series

or, for those of you who don't know what that means,

The Serpent's Hollow Series


Dæmon: I can't believe it.....done in by.....oh, it's humiliating.
Moghedian: Oh, shut up scarface. That's not what we're here for.
Dæmon: Get on with it demons can't be made busy with such....frivolous things.
Moghedian: I'll frivolous you, you side-show circus freak!
Winter: Children! Knock it off!
Dæmon: <sighs> Sorry, Winter-Sama......
Winter: Don't sorry me, Dæmon. Just introduce the site, like you're SUPPOSED to be doing.
Moghedian: Right. <Glares at Dæmon> This is a role-play by Winter and Kit. Here you'll find character descriptions, pictures, background stories, the original role-play, and possibly the finished story, when Winter gets to it. are we going to split up the duties?
Dæmon: Let me guess. You want me to take care of the images, the stories, and the role-play, while you stay up here and mind the updates.
Moghedian: I was thinking of something along those lines......
Dæmon: Oh, no you don't. You'll not leave all the work with me. Get that thong-clad thing you call you ass back here and do some of the dirty work with me! <Drags Moghedian after him to the pages>
Moghedian: Get your hands OFF of me! Ack!


The Serpent's Hollow Series:
Book I
The Mines of Aurina


The Role-Play Itself           Go here to read what has been typed to far
The Characters           Character descriptions, pictures, and basic background
Background           Read the more in-depth backgrounds behind the characters
The Story           Whenever it's started
Plotline           Basic plotline/ outline of the story, for those of you who don't want to 
          read the whole thing.


Dæmon: If you've gotten this far, you might as well leave. There isn't much here of worth, so ---
Winter: <Sweetly> Did you just say something, Dæmon?
Dæmon:, Winter-Sama......
Moghedian: <snicker>
Dæmon: <glare!>

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