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Ronin Kenshin
Finale: "Farewell To The Ronin"

From his window, he could see white clouds streaming across the endless blue sky. Kenshin leaned against the glass, aching with eagerness. How much faster could a bullet train go? Sitting up in his seat, he took a moment to try to fix his hair, and then pull at his shirt. He wished he had ironed it, but he hardly had the time. His alarm didn’t go off and they almost missed the train. The hurried breakfast Tae had made was just enough to wake him up, but he wanted to look his best when he finally saw Kaoru.

“Oh, Aoshi-sama~!” Across from him, Misao was snuggling into Aoshi’s shoulder, still very sleepy. The two had been staying in Kaoru’s apartment and it looked like they were going to be permanent tenants. Everyone wondered that if Kaoru came back, where would she stay. Kenshin bit his lip. ‘If she came back.’

Both Yahiko and Tsubame were asleep, their heads leaning against each other. “They are so cute.” Tae chuckled, elbowing Sanosuke. Tae was able to come since her sister, Sae, came into town and was taking care of the Akebeko. Thankfully, Tae had brought along an enormous bento for them to snack on the five-hour train ride. “Nee, Sano-han!” she called him, but he wasn’t paying attention.

His gaze fell outside the window, his mind drifting off to the previous evening…

* * *
“What’s this all about, Fox?” Sanosuke asked, going to sit at down at the table. Megumi had suddenly called him in the middle of the night to meet her at this deserted outdoor cafe. He could tell she just got out from work, her uniform still under her coat. For someone who seemed exhausted, it was a strange thing to want to go out.

“A late dinner.” she replied, sipping her water, “So, you’re going with them tomorrow?”

“Yeah, aren’t you? Don’t you want to see Jou-chan?”

“I’ve already said all that I needed to say to that girl.”

Sanosuke stared at her. Although she was really cruel towards Kaoru, he knew how she really felt. The two of them were like quarreling siblings. But deep down, they shared a unique bond. “Hey, I’ll tell her you said ‘hi’.” he noted, shoveling in some rice, “You did talk with Kenshin didn’t you?”

Megumi nodded, still not touching her food. “I told Ken-san what happened while he was gone. He took it rather seriously; he couldn’t believe Kaoru-chan went through all that suffering because of him.”

”Yeah… Jou-chan looked like she was dying of a broken heart. It’s hard when people you love leave, eh?”


He lifted his head. “What is it?”

“The real reason I’m not coming with you guys tomorrow is… that I’m also leaving.”

“What? You mean for that job?”

“Yes…” she uttered, gripping the tablecloth.

Sanosuke looked restless. “But why?! Why the hell didn’t you say anything?!”

She replied, “Good-byes aren’t easy. I’d feel better if I didn’t have to say good-bye at all.”

“Megumi… still… it’s not fair!”

“I know it isn’t!” she yelled back, “But I can’t… I can’t do it…!”

He reached over and put his hand over hers. “Then don’t. We’ll all see each other again someday. Don’t go saying your good-byes just like that.”

She smiled slightly, looking down at their hands. “Still, I wanted to say good-bye to you at least. Even though we never got along, I don’t know… it’s like when we were together…” Tears were coming out of her eyes. Sanosuke got up from his seat and knelt down in front of her, slowly going to hug her, “I…I’m going to miss you…”

“Then don’t go.”

“I have to, Sanosuke…” she cried into his shoulder, “Being a doctor, that’s all I know. I can’t stay behind here anymore. This is my path. Even if it means I have to go far away from people I love, I have to… I’m sorry.”

”Megumi, don’t do this!” he said into her ear, “I don’t want you to go. Please stay! I’m asking you!”

She pulled away from him, shaking her head. “Tomorrow, you have your train… and I have mine… it’s too late to get off.”

* * *
“It’s too late…” Sanosuke muttered, his chin leaning onto his hand.

“Eh?” Tae blinked her eyes, “Whatever are you talking about? I was just asking if you wanted some of the rice cakes I packed. Well, I guess not, so I’ll move the box over there. Ken-han, here you go.”

Kenshin accepted the box of rice cakes graciously, lifting his head towards his friend, “Something wrong, Sano?”

“It’s nothing, really.” he replied, rubbing his head.

Tae grinned. “He’s daydreaming about some girl I bet.”

“Kuso! Mind your own business!”

Kenshin chuckled, “Yare, yare. Keep it down, wouldn’t want to wake everyone up.” Misao, Yahiko, and Tsubame were still snoozing. Aoshi seemed to be awake, but no one could tell. Although his eyes were open, he didn’t move a muscle. Strange, ne?

“I can’t stand being on a train. Are we almost there yet?” Sanosuke asked, leaning his head back onto the headrest. Kenshin nodded, trying to keep his joy concealed. He was almost there… where Kaoru was.

* * *
Things were extremely busy on the Tsukayama estate. Already, a huge crowd had shown up. Fighters from all over Japan were there and also fans who came to watch. Employees rushed from here and there, trying to get everything set up. Kaoru watched the chaos from her room. “Kaoru-san!” Yutaro called, “Let’s get going!”

She nodded and followed the boy out into the hall and towards the staircase. She stopped to see Enishi at the bottom of the stairs. “Ohayou gozaimasu.” he said, that usual look again, “Headed outside?”

“Yutaro-kun wants to go see the booths and the first competition before he has to go on. I think the amateurs contest is around one o’clock.”

“Would you mind if I come with you?”

Yutaro exclaimed, “Enishi, come on! You and Kaoru-san are going to cheer for me, right? But first, together we can have lots of fun!”

“Yeah… together…” Kaoru uttered, as Enishi tagged along with them outside. She didn’t know why she felt uneasy. Maybe because of that night in the kitchen. She frowned as they continued to walk, ‘I wonder if the others are going to come…’

They arrived in the main area where the majority of booths were set up. Enishi went and bought some snacks while the other two settled by the pond. Kaoru sat down in the grass while Yutaro flipped through a pamplet. “There’s a competition in about ten minutes at that area over there… is it all right is I go to that? You don’t have to come with me. I know you’re still tired.”

“I guess you can go by yourself. As long as you show up at the tea garden stage by eleven.”

“Right!” he replied, turning to see Enishi, “You going to stay with Kaoru-san?” He nodded, going to sit down next to her. She stared at the grass, that uneasy feeling coming back. “Well, I’m going now! See ya later!” Yutaro then ran off.

“He sure is happy today.” Enishi noted, setting the tray of goodies down, “You want a rice cake?”

Kaoru lifted her head, “Huh? What?” He held the rice cake up to her; it had a face on it. “Oh, sure!” she said, accepting it, “I’m sorry if I seem out of it today.”

”Those people you’re expecting… you’re worried they won’t show up?”

”Yeah, kind of.”

”Is he going to come?” he asked. Startled, she turned towards him, only to see the sunshine glare on his glasses. “Your boyfriend, the one you keep thinking about.”

Kaoru turned bright red and started laughing at the sky. “W-what? No, no, he wasn’t even close to being my boyfriend… now that I think about it, we didn’t have anything at all.” At this she dropped her head, “I guess there shouldn’t be any reason for me to hold on is there? But I gave it all I got so I shouldn’t feel too bad… but still…”

“Still?” Enishi asked.

She crossed her arms. “I told him he should move on. I should do the same.”

“But,” he noted, “You’re not going to. Because… he is the one for you.” Kaoru lifted her eyes to him as he continued; “Everyone has one great love in their life. You can’t just walk away if this is it.”

“Enishi…” she gasped. All of a sudden, his cellular phone rang. Checking who it was, he got up. “You have to go somewhere?” she asked him.

“Yeah, sorry. I’ll be right back.” His face was somewhat tense, “Wait for me at the tea garden.” He then rushed off, leaving her to wonder.

* * *
“Wow! Shitekii!” Misao chimed as she and everyone finally stepped foot on the convention grounds, “This place is so cool. Ne, Aoshi-sama, let’s stay here all day. Let’s hold hands! Nee! Aoshi-sama!”

Aoshi simply ignored her, quickening his pace to meet up with Sanosuke and Kenshin up ahead. “Did she give us a location to meet?”

“Nope.” Sanosuke said, “That’s Jou-chan for you. Looks like we might have to wander here all day to find her.” He then slapped Kenshin on the back. “But it’ll be worth it ‘cuz you’re going to surprise her, eh?”

“H-Hai!” Kenshin replied, sweat running down his face as that nervous feeling returned. He stopped suddenly to realize that Tae had turned around. “What is it, Tae-dono?”

“Tsubame-chan and Yahiko-chan… they’re gone.” Tae replied, her face frantic, “They were here just a minute ago.”

Sanosuke put his hands in his pockets. “The Weasel-girl is gone too. You should have just held her hand, Aoshi.”

Aoshi slightly grimaced as Kenshin and Tae started calling their names. But there was no answer. “Let’s split up and look for them.” Kenshin decided, “Aoshii and I will go this way, Sano, you and Tae-dono go that way. Let’s meet up together at the tea gardens by eleven, okay?” They all nodded and went into two different directions.

* * *
“Yahiko-kun! Slow down!” Tsubame called as she and Misao trailed after the boy, “We’ve already lost the others. Let’s head back there and maybe we can…”

Yahiko shook his head, “I thought I saw a sign that said there was a competition going on. Ah! Here it is!” They reached a stage with bleachers. There was a karate match going on. Yahiko took a seat while Misao and Tsubame hurried after him. “Weasel-girl, you didn’t have to come.” he said gruffly, “I only asked Tsubame.”

Misao crossed her arms. “Whatever, kid! I came along because I wanted to. Besides, Tsubame-chan and I want to hang out and talk about boys.” Both Tsubame and Yahiko turned red. Misao went off into her little world. “So, Tsubame-chan, what do you think about my Aoshi-sama? Isn’t he the coolest~!?”

“Well… uh… ano… watashi…”

Yahiko rolled his eyes and concentrated on the match before him, ‘Now this is cool.’ He then noticed a boy sitting in front of him, wearing a wooden sword around his shoulders. ‘One of those…?’ He reached over and tapped the boy on the shoulder, “Hey, where’d you get that at? A booth?”

“Iya,” the boy said, “This is a real authentic shinai. I got it from my sensei.”

“So?” he snapped, “You don’t have to be so arrogant about it. I bet you don’t even know how to use it.”

The boy got on his feet. “Of course I do! You’re the one who probably doesn’t know a thing about kenjutsu!”

Yahiko chuckled lowly to himself. He did know, well not a lot, but enough. Kaoru took time out from her yelling at him to leave her alone to actually teach him something. Now he felt like teaching this kid a thing or two. “You don’t know who you’re messing with! Let’s take this outside!”

“Eeh? What the hell is going on?” Misao uttered as Yahiko left with the strange boy, “Come on, let’s go check it out!” She and Tsubame went after them, to see that Yahiko and the boy were going to have a match. “Eheheh, don’t get your ass kicked, Yahiko!”

“You can do it, Yahiko-kun.” Tsubame uttered quietly, “Ganbatte.”

Yahiko had bought a shinai from the nearby booth. Standing adjacent from the boy, he explained the rules, “First one down loses. Use any move you like, if you got any that is. Understand?”

“Quit talking and let’s go!” the boy said, holding out his shinai. With that, the two charged at each other, screaming, their swords colliding repeatedly. In another fleeting moment, they pushed away from each other, glaring and growling, “He’s good…” the boy uttered.

“Not bad.” Yahiko uttered, swinging his arm, “But let’s see if you can handle this!” He took into a run, the shinai over his head, “HAAAA! I got you now!”

The boy’s eyes widen for a moment, then concentrated. As Yahiko came at him, he took a step backwards, then lunged forward, his hands on the ends of the shinai. He dove down, hitting his mark as he rolled past. “KASSHIN RYU – TSUKA NO GETAN HIZAHISHIGI!”

“Yahiko-kun!” Tsubame cried as Yahiko stumbled onto the ground, momentarily paralyzed, his legs numb. The nameless boy got up and dusted himself off. “S-sugoi…”

“Arigato.” he said, bashfully smiling, “He was a worthy opponent. Well, I have to get going.” He then took into a run and disappeared.

Misao crossed her arms, “Who was that kid? Yahiko, you okay?”

Yahiko blinked at the sky. ‘That kid…!’ He suddenly leapt up. “Where is he?!” The other two pointed in the direction he left. Yahiko then started running, ‘That move… where did he get it from?!’

* * *
“Yahiko! Tsubame-chan!” Tae called. She dropped her head and sighed, “It’s no use… how can we find them in such a crowd?” She looked over to Sanosuke who wasn’t even putting any effort. “Aren't you worried that we won’t find them?”

“Eh?” He blinked, coming back to reality. “Did you say something, Tae?”

“What’s with you today, Sano-han?” she asked, eying him over, “You’ve been in a daze since we left Tokyo!”

He rubbed his head. “Have I? Gomen. My mind is else where.” She looked at him, waiting for something. “Nan desu te?”

“Aren’t you going tell me what’s going on?”

Sighing, he leaned against a tree and put his hands in his pockets. “It’s about Megumi. While we’re here, she’s leaving without a goddamn word. I don’t know when she’ll be coming back. Or when I’ll see her again.”

“Oh?” Tae’s heart sank. She had hoped that someday perhaps… maybe… Tae closed her eyes momentarily then walked over and stood next to him, “Sano-han, is something going on between you two?”

“Yes – no… I don’t know.” he muttered, “But it’s too late to find out.”

“It’s not!” she cried, “Look, you’ve heard my story. You know I just let that special someone walk out of my life. Don’t do the same. Don’t make that mistake. You can still…”

Sanosuke lifted his head and stared at her face. She was hiding her eyes behind the bento boxes she was carrying. He took them from her and got her to look at him. “Do you think I actually can do it, Tae? If you say so, then I think I have a chance.”

Tae smiled. “It’s never too late.”

“Saa! Then I’m going to do it! I’m going to chase down that damn Fox with everything I got!” he chimed, waving a fist in the air. He then stopped and put his hand on her shoulder, “So, could you lend me some money?”

“NANI?!” she exclaimed, smacking him away, “If you act like that, no way Takani-han will accept you!”

“Yakuso! Stingy broad…”

* * *
“Yutaro-kun! You’re back!” Kaoru said, getting up from her spot on the grass. She had been reading the pamphlets and eating snacks all the while watching some street performers. “Did you have fun?”

“A whole lot! Where did Enishi go?”

“He got a call.” she replied, “But he’s going to meet us at the tea garden. Shall we go?”

As they started to walk, Yahiko came running up to them, Misao and Tsubame close behind. “Hold on, kid!” Yahiko gasped, trying to catch his breath, “Where… did you… learn that move…?!” He suddenly lifted his head and saw who was standing behind him. “KAORU!”

“Kaoru-san!” Misao and Tsubame both cried at the same time.

Kaoru smiled. “Minna-san! You made it!”

Yutaro looked from her to the other people. “You know them, Sensei?”

“Yutaro-kun, these are my friends from Tokyo. I’m so happy to see you all again!” she said, going towards the girls, “You don’t know what this means to me! Thank you for coming!”

“Demo, Kaoru-san,” Misao chuckled, “You’ll be more happier later. Come on, let’s all go to the tea garden!”

* * *
“Misao-dono! Tsubame-chan! Yahiko!” Kenshin called as he and Aoshi wandered through the crowd on the other side of the estate. He looked next to him, at Aoshi to see how he was doing.

“… Misao… Misao…” Aoshi uttered in a low monotone voice. Kenshin simply face-faulted. “What is it?”

“Eto, Aoshii, do you really think Misao-dono would be able to hear you if you use such a quiet voice?”

Aoshi blinked. “Misao can hear my voice no matter how high or low I speak.”

All of a sudden, they saw Misao waving her hands. “Aoshi-sama! Over here! Over here!”

Aoshi looked to Kenshin who sighed. “Aa, sou ka. Maa, let’s go.”

At the entrance of the tea garden, Misao, Sanosuke and Tae were waiting. Tae’s eyes were shimmering, “Ken-han! Ken-han, you’ll never guess who we found!”

Kenshin gave her a blank look. “Oro?”

“Kaoru-chan! She’s in the garden with Tsubame-chan and Yahiko-chan! Come on, hayaku!!” she chimed, going to push him towards the gate. But he was frozen. His eyes big and feet planted. He couldn’t move. “Why all of a sudden?!”

Aoshi shrugged. “Perhaps he’s nervous and forgot all he was going to say. Figures.”

“Forget speech!” Sanosuke charted, “Go in there and give her some lip action!” Aoshi, Kenshin, and Tae glared at him. “What?!”

“Himura, come on!” Misao said, “Kaoru-san’s waiting!”

Kenshin nodded, going towards the entrance. As he looked on ahead, he saw her, that smile, those eyes he had dreamed about all the while. She was talking with Tsubame and Yahiko, and some boy he didn’t know. 'Kaoru... this is it...'

All of a sudden three men in black suits broke through the floral wall and grabbed her. “KAORU!” he gasped, breaking into a run and drawing his sakabatou.

One of the suits was attacked by the nameless boy, who got knocked to the side, crashing into the bamboo structure. “YUTARO!” Yahiko exclaimed, running to his aid. He looked up to see the redhead swordsman passing them. “Kenshin…!” But the man with Kaoru had already left, the two remaining suits holding them back at gunpoint. “Bastards!” Yahiko growled, picking up Yutaro’s shinai, “How dare you hurt this guy Yutaro and take Kaoru! I, Myoujin Yahiko won’t forgive you!!”

The suits started laughed. Kenshin glared at them, going to attack. They started firing at him, but he blocked the bullets with his Dou Ryu Sen. With three easy hits, the men were down on the ground. “Where did you take her?” he demanded, grabbing one of them by the hair.

“The… dojo…” he uttered. Kenshin immediately started running towards the dojo on top of the hill.

* * *
Inside the dojo, Enishi sat in front of more of the suits. The main suit shook his head at him. “So this is where you’ve been hiding out since the police caught eh? When do you suppose you’ll be coming back to us?”

“Not any time soon.” Enishi uttered, pushing up his glasses.

“Why? Is there a peticular reason?” he asked, “You know you just can’t throw away this life. Once you’re one of us, you’ll always be one of us. If you don’t come back, it’s the same as betrayal.” Someone signaled him at the door. “We have a little surprise for you.”

The men brought in Kaoru and dropped her on the floor in front of him. “What the hell is going on?! Enishi!!” she exclaimed, kicking at her abductors, “Well??”

Enishi looked over at the suit. “Yukishirou, is this the reason why you planned on quitting? This girl?” he asked, “I know it’s bad karma to mix work with pleasure, but is she really that more important?”

“NANI?!” Kaoru went red, “What are you talking about?! I am not his girlfriend!!”

“You’re mistaken.” Enishi said, ignoring her, “This person is the Battousai’s girlfriend. I was planning on killing her later for revenge of my own personal matters.”

“THE Battousai??” the suit uttered, “You mean, this girl?? THIS girl??” Everyone in the room then broke into laughter.

“I don’t see what’s so funny!” Kaoru exclaimed, her face scary, “And you’re all wrong again! I am NOT anyone’s girlfriend!!!”

The suit grabbed her by the wrist and then pushed her to Enishi. “It was the Battousai’s fault we were found out. If you kill this girl now, we’ll spare your life and forgive your grievances. What do you say?”

Without a word, Enishi’s eyes flashed and he went to draw his sword. Kaoru gasped, “Enishi…!” He started to walk towards her, his expression of pure insanity. “ENISHI!! NO!!”

* * *
Kenshin sped up the stairs, his hand on the hilt, ready for attack. ‘Kaoru…!’ he thought, seeing the dojo up ahead, ‘Just when I found you again…!’ He kept getting closer and closer, ’This time… I’m not going to let you go…!’

Suddenly he skidded to a stop, hearing her scream. “Kaoru?!” he exclaimed. Her blood-soaked body came crashing through the wall, landing outside. “KAORU!!!!”

Go find out the rest! Hayaku!!