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Hurry Go Round

Under the starry sky, Kenshin sat outside the Aoiya speaking with the old woman, “Arigatou, Obaa-chan, for everything.” he said, patting her shoulder, “Kaoru and Sessha are glad for meeting up with you.”

”Nee Ken-chan,” she replied, “This one… don’t let her go. I really think you two have something special and I don’t want you to lose it, understood? It’s time you finally settle down!”

Kenshin blushed, turning away. Obaa-chan had no idea about the major age difference, nor the handful of people waiting for them at home. He couldn’t tell her all the complications of his past and of Kaoru’s emotions. He also didn’t have the heart to say how scared he was.

“Aa, Obaa-chan. I’ll try…”

”Trying isn’t good enough, Ken-chan! I want you to give it your all! Ganbarou, Ken-chan – something tells me you two are going to be together for a long time.”

Kenshin smiled slightly, getting up to face her. But then screams from behind shook him. “KEN-SAMA!!!” the fangirls had finally spotted him and started after him, hair and pieces of his clothing flying, “MATTE!! KEN-SAMA!!!”

”ORO!!!” he cried, running into the hotel, up the stairs, quickly slamming the door behind him, pushing furniture in front. He then turned towards the pensive looking woman sitting on the floor. “Kaoru, there you are! How’s your spained knee?”

“Uhn…” she uttered, covering her bare leg with the blanket. She wouldn’t look at him. He noticed that she had been crying a great deal and that she was also trembling. “It’s a bit cold in here, that’s all.” she assured, tugging at the blanket.

“Iya, Sessha thinks it’s something else.” he replied, going down to her, “Kaoru, are you still upset about before?”

She shook her head. “I know you chose the sakabatou so that you can get out of there and save everyone. I understand that.” She then frowned, rubbing her eyes, “Tomorrow… we’re going home. And everything will be over as you said.”

”Aa, ashita, it will be over de gozaru. We have to go back to the way things were.”

”I… I don’t want to, Kenshin.” she sighed, “I want to be with you like this and be open with my feelings and you doing the same. I don’t know if I can bear it if we went back.”

”Suman de gozaru, Sessha can’t help it. We just have too many distractions and close ties – we really can’t have a relationship that includes everyone…”

”Why not?!” she snapped, “Don’t you want to be let everyone know how you feel about me?” He just took her hand stared at the floor. She leaned against him, sighing, “Gomen, Kenshin I didn’t mean to force any task upon you that is beyond your abilities. Besides, everyone will only make it more difficult for us if they knew.”

”Aa, sou de gozaru.” he uttered, pulling her to him and holding her with all his might, despite his injury between them. “But there’s still time left… let me, Kaoru… let me love you entirely. Just this once while we have the chance.”

”Hai, Kenshin, onegai,” she replied, clinging onto him tightly as he started to kiss her, “I’m yours tonight.”

* * *
Some time later, Kenshin and Kaoru were both lying down under the same blanket in each other’s arms, gazing up at the dim ceiling. It was silent for a long time. But then, there came, “Oro…”

Kenshin blinked, “Kaoru, nani?” He smiled and nuzzled with her face, “Are you thirsty or hungry? I can go get something downstairs. What would you like? A bowl of rice or a cup of tea…?”


”Would you stop saying that.” he uttered, looking at her dazed face, “Kaoru, you’re making me worried. Daijoubu ka?”

She turned towards him. “Sessha wa daijoubu de gozaru yo. That’s Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu gozaru ka? Sugoi de gozaru yo! Sou sou de gozaru naaa…” she mumbled, other nonsense coming of her mouth, “Ororororo…”

”Kaoru,” he sighed, holding her close, “Aishiteru, with all my heart… even if you’ve turned into a silly-speaking rurouni. Until the day I die… aishiteru!”

Just then, the door rolled opened. Kaoru lifted her head, “Aa! Ochika-dono, Hiko-dono – what brings you here so late de gozaru? Sessha and Kenshin-dono are getting sleepy de gozaru yo.”

”Oh my… what happened here…” Ochika uttered, looking around the room. It looked like a warpath. She placed a tray of tea onto the floor and peered over at them, “Did you two…?”

Hiko just started laughing, “Are these Baka Deshii’s!?” he said, holding up the underwear.

“S-S-SHISHO!!!” Kenshin growled, sitting up and trying to snatch the white underwear from his master’s waving hands, “KI-SAMA~! GIVE IT BACK!!” Then more people walked into the room. Kenshin sweat-beaded. “Oro…”

“Konbawa de gozaru~!” Kaoru chimed, swinging back and forth, tucked away in the blanket, looking quite intoxicated, “Maa maa, minna-dono, what can Sessha do for all you de gozaru yo? Sentaku suru de gozaru ka? Maaa shirou~!!”

Kenshin dropped his head and sighed, then went to hold her still, afraid she would get up from the futon and started walking around in her state.

Okina was waving his fan. “Fufufu! Himura-kun, you sly devil. Didn’t know you still had it in you! Way to go! You must be good – look at Kaoru-kun, she’s completely out of it. This must be the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu!”

Omasu clobbered him. “MOU! JIJI, DON’T SAY SUCH ECCHI THINGS!!!”

Shiro was still in shock. “They want me to marry… THAT?!”

She then turned violent to him. “NAN DE KOITSU?!”

Kuro rubbed his head, “When in the hell this THIS happen?!?”

Hiko shrugged, “Who cares, Baka Deshii gets some, everyone is happy – what a good feeling in the room! Best to take advantage of it! It’ll be gone in the morning and all you’ll have is a nice hangover!” He turned to Ochika, “So, want to hear more battle stories over a nice jug of sake?”

She tossed a lock of hair over her shoulder then crossed her arms, “I first want you to answer me about these…” She held up the stack of letters, “Your wives and illegitimate children. Ahem! Hiko-sama!!”

He just went for the door, yelling, “Baka Deshii! This is all your fault!!!”

Kenshin felt relieved that his master had left, but still something was bothering him. “WOULD ALL OF YOU JUST LEAVE US ALONE DE GOZARU!?!” he growled, battousai-angry. They all became scared and rushed out.

He finally relaxed and turned back to Kaoru. She had fallen asleep, looking so cute. He went over and wrapped his arms around her, wishing the morning would not come.

* * *
‘But the morning did come. And we caught the first train to Tokyo. Hand and hand, we sat, silent and overwhelmed with feelings… demo, the moment we entered the tunnel halfway home, I felt him kiss me good-bye, the warmth being released from my hand. And as we entered the other side, he had moved away from my grasp, his gaze falling somewhere else, somewhere faraway. I knew then, he was gone from me.’

In the present, Kaoru was trailing behind Misao and Tsubame who were up ahead chatting. She paused to gaze at the setting sun, her hand clasping her purse, her face filling with sadness.

‘That’s why I say nothing happened… because it is as though nothing did happen.’

Tsubame turned around. “Kaoru-san?” she asked, wondering why she had stopped, “Ne, Kaoru-san, let’s keep going. It’ll be dark soon!”

”Uhn!” she replied, forcing a smile, then going to catch up to them.

At the dojo, Aoshi and Yahiko were sitting outside. The laundry had been taken down and a great aroma filled the air. “Okaeri de gozaru!” Kenshin chimed, walking out of the kitchen, gi tightly secured in front, instead of the openness she saw before in Kyoto, “Dinner is almost ready. Did you have fun today de gozaru?”

”Eh.” Kaoru said with a nod, gazing at him. Ever since he had his arm properly healed, he was back to doing his normal chores, back to being the Kenshin she knew prior their trip. She smiled at him, despite her own aching feelings inside, ‘How can he handle this so easily. This is tearing me apart…’

He then cheerfully went back into the kitchen, going to the steaming pot. He frowned a little, ‘Kaoru seems to be taking this so well… how is she doing it? I’m barely able to keep a straight face. And today when those guys tried to interrogate me, I almost gave us away…’ He turned back outside, looking over at her laughing face as she talked with Misao, ‘How much longer will I hold out before I cave in and hold you in my arms again… how much longer…?’

* * *
Meanwhile, at the Akabeko, Sanosuke was pacing in Tae's apartment above the restaurant, “What’s this all about, Tae? You drag me up here all of a sudden and you won’t tell me what’s going on… OI! Are you listening?!”

Her muffled voice was in the room next door, “Jotto matte, Sano-han! I have something to show you! Something important! Close your eyes!”

“Hm?” he uttered, turning away from the nishiki-e full wall and gazing in her direction, “Aa! So, that’s what you had in mind… Tae, isn’t this a bit sudden. I mean, I thought you were interesting my friend, Katsu. And aren’t ya always trying to fix me up with the Fox, and bugging me about my tab… this is a bit scandalous, but oh what the hell?!” He threw his shirt aside and covered his eyes, “Heh, hayaku, you crazy kansai girl you!”

“Kore!” she chimed, leaping out and holding up the thing she was looking for. “Sano-han, mitte… eto...” She squinted at him, wondering why he was puckering up and embracing the air, “SANO-HAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?”

”Eh?!” he uttered blinking at her red face. “Oh, bezuni! Ahahaha! So what do you have to show me?” She again lifted it up. “YAKUSO! MASAKA!!!”

* * *
Dinner at Kamiya Dojo was pretty boring. Yahiko and Misao got in an argument over food. Tsubame was trying to break it up, while Aoshi minded his own business. Kenshin stared over at Kaoru. She wasn’t really touching her food, but gazing off somewhere.

“Kaoru-dono, is Sessha’s cooking not good de gozaru?” he asked, wanting to come closer without everyone noticing. The moment he said a word to her, they all turned to him. He felt the spotlight burning on his skin, ‘Oro, can’t everyone just leave just for this moment?!’

She lifted her face to him and smiled slightly, “Iie, your cooking is wonderful as usual, Kenshin… demo I’m just not really hungry today.”

“Oro, are you feeling all right? A stomach ache de gozaru? Should you go see Megumi-dono?”

“Uhhn, daijoubu.”

Yahiko shoved a large clump of rice in his mouth and mumbled, “Kenshin, knock it off, Busu is just acting up because she pigged out earlier on desserts, according to Tsubame.”

Tsubame turned bright red. “I-I didn’t say that…! W-what I meant was… ano…!”

Misao chimed, “But she didn’t eat as much as me! I want to gain a nice figure for Aoshi-sama~! Curves and everything! Ahahahahaaaa!” Everyone stared at her then turned away.

Yahiko then snatched a fish from Kaoru’s plate and gobbled it up. “MOU! YAHIKO!!!” she growled, going to pound him.

Kenshin moved in the way, offering his. “Maa maa, calm down de gozaru. Kore, you can have Sessha’s, Kaoru-dono.”

She stared into his eyes, wondering if this smile was as real as her pain. She wanted to pound him as well for acting so cooly around her after what happened. He wanted to pound himself, to numb himself against the urges driving him crazy. The two of them were going crazy. ‘How much long can this last…!?’ they both cried inwardly.

Just then, the door came flying open. Sanosuke and Tae were there, panting. “Oi! What’s up?” Yahiko asked, taking the rest of Kenshin’s food and gobbling it up.

“THIS!” Tae said, holding out a wanted poster with Kenshin and Kaoru on it. Everyone was shocked. Kaoru and Kenshin went pale. Tae crossed her arms, “My sister Sae sent this to me – I want to know what in the heck really happened in Kyoto!”

Sanosuke pointed at them, “Tell the truth!! We demand to know everything!”

Kenshin suddenly got on his feet, “The truth is… the truth is…” He clenched his fists and declared everything, “We got mixed up with some ninja who framed us as criminals, Kaoru-dono as a murderer, then that cop Saitou and Shisho double crossed us and millions of girls started chasing me and that public bath… but more importantly, Kaoru-dono and Sessha, iya, I mean – I – became lovers and I’m absolutely losing my mind not being able to show my feelings de gozaru.”

There was a long pause. Everyone was staring at him. Sanosuke pointed at the rurouni. “Masaka… you and Jou-chan… did…??”

Kenshin nodded enthusiastically. “Hai de gozaru! We stayed together every night!”

Tsubame was all red. “Sou na... you mean… OH!” She covered her face with her hands and crouched to the floor, too embarrassed by her thoughts.

Aoshi simply uttered, “Shit…”

Misao angrily started pounded her fists on the table, “USOU?! Kaoru-san… you and Himura?! Why didn’t you say so?! HORA!! YOU CAN’T KEEP SUCH THINGS FROM MISAO-CHAAAN!!!”

Tae exclaimed, “Hai! I agree! This is important news!! So when’s the wedding?! Nee?? Nee?? You two have to get married because what if Kaoru-chan gets… you know… from all the times you… you know… heheheh!”

Yahiko was throwing up all the food he ate. “Gaaaaawd!! I’m eating here!!!”

Kenshin felt so overwhelmed and somewhat released. He turned toward Kaoru, who was face-flat on the floor, looking dead. “K-Kaoru?!” he cried, going to lift her up, “Daijoubu de gozaru?!”

It took her a moment to properly reply. “KENSHIN NO BAKA!!” she cried, and ran out of the room in tears.

“Oro?! Now what did Sessha do?!” he gasped, going to chase after her, leaving behind the stunned Kenshin-gumi, Yahiko vomiting in the corner.

He finally arrived to her room, closing the door behind him. She was kneeling, crying into her hands, “This is too much!! Why’d you have to tell them EVERYTHING?!?!”

”Demo, Kaoru, I thought you wanted me to be open… I couldn’t take it anymore, could you?” He knelt down to her, gathering her up in his arms, “This is what I’ve been wanting for so long… to hold you completely with both arms, tightly, never to let go…”

”Kenshin…” she uttered, brushing her lips against his face, “I’ve wanted so long to feel this way again… please don’t … don’t tell me it is over and we have to go on as though nothing happened. I can’t stand it anymore…”

”Aa, Sessha mo. It’s too much Kaoru, we can’t fight it anymore. There’s no way we can deny what happened… it wasn’t just a fling, it was the best thing to happen to us.”

In the doorway, everyone had poked holes in the screen, watching everything. Except Yahiko, who was still hurling, and Tsubame who was trying to help him, “Yahiko-kun!! Daijoubu da yo?!”


Inside the room, Kenshin and Kaoru had given into their impulses and were kissing, holding onto each other with every bit of strength. Aoshi got up and started to drag the red-faced Sanosuke, Tae, and Misao away. “Let’s leave them alone.”

‘Alone at last…’

FIN (yatta! \^o^/)

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