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small revision! 3/2/1: someone mentioned that being compared to 'sweet tofu' is an insult so i changed it to silk. ahah - but hiko is a very insulting person, don'tcha think? oro, oh well.

Hurry Go Round
Part 5

After Kaoru clobbered Kenshin and got him to put his clothes back on, the two finally settled down, resting on the soft mattress at each other’s side. An hour had passed. Kenshin kept one eye open, watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful, but he knew her mind must be very troubled. She was so forgiving – surely anyone else would have abandoned him by now for all the mistakes he had made. He kept messing up – and she kept loving him.

‘If only…’ he thought, kissing her gently as to not wake her, ‘If only I did meet you sooner… Kaoru.’

* * *
Already in the forest, cops were disappearing by the minute. Some had fallen into deep holes in the ground, others were trapped in nets up in the trees, while others had been clobbered by things falling from the sky and pinned up by their clothes by flying sharp objects. Sighing, Saitou ventured to the shack alone.

“Hm… is the Battousai here?” he asked from the doorway, throwing aside his cigarette. He stared towards the cloaked man inside, pouring two cups of sake; “I suppose he’d made his escape by now. And I’m sure he has the girl with him.”

“Saa, let’s be reasonable. She’s fiesty, yes – but she’s no murderer.”

“You never can tell. Who knows? Maybe she is.” Saitou replied, sitting down and accepting the sake.

“She isn’t. It can’t be in her nature. I’ve been observing her for a bit. And she’s got a good heart – an innocent mind…” Hiko licked his lips and gazed into his sake, “Skin like silk, thighs strong enough to break your arm, a nice healthy toosh … ehehehe!”

Saitou cleared his throat, “I don’t care to hear what you’ve observed.” He then put on a grin. “Tonikaku, I’ll continue to do my job. And who cares if she’s innocent or not. This might be the thing to get Battousai to fight me for real. She’s wonderful bait.”

”A fight between you and my baka deshii shouldn’t involve others.” Hiko uttered, getting up, “If you want to get him to draw swords with you as the hitokiri, find some other way. There’s no way you’re taking the girl. She has nothing do with my student’s stupidity or your vengefulness so…”

”Is this a challenge?” the cop asked, getting up as well, “Are you saying you – won’t – let me go after them??”

”Heh, you hit it on the dot.” he replied, drawing a sword, “As the master of Hiten Mitsurugi – I cannot allow women to be used in such an unchivalrous act. Soushite, I don’t like your attitude.”

”It comes from being Shinsengumi,” Saitou chuckled, drawing his sword, “It’s okay if you don’t like it, but I will forever live by our code: Aku Zuk Z—“

Before he could finish his ever-so-famous speech, Hiko let out a yawn, “Fuwaa! Are you going to talk or fight? I’m getting put to sleep here.” The two exchanged looks, battle auras ready. And then…

* * *
”Kyaa!!” Omasu cried, looking around in the wooded path they were walking through, "N-nan de koitsu?! Something just flew over that way!! Shiro-kun, go check it out!!”

”Gaah?” Shiro gasped, dropping his arms, “All by myself?! W-what if it’s one of those ninjas?! I could get killed!”

”Stop being a coward!” she snapped, grabbing him over by the ear, “You want one of us ‘poor, helpless’ women to go instead?! Saa, just check it out already!!”

”IITE! You’re not ‘helpless’!! Letmego!!!”

“Ara,” Ochika stepped into the scene, clasping her hands together, saying sweetly, “Shiro, I would really appreciate it if you went and check out what that was just now. It would be a very ‘brave’ thing to do.”

He turned bright red, “Ochika-san…” he uttered, and then nodding, “Ya! I’ll do it. You two wait here.” He then went rushing off in the bushes enthusiastically.

“Mou…” Omasu muttered, then turning to Ochika.

“It just needed the proper touch that’s all!”

They then paused to hear him yell for help. “SHIRO-KUN!” Omasu cried, breaking away and racing into the area he had just gone. She looked left and right, but didn’t see him, “Shiro-kun – doko wa??”

Before she could take a better look, something came flying at her. The collision shook and bruised her, her body aching from head to toe, ‘Nani kore?!’ She felt herself being knocked away, and then the ground disappearing under her. She was falling off a cliff. Thinking she was going to die, she felt a bloody arm wrap around her waist, her stopping from falling. She lifted her head and saw Shiro holding her close, while hanging onto the ledge of the cliff. ‘Shiro-kun!!’

It was then that they saw who did this – a boy of no older than five. He was dressed in shinobi gi as well, clinging to the wall of the cliff like a spider. As taking a good look at them, he crawled up to the top and stood over Shiro’s hand. “Die…” he uttered, drawing the dagger and stabbing it into his hand.

“SHIRO!” Omasu exclaimed, as he let out a cry of pain. Above the boy was looking down at them with lazy eyes, waiting for them to fall. She looked at Shiro’s face, sweat running down and his teeth grinding, “Shiro-kun…?”

“Daijoubu,” he uttered weakly, “I’ll definitely not let go! Just hold on, Omasu!”

Nodding, she hid her tearful face into his shinobi-gi. ’Shiro…’

Above them, Ochika had caught the kid by the wrist and was holding him up in the air, “What did you do to my friends, brat! Where are they?!” she demanded. He just stared at her blankly. “Spit it out! Where!?” Finally, he pointed downward, “Kyaaa!! Omasu?! Shiro!? Hold on!!!!”

Ochika tied a rope around herself and to a tree. She then grabbed hold of Shiro’s arm and used all her strength to pull the two of them up. Finally, she had gotten them back on the ground, but the kid had already disappeared, leaving behind his dagger and prop he had used to hit them with. She rested her friends against the tree to let them rest.

“Who was that boy? He looked so young… was he one of those ninja? He was absolutely insane – playing with such weapons!” Ochika uttered, looking over to them, “Are you guys going to be okay?

”Uhn,” Omasu uttered, still very sore, “I think I can make it, demo… Shiro-kun…” She worriedly looked over at him. He had a wound in his shoulder and his hand was bleeding terribly. She began to rip up part of her gi, “We have to dress his injuries right away – Ochika-san, you too!”

After ripping enough fabric, they cleaned and bandaged him up. They then lifted him, both supporting him on the way towards Kyoto.

* * *
“Maa, it can’t be helped…” Saitou uttered, he and Hiko back to sitting on the floor and drinking sake, “Unless you’d like another round?” The two of them were covered with bandages and the room was an absolute mess. Perhaps the only thing they could do was to sit and drink sake. “Want a cigarette?”

“Arigatou yo.” Hiko said, accepting his offer. “It’s nice every once in a while to have guests that aren’t total idiots. You’re welcome to come anytime… just bring a woman with you next time.”

Saitou lit the cigarette for him, shaking his head, “Suman – I have a wife and like hell I’ll bring her near you.”

”Hm hm hm, you’re funny. But smart. A downright great bastard!” Hiko chuckled, “Sou, should we head to Kyoto together and straighten out this misunderstanding??”

Saitou chuckled in turn, “Heh, you can if you like. I’ll be going after the Battousai of course. Considering whatever circumstance, the girl innocent or not, the true killer will be surely near him. And I won’t miss it.”

Hiko grinned, lifting his cigarette and sake, “Then it really can’t be helped…”

* * *
Another hour had passed. Kenshin was kissing Kaoru again. He had lost count already. Too exhausted from the whole day already, she didn’t respond and seemed to sleep forever. He, in turn, was still probing at their earlier conversations.

“But if I did meet her fifteen years ago… wouldn’t she just be about Ayame and Suzume’s age?! And Sessha - I was an arrogant teenager at the time – surely, if I knew her as a child, I wouldn’t have come to love as I do now… or maybe I might have… like Aoshii and Misao-dono… could it have worked? Oh, I’m just confusing myself. At any rate, she’s right – what matter now is that we’re together now…”

He had gathered her up with his arms, his hand rubbing her back soothingly. He wondered why she wouldn’t wake up and kiss him back. He wondered what she was dreaming about. There was a smile curled on her lip that teased him so intensely. He wished he could pry into her mind and see for himself. Hoping that it was he in her dreams, as she was in his.

“Demo she mentioned, that once we return to Tokyo we won’t have moments like this. Sou, this has been our first time to be alone… and when we’re home with everyone, I never really wanted to make a scene or openly show my feelings. I can’t see myself do so in front of everyone.”

He could imagine Yahiko, Misao, Tae and Sanosuke teasing them, then Ayame walking over to him, saying, “Ken-ni give Kaoru-oneechan a smoochie, nee??”

”Oro!” he gasped, shaking his head, “Maa, that’s embarrassing situation for the both of us. Kaoru must know I can’t continue on like this when we’re home. Then I guess everything will be over.”

He paused to glance down at her, realizing how precious this moment was. He then pressed another kiss, pausing to linger a bit longer. ‘Kaoru – if this is all the chance I have to make you realize how I feel…’

He drew away slowly, breathing her sweet fragrance, feeling very unsatisfied, this only being a one-sided kiss. He took a quick look at the clock on the dresser. It was getting late. ‘We haven’t eaten anything all day… this isn’t good.’ He reluctantly released her and got up off the bed, straightening his ponytail. After looking at her one last time, he stumbled out the room, closing the door behind him.

Kaoru’s eyes flickered open. She had been awake the whole time, too troubled to sleep at all. She had pretended to be sleeping, savoring every affection he gave her, fighting back not to give herself away. But, in the end she had also heard all of Kenshin’s words. Clutching at the bed sheet, she sniffed back a tear.

‘Kenshin… somehow I knew…’

* * *
Shiro woke up. He was lying down in a room, a cloth on his head and bandages on his wounds. Easing himself up, he saw that Omasu was at his side, asleep and absolutely cold. He took one of the blankets and wrapped it around her, then went back to lie down.

‘What happened… I must’ve passed out when we were leaving the forest. Omasu and Ochika must have carried me the rest of the way. But where are we? And where is Kaoru-san and Kenshin-san? And where are those ninjas… ch! Too many questions!’ he yelled inwardly.

He then paused to stare over at the sleeping girl, “Heh, you’re such a handful of trouble.” he uttered, remembering how he saved her from falling off the cliff.

His comment had caused her to wake. When she finally opened her eyes, they became full of tears, “Shiro-kun, daijoubu?? Yokkata!”

”Aa, doesn’t hurt anymore. Demo, just where are we?”

”We made it just outside Kyoto. We’re staying at an ally’s house. The jiji used to be an Oniiwabanshuu, and now is working as a doctor, so you were in luck.” she replied, remembering all the blood he had lost and the deepness of his wounds. Again she felt like leaping up and hugging him, “I’m so glad you’re okay! Honto ni arigatou for saving me, Shiro-kun!”

”Heh?” He blinked at her, feeling a little confused, “C-Calm down.”

Then the door opened. Ochika had put her hair up and was wearing a fresh kimono. She was carrying a tray of soup, which she placed down on the floor with a smile. “It’s good to see you’re up. That was a brave act you did, Shiro.”

Shiro blushed. “Aa… it was nothing. You were the one who saved us, Ochika. If it weren’t for you…”

”Iie, if it weren’t for you, Omasu would have fallen off the cliff. You’re a hero!” she said, putting her hand on his arm. He simply swooned, hearts in the air, the two of them gazing at each other.

Omasu looked away, absolutely sickened. She then got up and walked out the room unnoticed. ‘A murderer is running around Kyoto and those two are being lovey-dovey!!’ She ran right into the other Oniiwabanshuu.

“Omasu, is Shiro up?” Kuro asked, wondering why she was scowling. “I need more info about the kid who attacked him. We think some of our informants can give us a better idea where they are so we can get the real murderer and the sakabatou back. We still haven’t gotten any word from Kenshin-san. I’m hoping we can get going to that village as soon as Shiro can walk. In the meantime, I’ll check on him myself.”

As Kuro walked into the room, Okina was munching on a ‘fish cookie’. He paused to turn towards Omasu, eying her over, “That time of the month again?”

”SHUT UP, JIJI!!” she snapped, clobbering him and storming down the hallway. Okina had figured he was right. Omasu walked outside and gazed up at the sky, feeling tears run down her face. ‘Mou, maybe I should’ve fell off the cliff…’

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