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There are many things you can add to your hedgehog's cage to entertain him. They love toilet paper
, sticking their heads inside and running around like crazy (which is absolutely hysterical by the
way!!). I cut my tube in half and then slit it down lengthwise to insure my hedgies do not get stuck
inside them. I also use those cat balls with the bells inside,
white PVC tubes, which are very inexpensive at most hardware stores and come in many
different shapes, lengths, and sizes. My hedgies also have a wooden beaded bird toy with
a bell on the end which I suspended from the top of their cages. They butt their heads against it all
the time to make it ring. Ferret balls are liked by most as well, you put treats in these
and as the your hedgehog rolls the ball round, they fall out, 1 or 2 at a time.

These clear plastic Critter Balls allow your hedgehog to roll all
over your house without getting lost or into trouble! They can also be used on the Hamtracs, pictured
below.**Photo compliments of Hobie.

These Hamtrac's made by SuperPet are great to put your hedgehog on
inside one of those Critter Balls. Mine will run forever on their trac, and they are especially
useful if you don't want your hedgie rolling all over the house. Great entertainment for kid's too!

Something as simple as a toilet paper tube cut in half, and again cut lengthwise
make a wonderful toy that most hedgies enjoy for hours on end! **Photo compliments of Miss Emma.

Ferret balls. You slip the treats inside the opening, and as your hedgehog rolls
it around, the treats fall out.

An example of some of the accessories you can use for your hedgie.


All hedgies need a nice, dark, warm place to hide and to sleep in. There are numerous options for bedding, but
what I use is a very small cat bed, to which a PIGLOO (a plastic, domed shaped sleeping
hut) will fit into perfectly. They come in numerous colors and cost around $5.00 at places like Pet
Smart and other larger pet stores. Inside the pigloo I stuff a warm hedgie bag made of fleece and
perhaps a warm blanket as well, especially in the winter. This gives my hedgies a really soft, warm comfy,
private place to snuggle. Whatever you use, I do not recommend it being made of wood. Wood is difficult to
clean and can harbor germs.

This Pigloo fits perfectly inside a small cat bed. Add a nice soft blanket or hedgie
bag and your pet will have a nice soft, warm place to sleep!

In the winter months, the addition of this thick, fleece cover will help keep your hedgies nice and toasty warm.
These nifty covers are called the "Marshall Cozy Ferret Igloo" and run about $19.00
each. They have a removable bottom, which I take off so it can be easily slipped over the plastic
pigloo. They can be found on-line at:The Ferret Store or

by calling 1-800-440-3356.

Here is Hannah in one of Sherry Songhursts elevated beds. I chose this bed in particular for Hannah because in
this picture she was older and a bit fragile. This bed is basically a sandwich-like Rubbermaid container
inside a soft fleece pocket. It keeps your hedgehog "suspended" as if they were in a hammock,
taking all the weight off their joints when laying down.


These are an absolute must for every hedgehog!! There are a number of brands on the market, but the main thing
to look for is safety. Under no circumstances should a wire wheel be used. Small animals have been
known to break their legs in those or get injured by the cross bar. I use a bucket-type wheel, which
is both durable and safe, and easy to wash....which is a good thing since many hedgies just love to
pee and poop all over them! Please make sure to thoroughly wash your hedgies wheel every day if
it is soiled.

Example of a bucket style wheel. Very stable, smooth running, easy to clean and adjustable. Very nice wheel,
although you might want to add some of those no-slip bathtub strips for better traction. *Photo compliments of Emma :)
Animated running hedgehogs By: Bryan Smith


Six week old Emma in a Habba Wheel. These wheels will work ok for smaller hedgies, but in my opinion, they
are not as well suited for larger, heavier ones. They aren't as well balanced or stable as the
bucket style wheels.
Animated running hedgehogs By: Bryan Smith


Some folks love these, but a word of caution is warranted here.
Any wheel with a mesh base can cause injury if your hedgies nails.
Animated running hedgehogs By: Bryan Smith


Introducing the Double Bucket Wheel! No more fighting between 2 caged hedgies for wheel-time with this
fancy double wheel. They even make them in triple sizes!!
Animated running hedgehogs By: Bryan Smith


Carolina Storm Wheels:Great bucket wheels in assorted colors.


Quality Cage Wheels: Wheels, cages and much more!
Animated running hedgehogs By: Bryan Smith


This is a perfect example of how most hedgies feet look after a long night of wheeling (hedgies are notorious for
pooping and urinating on their wheels when they run). Please make sure you clean their paws on a
regular basis to prevent infection!



With luck, you might just be able to litter box train your hedgehog. The main thing to remember is to be
patient and not set your expectations too high. I have had hedgies who always used their boxes, others who used
them maybe 50% of the time and still others who wouldn't use them at all. The small ferret litter
boxes are handy as they are triangular shaped, making them fit snug in a corner easily. For litter, I use a
product called CareFresh, which resembles ground up grey cardboard. Beware of cat litters, they
can pose many hazards to your hedgies! Start trying to train your hedgie at an early age, if
possible. Scoop up their droppings and set them in the litter box to help make them understand where its
acceptable to go, and then hope for the best!

Just 2 examples of what you can use as a litter box: The purple one is a ferret litter box filled with
Carefresh. The 2nd is actually just a large dish with a vellux liner.