rurouni kenshin created by watsuki nobuhirou-sensei
fanfiction by JillM; may 30 2002
notes: finally a continuation!! please enjoy! next chapter coming soon!

Hurry Go Round 2
Part 3

The girls tiredly walked back to the Aoiya after a day of shopping. “Aya, my feet hurt…” Misao sighed, “I want to take a bath.”

”That sounds like a good idea!” Kaoru said, “Which way to the bath??”

”While you two do that, we’re going to check on the others,” Omasu noted. She paused to look at her friend. “Eh? What’s the matter, Ochika-san??”

Ochika was looking back and forth. “He’s here… My Hiko-sama!!” she exclaimed, running ahead. The other just stopped and sniffed the air. The strong smell of sake reeked and it was evident that the drunken samurai had arrived.

“That perv!” Misao grumbled, “I hope he keeps his mitts to himself or I'll have to kill him!”

”Demo ne,” Omasu said, “I wonder what room he’s going to stay in. I mean while Kaour-san and the others coming in from Tokyo and the other wedding guests arriving.

”No doubt he’d want to stay with Ochika-san,” Kaoru noted.

“Eeeeew!!” Misao exclaimed, holding up some dangers, “Like hell we’ll allow that!! Can’t he just stay with Himura, or the brat, or that rooster??”

Omasu shrugged. “Easier said than done. Hiko-san and Ochika-san always have their way in the end.”

Just then, Aoshi came out to greet them. “Good… You’re all okay…”

”What are you talking about, Aoshi-san?” Kaoru asked, “Why wouldn’t we be okay??”

”Well, lately there have been reports of a criminal preying off females in the area. We just heard from Hiko today that he is working with Saitou in catching this guy.”

”Sou desu ka… You must be really concerned, especially over Misao-chan!” Kaoru said slyly.

Aoshi looked unaffected, while Misao went bright red. “K-Kaoru-saaan!! Don’t say such things!!!” She then grabbed her friend by the arm. “Saa! Let’s go inside now!!”

Aoshi and Omasu watched as they went. Omasu then smiled. “Ne, Aoshi-san, would you mind sharing your room with Hiko-san??”

”Iya, I cannot. I already promised to share with Battousai.” He replied, “We have lots of things to talk about, including this recent case.”

”Sou ka… Jaa, I’ll keep asking around...”

Aoshi shrugged. “He’s going to end up in Ochika’s room anyways. Why are you even going to bother??”

”Datte!!!” Omasu exclaimed, “Ochika’s room is also MY room, and I always get kicked out!! Where am I going to stay??!”

Aoshi rubbed his ears. ‘She is loud… Why in the world is Shiro marrying this one??’ He then turned to her. “Why don’t you stay with Okina??”

”BAKA!” she snapped, giving him a good punch and then running inside.

Aoshi remained unaffected. ‘I have an idea…’

* * * * * * * * *

That night, they had dinner at the hotel. Although, Sanosuke had gone to see Tae’s sister, he chickened out and came back right away. “I can’t remember her name, dammit!!! Someone tell me!!”

”Iya da.” Everyone replied.

“CHIKUSOOOOOO!!!!” he cursed, throwing a tantrum.

Yahiko chuckled into his sake. “You’re such a child.”

”Baka!” Kaoru said, hitting him on the head, “Why are you drinking sake?! You are still a child!!”


Hiko patted him on the head. “That’s right! He’s my new son: Hiko Yahiko! He can drink all he likes!!”

”N-Nani??!” Kenshin and Kaoru exclaimed with sweet beads on their faces, “Hiko Yahiko??!”

Hiko then slammed his empty jug on the table. “OI! WE NEED SOME MORE SAKE DAMMIT, BUSBOY!”

Shiro, in his work uniform, came over. “Here you go,” he grumbled. As he turned to go he added, “You damned perverted samurai player…”

”NAN DA YO?!” Hiko snapped, grabbing him by the neck, “I heard that, you little bastard! I shall defeat you in a battle!! Together with my son!!”

Yahiko excitedly leapt up onto the table with his woodened sword. “Yattaze!! A battle!! Just what I’m looking for!”

”Eh??” Shiro uttered, his head band loosened and falling over his eyes, “Me fight the 13th successor to Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu??!”

”Go for it, Shiro!” Omasu said, “You can beat that hentai!! I believe in you!!”

”Eh?! Eh???!” he gasped, turning very pale. “Ore????”

Kenshin got up. “Careful, Shiro-dono… Sessha no Shisho is extra dangerous when he’s drunk. I better fight along side you.”

“Oh! A two on two match!” Sanosuke said, cracking his knuckles, “This will be fun to watch!”

”Ganbatte, Kenshin, Shiro-san!” Kaoru chimed.

“Arigatou de gozaru,” Kenshin said, readying his sakabatou.

”Eh???” Shiro looked like he was going to die.

* * * * * * * * * *

So the crew moved into the training hall at the Aoiya. Okina was there, just for entertainment. He brought his nailclipper and was cutting his toenails. “This ought to be good for Shiro-kun… He needs something to get him more manly before his wedding night.”

”EEEEH??!?!” Shiro exclaimed, as Kenshin dragged him onto the floor and gave him a wooden sword. “Why me??!”

”Shiro, do it!” Ochika yelled out, “Or else Omasu will withhold – you know what - !!!”

”EH?!?!?” Now Omasu was embarrassed. “D-Don’t talk about such things!!!”

Shiro blinked. “With hold ‘what’??”

Kaoru got up and moved the two sides and lifted her hand. “I will be judging this match! Minna-san, prepare to meet battle.” She then put down her hand. “Battle begin!”

”HEEEYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Yahiko was first to strike, his little body flying across the floor and his foot colliding with Shiro’s head. Despite the big impact, Shiro remained standing with a footprint on his face, and blood dripping from his nose. Yahiko fell over, but quickly got up. “WANT SOME MORE?!”


”Baka Deshii!” Hiko said, drawing his sword, “I finally have a chance to get you back for putting that hella big gash across my sexy chest!!”

”Oro…” Kenshin uttered, “You told me to do it, Shisho… Otherwise, you were going to kill me. And then, who was supposed to defeat Shishio??”

”Nonsense! I could have done it myself! But I wanted him to at least kill off some of those annoying politicians first!”

”You really have no regard for people other than yourself!” Kenshin grumbled, as the two of them left the floor and were aiming at each other, “I shall teach you to respect people’s lives!!”

”Who is going to teach who?! You are still my Baka Deshii!!”

The two clashed at the same time, Kenshin’s sakabatou meeting Hiko’s sword as they were suspended in air. Yet, their ki kept driving at each other, so neither of them were going to the floor.

“Sugoi!” Shiro uttered, while Yahiko continued to hit at him with his shinai – to no effect, “These guys are real strong!” He paused to look over at Omasu, who was equally amazed. ‘There’s no way I can compare…’ he sadly thought.

“Hmmm…??” Someone had slipped into the room without anyone noticing. “What is going on here??”

”S-Saitou?!?” Kenshin gasped, spotting him from the corner of his eyes. When he was distracted, Hiko struck him down with his shealth and Kenshin went face first into the floor. “Oroooo…”

”I win!” Hiko chimed, going back down onto the floor, landing on Kenshin’s back.


”Chigau yo!” Kaoru noted, “It’s a tie!” She pointed over to the other match. Yahiko had fallen over exhausted, while Shiro just stood there in a gaze. “Yahiko and Kenshin are defeated, so it is a tie.”

”Usou!! I need to find myself a better son!” Hiko grumbled.

“You… bastard…” Yahiko panted. He then fell over.

Saitou turned to Sanosuke. “Tori Atama, take the boy to his room. It’s past his bedtime.”

”Damn you Saitou!!!” Sanosuke snapped, ready to pounce him. But then he yawned. “Maybe I’ll call it a day. Let’s go, Yahiko.” He grabbed the boy by the spikes and dragged him out the door.

“I just have something for Hiko to look at,” Saitou said, holding out a folder, “We got a visual description from one of the victims who got away.”

”I’m not interested right now,” Hiko replied, waving his hand. “I’m going to go to the bath and then rest. Give it to my baka deshii or that ninja guy.” He then walked out of the room.

“Hmmm, I think I’ll go too!” Ochika chimed, rushing out.

“M-Matte!!” Omasu cried after her. She then sighed.

“Daijoubu!” Okina replied, having finished clipping his toenails, “You can always stay in my room, Omasu-chan!”


She then turned around. ‘Demo… why don’t I just stay with Shiro-kun… I mean, we’re going to get married soon… and it’s not like we haven’t been together before… Um… but I’m so embarrassed. Why doesn’t he just ask me to come by…? Because he’s an idiot, that’s why! I have to do everything myself!!’

Omasu walked over to Shiro, who still was in a gaze. “Ano… Shiro-kun… I-I was wondering… tonight…”

”Oh,” he suddenly said, “Could you come by my room tonight.”


”Sou… there’s something I want to see you about.”

”H-Hai…” she stammered, startled by his serious voice, ‘Kyaaa! Shiro-kun could be so manly sometimes!!’ She then gave him a smile. “Jaa, I’m going to use the bath with Kaoru-san and Misao-chan. I’ll see you afterwards.”


Omasu then happily ran off. Yet, when she met up with Misao and Kaoru, that feeling went away. “W-W-WHAT IS GOING ON??!?!?”

Kaoru covered her face. “They were already here…”

Misao was all red. “T-They don’t care that we’re watching…??”

”OCHIKA-SAAAN!!!” Omasu boomed, “STOP IT!!!”

Finally, the three girls gave up and decided to come back later…