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Hurry Go Round
Part 7

The Oniiwabanshuu just got a recent carriage message, telling what happened in the village. Apparently, Kenshin and Kaoru were taken from the hotel by the local yakuza, for unknown reasons. “Whatever the reasons, we must get them out of there.” Okina reported, “Nishiwaki’s yakuza is potentially dangerous, considering how much money they have. And don’t ask me where they got the money from.”

Kuro asked, “Where did they get the money from?”

The old man smiled gleefully, “Pretty girls of course!!” Everyone fell over. Okina turned back to serious. “Those ninja are at large. And not to mention that cop is on their trail and it seems Hiko-kun has doubled-crossed us and is also hunting Kaoru-kun and Kenshin-kun. We must leave at once for that village. Please get ready and meet at the post within 1 hour.”

As Kuro and Omasu hurried out the room, Ochika slowly got up on her feet, ‘Hiko-sama… is it true? Did you really join that cop and turned against us? No, it can’t be true! I won’t believe it!’

At her side, Shiro was grinning, “At last I can a piece of that bastard! Sou, shall we get ready to go too?” She wouldn’t reply him. He paused to look at her. “Ochika, are you all right?”

She simply smiled. “Why don’t you go get ready with Omasu-san? I think I’ll linger here for a bit.”

”Demo…!” he cried, rubbing his head, “I have no interest in Omasu… I-I only love you, Ochika.” She stared at him, his blushing face. Then she looked over his shoulder and saw Omasu in the doorway, absolutely stricken. She tearfully turned around and ran down the hall. Shiro reached for her hands. “Ochika, tell me… what are your feelings?”

Ochika pulled herself back and shook her head, “I have no interest in little boys like you. Hiko-sama is the only one for me. And I don’t care if he’s our enemy now. I will always stand by him.” she replied, ignoring his heartbroken expression, “Now, go get ready with Omasu-san.”

”Why Omasu?!” he exclaimed.

“You’re such an idiot…” she sighed, “Don’t you know? She’s in love you with you, Shiro.” She looked at him, he still had the same upset look on his face, fist clenched at his sides. He then turned around and slowly walked out the room. Ochika crossed her arms, ‘That bastard better not hurt my best friend…’

* * *
Shiro met up with Kuro later, the two of them packing up essentials for the mission. “Hey Kuro… what do you think about Omasu?” he asked his friend.

The big, round guy shrugged. “Omasu-chan is cute and all. But my heart belongs to Ochika. That lovely creature, I can stare at her all day! Aaaaa!” Kuro sighed, “But losers like us could only dream to be with Ochika. The best we can do is to admire the beauty from afar. I feel very content doing so.”

”Well I don’t!” Shiro muttered, “And I can’t stand her being in love with someone else… especially that bastard, Hiko!” Kuro stared at his angry and upset face and couldn’t say anything. Shiro picked up his bag and got up, “How much time did Okina say we had?”

”He said we’ll leave in an hour. Okina wants to wait and make sure we get all the information.” Kuro explained, watching Shiro go for the door, “Where are you going?” But an answer didn’t come. “Hm? What’s with him??”

* * *
Omasu was sitting in another room, her bag already packed. She didn’t feel like getting up and going though. ‘He loves Ochika-san… of course he does! What would he see in me!’ she thought, trying to dry her eyes.

Behind her, the door slowly opened. She didn’t bother to turn around. “Mou, Okina, you can clip your own toenails, you damn jiji. I’m not in any mood to be your maid. Just leave me alone.”

The footsteps continued behind her and a hand pulled her up on her feet. Surprised she turned to see Shiro. Without a word, he took her into his arm and started kissing her. ‘Nani?!’ She closed her eyes and allowed him to do as he liked. ‘Shiro…’

* * *
Kenshin sat in the dim room. He had been thrown in there after the crowds took down the street to a large house at the edge of the village. He remembered trying to hold onto Kaoru, but she was ripped from his hand, taken into another room. ‘Kaoru… those bastards better not do anything to you. If only I could protect you… yakuso! I’m useless without my sakabatou and with this damn injury!’

He flinched, his arm bothering him. It hadn’t been treated for what Saitou had done. He recalled Hiko standing by the cop. ‘How could you, Shisho! Why do you keep adding more misery to my life? When I get out of here, the first thing I’m going to do is beat the living shit out of you!’ he thought, eyes flashing yellow, ‘Damn Shisho!! Why did I get stuck with a Shisho like you?!?!’

Just then, the door opened. He turned and saw three men, swords at their sides. “Where’s Kaoru-dono!?” he snapped, getting up from the seat cushion and rushing them. One of them shoved him back, but he came right up at them again. “Where is she, you bastards?!!!”

”Whoa, relax! Obaa-chan never said her ‘grandson’ was so hyper.” one guy said, “Obaa-chan is friends with the boss. When our boss heard that her grandson was in trouble, we came to rescue ya!”

At those words, Kenshin slightly relaxed. But then, he tensed up again, “You still haven’t told me where Kaoru-dono is. Tell me now!!”

They exchanged looks, “Well… uh… the boss thought it was only be fair that in exchange for saving your life, we can keep the girl. But it seems you don’t like that idea. Er, you better talk to the boss about it.”

Another guy went and dragged the crying girl into the room, dropping her in front of Kenshin. “Kaoru! Daijoubu? What did they do to you? Tell me!” he cried, cradling her close with his arm.

She sniffed and dried her eyes, “They… they… they said I was only worth 30,000 yen. Only 30,000 yen!!” She again started crying. ( 100 yen = $1 )

“Oro, Kaoru,” he uttered, unable to keep from cracking a smile. “You know you’re worth more than that. I’d give up everything just to hold you close like this -you know that. I mean every word… I love you.”

The three men blushed. “Awww, this is so sweet!” one said, his friends nodding in agreement, “But it’s too bad she’s going to be auctioned. We need some fresh goods like this one. And I’m sure once the bidding starts, you’ll be worth more than 30,000 yen. Eheheh!” Kenshin again started glaring at them. “Aa aa – of course, perhaps you can talk to the boss??”

Kenshin got up, his hand on Kaoru’s shoulder, “Where is he? Let me at him!”

“Actually, he wants to talk to you.” the guy said, “You and the girl… both of you come and see him. He’s, uh, right now, taking a bath.” There was a pause. “You two must join him.”

”Eeeeeeeeeeh?!?!” Kenshin and Kaoru screamed.

* * *
Shiro tightened the white headband on his head and then turned to pick up his sash. Behind him, Omasu peered from underneath the blanket. “Sou na…” she uttered, “Shiro-kun, I don’t believe what you just said…”

”It’s the truth. This didn’t matter to me.” he said, making a tight knot, “Ever after this happened, I’m still in love with Ochika. I’ll always be in love with her.”

”Then why did you…?” Omasu paused, her eyes falling to the floor, “I’m so stupid… I thought that you… “ She then burst into tears.

He turned towards her, watching her cry into the blanket. “Put your clothes on. The others are waiting for us.” he said, no emotion in his voice.

The rest of the Oniiwabanshuu were at the post, glancing at their watches. After a while, Shiro came, Omasu trailing a distance behind him. “Where were you guys?” Kuro asked, “You’re ten minutes late. What happened?”

”It's nothing.” Shiro replied, “Let’s get going.”

”Omasu-san?” Ochika asked, looking at her, “Are you okay? You look very troubled.” She pulled her closer, putting her hand on her shoulder, “Did that loser over there say something to you?”

Omasu shook her head. “He didn’t. He didn’t do anything.” she uttered, her voice a bit shaky, “Let’s go, nee?”

Okina was twirling about happily. “Let’s go~! I wanna see this house full of pretty girls!!!” he laughed, “And I wanna show the world this old guy can still rough it! Ho ho! Fight! Fight!!”

Ochika nodded, “Hai, let’s go!” she said, taking hold of Omasu’s hand. She knew something was wrong, but wasn’t going to pry anymore. ‘I’ll find out on my own and take care of you – just as you’ve done in the past. In the meantime, please be okay.’ She then glared towards Shiro, ‘And if that guy’s behind it – I SWEAR…! ’

The old guy was leading the way, “Pretty girls – here I come~!!”

* * *
Kenshin closed the door. They were in the changing room just outside the bathhouse. He slowly turned around, “Kaoru, what are we going to do?” he uttered, rubbing his head. He stopped as she started to undress, “M-matte!! You’re not going to go through this de gozaru?!”

Kaoru put the obi aside. “We have no choice, Kenshin. We have no money and we can’t fight all these yakuza. And I don’t want to be auctioned off. The only thing I can think of is going in there and convincing him to release me. And if we can’t, you’ll have to go find the others for help.”

“Iya, I won’t leave without you. I’m staying with you.” he said, taking hold of her hand so she couldn’t further remove anything else, “Demo! Kaoru – to share a bath with a complete stranger?!”

”You’ll be there, so I’ll feel a bit comfortable.” she reasoned. Both of them blushed. They had never taken a bath together either. “Of course you’ll have to behave yourself.” she noted, pulling away and easing off one layer of kimono. “You mustn’t think this is something to get used to. Right now, that is. Maybe in the future…”

”In the future de gozaru.” Kenshin uttered, a dribble of drool rolling from the side of his mouth as he fantasized about just the two of them in a bath together, “Oro…”

She smacked him with her kimono. “Baka! Hurry up! That guy is waiting!” she snapped. He just stared at her, dazed. “MOU!” She grabbed him over, clothes and soap flying the air. Within a minute, he was sopping wet, bare and cold. She then shook of the last layer and folded it aside, soaping herself down, “Yosshi! Let’s go!!”


* * *
Nishiwaki, the yakuza boss was a middle aged round man, puffing a cigarette in the vast bath. His two bodyguards were behind him, still as statues until Kenshin and Kaoru walked in. Immediately, they turned and started gaping at Kaoru. Kenshin grabbed them by the collars, “DAME DE GOZARU!!! BEFORE I STRANGLE YOU BOTH!!!”

Kaoru was already in the bath. “Mou, Kenshin, cut that out.” she sighed, accepting a drink from the waitress lady, who giggled at the scene he was making. “Hayaku…” she uttered, not liking how Nishiwaki was looking at her.

Kenshin finally released the guards and climbed into the bath. It felt so good. They had been running around all day and night that he hadn’t time to relax like this. Getting comfortable, he leaned backwards against the wall of the bath, reaching for Kaoru’s drink and taking a gulp, “Sessha doesn’t deserve this treatment. Aaa de gozaru…”

”Mou, you should be careful!” Kaoru scolded, going to him, “Don’t get your injury wet – we’ll have to treat it right away and it will hurt a great deal!” They stopped realizing how too close they were. They quickly backed away, blushing.

“Oh ho!” Nishiwaki chuckled, “You two are so cute!! I like you already!! Ahahaha!”

”Then why don’t you let me go with him??” Kaoru demanded.

He shrugged, “Because I’m thinking there is something that the boy would want more and can’t afford to get without giving up some luggage. You see, we happened to have bought something from a member of ours. Perhaps you’ve seen it before?” He snapped and a servant walked in, holding …

“Sakabatou!!!” Kenshin cried happily, tears in his eyes. He felt strange without his 10-year partner. Seeing it again, being in the same presence, he was moved to such emotions, “I thought I’d never see you again de gozaru!!”

Kaoru clobbered him on the head, “Stop talking as though the damn sword’s your lover or something!!!” She then turned to Nishiwaki, “So you’re making him choose between me and the sakabatou?? That’s ridiculous! Of course Kenshin will choose…”

She stopped and turned back to Kenshin, already holding the sakabatou, rubbing his face against it, “Oh, you’re back – you’re back! Daddy’s so happy!!”


There was a lot of splashing and sakabatou was kicked out of the bath. Kenshin then rushed at Nishiwaki, yelling his face, “You can’t make me choose between Kaoru-dono and sakabatou! Just let us all go! Otherwise, I’ll get really pissed off and destroy you and your entire yakuza!”

”Stop using threats! At least I’m letting you have one of the two! I even saved your lives! You should be grateful to me!”


Kaoru quickly popped up and separated the two into distance corners. “Mou, I get nervous from watching you two stay too close like that. Awful thoughts filling my head…”

Kenshin blushed, “Suman de gozaru.”

Nishiwaki pointed at him, “Look if you want em both you got the pay some price. I’m not giving anymore things for free, you got that?! So what’s your bid? I’d say start at 50,000 yen for the weird sword…”

”SAKABATOU IS WORTH MORE THAN THAT DE GOZARU!!!!” Kenshin hollered at full blast.

Kaoru sulked in the water, teary eyed, “They think the sakabatou is worth more than me…”

”Fine! Fine!” Nishiwaki said, “Let’s say 75,000 yen?Is that closer to its worth? C'mon, what’s it going to be, Boy??”

Kenshin frowned. “We don’t have any money de gozaru yo…”

”But I do!” said a voice. They all turned and saw the muscular naked swordsman, standing victoriously at the edge of the bath, “I, Hiko Seijurou, the – master – of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu has come!”

Kaoru blushed. “Honto ni…”

Hiko then climbed into the bath, going up to Nishiwaki, “I have enough money to lend the baka deshii to buy the girl AND the sakabatou. So how about it?” he asked, “Doesn’t matter where the money comes from as long as you get it right??”

”You have a point. All right, it’s a deal!”

He grinned, then turned to his student. “Shisho…” Kenshin uttered reluctantly, “I…I really owe for this one. You saved us. Arigatou de gozaru.”

”Heh, don’t worry about it.” Hiko chuckled, “But you’ll let me borrow the girl just once, eh??” These words pissing him off, Kenshin couldn’t take anymore and clobbered him. “OI!! Wanna start something, Baka deshii!?” he yelled, shaking him.

Kaoru frowned at the scene and sipped her drink slowly, “Such awful thoughts…”

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