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Here are some Team Rocket links that are on my "most often checked" list! I like em, and I think that you would too! Check them out!^^

Team Rocket Palace!

I love this site....so many fanfics!@@ And it is here where "The Price Of Love made "Fic of the Week!" I'm soooooo proud! Check it out!

Air Balloon!

A very kawaii little site by Pixy Jessie! I love her drawings and it has a neat message board!^^

The Psychic Pokemon Connection

Ah, from here is where I adopted some Pokémon, and it is a pretty nifty site as well! ^_^

Romantic Interlude!

YAY! One of my most favorite sites, run by the almighty webmaster, Musashi! Drop her a note in her guestbook about how wicked cool her website is! (I already have! ^^)

A Little Jar of Salsa

ACK! Another too-kawaii-for-words website by Musashi! This time one about her and her interests! One of the coolest layouts and artwork I've ever seen, I defintely suggest that ya check this out! *huggles it*

You wanna link me? Really? Cool! Here's a button! (more up soon..^^;;) Don't forget to link it to https://www.angelfire.com/wa2/butchcass/jljbcfics.html!

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