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Hurry Go Round
Part 2

‘Just a bit more…’ Kenshin thought, trying his best to tighten his hold. If it wasn’t for his injury he could embrace her completely and give all the affection she deserved, “Suman de gozaru.”

”Nani?” Kaoru asked, blinking at him. He could only smile and blush. After mentally smacking himself to take it further, he lowered his head, reaching for her lips, “K-K-K-KENSHIN!” Kaoru cried, backing out of his arm hold. It took a moment to let the shock settle, “Dame! I told you already not to make this harder!”

”Make what harder?” he asked, stepping into her face again, “Hm? Kaoru-dono??”

”I’m afraid if…if we get started, I won’t be able to stop myself. I might hurt your injury or someone might see us… and then what? Perhaps we should leave things as they are now?”

Kenshin rubbed his head. It seemed she had been giving this a lot of thought, where for him it just popped into mind randomly during the day, “Kaoru-dono, there’s no need to worry so much de gozaru yo. But right now, there’s only one thing Sessha can think about…”

”Eeh?!” Kaoru gasped, pointing over his shoulder, “K-Kenshin…!”

”Kaoru…” he uttered, shaking off his gi, “Sessha must have you now!!” Kaoru simply sidestepped his advances and he landed face first into the futon. “Ororororo…” he murmured, his injury throbbing in pain. The pain became worse when someone kicked him in the head, “ORO!”

”Mou! Ecchi bastard!” Omasu hissed at him from above, “Didn’t you hear Kaoru-san say ‘no’. Also, how dare you come into a ladies’ bedroom at this hour of night! Don’t tell me, this ancient style, Hiten Misturugi, is only used by perverted ol’ guys who chase after young women?!”


”Omasu-chan, please calm down!” Kaoru exclaimed, “I was the one who asked Kenshin to come here and nothing was going to happen as far as I was concerned. Demo, he’s in a lot of pain, so we better help him.” After getting Kenshin to stop ‘oro-ing’ and to sit up and dress himself again, Kaoru slapped him, “Mou, that was for trying to seduce me.”

He chuckled, “Sessha will be happy to try again tomorrow de gozaru yo.”

Omasu scratched her head, “You two have a strange relationship. Demo, I think it’s cute. The way you two are so playful with each other, but I know your feelings are really strong. If only…” She stopped, lowering her red face.

”Omasu-chan,” Kaoru asked, putting her hand on her shoulder, “Is there someone you like?”

”Uhn… Shiro-kun.” she uttered, “Demo, he doesn’t even see me. He’s too busy looking at Ochika-san. He’s so in love with her. But the truth is she’s very much in love with Hiko-sama, I’m afraid.”

”A lot of women are in love with Shisho…” Kenshin muttered, violent scenes playing in his mind, “Ano ki-sama is such a jerk – Sessha doesn’t understand it all de gozaru.”

Omasu shrugged, “Some women just fall for the stupidest of men. Nee, Kaoru-san?”

”Honto ni, Omasu-san!”

As the two girls began laughing, Kenshin dropped his head, “Oro, such cruel women…” When they had finished their fun, he decided to change the subject, “Tonikaku… Omasu-dono, have you ever tried to make your feelings known at least de gozaru?”

”Iie! I can’t ! It’s … it’s too difficult!” she cried, clutching her face, “I’d probably die if he learned of my honest feelings!”

Kaoru rubbed her chin, “Hmm… perhaps this calls for a little undercover work. Nee, Kenshin, could you perhaps stay in the guys’ room and find out what Shiro-san thinks of Omasu-chan?” He just narrowed his eyes and pouted, not wanting to leave her side, nor the futon they were sitting on, “Onegai?” she asked, her smile sparkling.

“Maa maa…” he sighed, turning away from the bright lights, “Sessha will de gozaru. It’s late anyhow, Kaoru-dono, Omasu-dono - you should get some rest de gozaru yo. Sessha will see you in the morning de gozaru.” he said, pulling himself up onto his feet.

“Matte!” Kaoru said, standing as well. She went over and kissed his gently on the lips, pulling away slowly to look at his expression, “…Oyasumi nasai.”

”Aa…” Kenshin uttered, eyes still closed, mouth gaping, “Oyasumi…de… go……” Kaoru just laughed and turned him around, pushing him out the door. Again he found himself in the dark hallway, but still with that same look on his face, “Ashita…”

* * *
Morning came soon enough. Kenshin walked to the room where breakfast was set up and happily took his helping of rice. ‘At least I know I won’t run into Shisho. He isn’t exactly a morning person. Surely, he’ll be stuck in bed with a hangover till late afternoon.’ Grinning, he munched away, waiting for the others to arrive.

“Ohayou Kenshin!” Kaoru chimed, walking in with Omasu, “So, how did it go last night? Did you learn anything??”

”Aa, Sessha did de gozaru.” he replied, putting down his chopsticks, “Shiro-dono said he thought Omasu-dono was cute de gozaru yo.”

”HONTO!?” the girls exclaimed, causing him to fall over.

Sitting up again, he glared at them, “Sessha wasn’t finished de gozaru yo. Now, Shiro-dono thought you were cute, demo he also acknowledged the fact that you had a thing for Okina de gozaru.”

”EEH?! NANI?!” Omasu exclaimed, grabbing him by the collar, “What do you mean a ‘thing’?! KONO JIJI?!”

Kaoru rubbed her head, “Well, Omasu-san, it isn’t a lie you really care for Okina-san. You are the closest to him, other than Misao-chan. You’re always taking good care of him and really worry for him. I think that’s a very nice thing.”

”Unless that’s not the whole picture,” Kenshin noted, “Then Shiro-dono is terribly mistaken you to have a ‘jiji complex’ de gozaru.”

“Don’t gross me out, Kenshin-san!” Omasu pouted, “Of course I don’t have any complex! I think of Okina as my own grandfather!!”

”Saa, that solves that problem!” Kaoru chimed, “Now all you have to do is clear this whole misunderstanding with Shiro-san and then everything will work out!”

“Not exactly,” Kenshin replied, “You see, he’s still very very much in love with Ochika-dono. I’d say to the point of obsession. He’s got momentos of her dating back to when you were all just children. Suman de gozaru, Omasu-dono. Sessha doesn’t think it’ll be easy for him to fall out of love with her.”

”Mou…” Omasu uttered, staring into her tea.

“Ohayo!” said a voice from the door. Shiro and Kuro came walking in, “Nee, what’s the matter, Omasu? You don’t look so happy.”

”Dakara…” she started to say, but then a pigeon flew into the window and circled the room, “Wai! It’s a message! Someone get Okina quickly!!” The two guys nodded and rushed out. She then turned to the others and exclaimed, “W-Watch out!!”

But it was too late. Already the pigeon rammed right into Kenshin’s forehead, drawing blood. “ORO…” he uttered, falling over, the pigeon settling on his face.

“Kenshin!” Kaoru cried, kneeling to him, “Daijoubu ka??” He just let out a moan and lift his hand as to reach for something. It slowly landed onto her bosom. “KYAAAAAA! KENSHIN NO BAKA!!!” she screamed and smacked him.

Okina and the boys came running into the room to see Kenshin half-dead on the ground as Kaoru continued the abusive violence. “Kuso, Himura-kun, you’re not having a good morning…”

Kuro opened the note. “It seems there’s some information found regarding your sakabatou. They want us to congregate at the foot of the mountain by tomorrow evening.”

”Nee, Kenshin! Did you hear that! Yokkata nee!” Kaoru chimed happily, only to stop and realize that he was still on the floor in a terrible state. “Oh! Gomen!”

* * *
And so, after breakfast, Kenshin and Kaoru borrowed some money to go into town and buy some supplies for them to use when they would go to the meeting tomorrow. They had walked a couple blocks before stopping and taking a look at their scenery.

“Kenshin, isn’t this it a bit strange?” Kaoru uttered, “I know we’re in a bad situation, but I can’t help but feel like this is a gift from Kami-sama that we’re able to spend time together alone… miles away from home.”

”Aa,” he uttered, putting his arm around her, “It can’t get any worse, so we might as well enjoy this de gozaru yo. Together de gozaru.” he whispered, pressing a kiss on her temple. Both of them blushed extremely red. However, the smell of cigarette smoke broke the mood. “Oro… ano ken-ki…”

“Battousai,” said a familiar voice, “Sorry to bother you while you’re on a date. Daga…” Saitou Hajime threw down his finished cigarette and smothered it with his shoe, “I must have a word with you.”

”Saitou!” Kenshin almost squeaked, releasing Kaoru and walking in front of her, “What do you want?! If it’s a battle…!”

Saitou simply chuckled and drew his sword. “Himura Battousai… Kamiya Kaoru… I have a warrant for your arrests.”


“Eight thirty last night, there was a hold up in a bank that was just closing up. It was reported that the suspects were one: a young samurai with red hair, a scar on his left cheek and his arm in a sling… two: a young woman, wearing a lavender floral kimono, with her black hair up in a blue ribbon.” Saitou held up a ‘wanted poster’ with their pictures on it. “I don’t know if it's true, but I know I’ll truly enjoy this, Battousai.”

”IYA!!” Kaoru suddenly screamed, grabbing hold of her rurouni, “I don’t want to go to JAIL! NOT AGAIN!!!”

Kenshin blinked, “Oro? Kaoru-dono, what do you mean ‘not again’? Have you been to jail de gozaru ka??”

“Eh? A-ano…eheheheh! It’s nothing! I was just saying nonsense!” she replied, laughing nervously, then pausing to clear her throat, “It was that dumbass cop’s fault anyhow.”


Saitou was licking his katana, “Battousai, at least you won’t be lonely in prison, but I’ll be sure to make it a living hell for the both of you. Still, I think I’ll have more fun watching you try to resist.”

”Saitou…” Kenshin hissed, “You know very well we’re innocent de gozaru yo! Saitou…!” Of course the deranged cop wasn’t listening and sent his blade flying at his head. Lucky for Kenshin, Kaoru yanked him away in time, the two of them watching as a few red hairs waffed to the ground. “Oro…”

”Kenshin! We’ve got to get out of here! Cops are surrounding the place and Saitou-san looks serious…!”

Before Kaoru could even finish speaking, the two of them vanished from sight, leaving Saitou slightly bewildered before he had figured what happened to them. ‘Ch! You can run, Battousai, but I’ll find you soon and then…!’ He grinned and sliced through a noodle stand, ‘Battousai…’

* * *
“ORO?!” Kenshin had realized that he and Kaoru were tucked under Kuro’s arm, him leaping across the building rooftops at top speed, “Arigatou de gozaru yo! We were in such trouble!”

”Aa, as soon as we heard about the incident last night and the warrant, Okina said that you guys would need help. We must hurry before the cops get to the Aoiya. They’re working out a plan.” Kuro replied, “Let’s go!”

When they arrived, the Oniiwabanshuu were in ninja gear. “Okina-dono, what do we do now de gozaru?” Kenshin asked.

“Himura-kun, you’re going to have to hide somewhere before two morning evening. I’m thinking you and Kaoru-kun must go stay at Hiko-kun’s place until we can calm the cops and find the real culprits. Just for a little bit.”

Kenshin glared at his master, who was in his usual spirits. “Shishio’s place de gozaru??”

“What’s the matter, Kenshin?” Hiko asked, walking over and putting his hand on his student's head, “Just like in the old days, huh? You and me… what fun we had!”

”You had all the fun! Torturing Sessha de gozaru!!” he hissed. The moment Kaoru came over to them, Hiko had pushed him away, turning towards the girl. “SHISHO!!” Kenshin growled, eyes flashing yellow as he sat up.

“Is it really okay, Hiko-san?” Kaoru asked, “That we can stay at your house? I don’t want to cause any inconvenience for you.”

“Heh, helping out damsels in distress is part of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu motto!” he replied, putting his arm around her.

“SINCE WHEN?!” Kenshin snapped, but was ignored.

“I’ll take good care of you, Nee-chan. Don’t you worry – I’ll protect you with all the might I have!”

Kaoru smiled. “Arigatou… demo that’s hardly necessary. You see, I have…” She paused to see enraged Battousai emerging, his hands clenching, wanting to strangle his master, “Mou, Kenshin…?”


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