rurouni kenshin was created by watsuki nobohirou; all rights reserved to shueisha jump, fuji tv
fanfiction by JillM ; origin April 21 2002
notes: sorry for no updates lately. busy with school, y'know. anyways, this is the sequel from the first 'hurry go round'.

Hurry Go Round 2
Part 2

"What do you mean, Shiro-dono?" Kenshin asked, "Why don't you want to marry Omasu-dono..."

Before he could say an answer, the girls had gotten impatient and were yelling at them to hurry up. The guys quickly helped Shiro up and with the luggage, then ran to catch up.

"We don't want to keep Aoshi-sama waiting!" Misao said, "Come on! Lunch is waiting for us!"

"Did you say lunch?!" Sanosuke chimed, "YATTAZE! I'm enjoying Kyoto already! Lead the way, Weaselgirl!"

But Kenshin lagged behind, staring up towards the engaged couple, who would be married in a few days. 'Why doesn't Shiro-dono want to marry Omasu-dono? Sessha thought they were in love...'

"Kenshin!" Kaoru exclaimed, grabbing his hand and pulling him along, "Hurry up!"

"Hai de gozaru!" he stammered, still thinking about it. 'Wouldn't you want to marry the person you love...?'

* * * * * * * * * * * *
At the Aoiya, greetings went around. Okina was still the same skirt-chasing geezer, but he looked like he was extra happy over Omasu's engagement. "She's like a daughter to me... I can't wait till all my girls be married and having babies! That way I'll be free to do what I want! Ahhaha!!"

"Jiya!" Misao stammered, waving her hands, "Don't talk about that! It's embarrassing!"

"Sou desu ne!" Ochika chimed, moving her arm the girl, "Misao-chan is still very young and Aoshi-san is still very shy!"

"T-That's not it!" Misao cried, her face all red, "What about you Ochika-san? Aren't you going to marry Himura's sword master?"

"Hmmm, Hiko-sama doesn't seem interested in the idea. That's swordsmen for you; they just can't commit!"

"Sou ne!" Kaoru laughed. Next to her, Kenshin was a bit surprised that she would find this funny, or if she agreed that it was true. Either way, he was surprised that she was willing to discuss this.

Just then, Aoshi walked into the room. "Battousai... so you've come."

"H-Hai de gozaru!" Kenshin said with a smile, "Nice to see you again, Aoshi!" The ninja just looked back at him with a cold stare. "Oro... This is going to be a long week de gozaru..."

"Ne, Himura-sama!" Ochika said, going over to him, "Guess what! Hiko-sama will be coming here tomorrow. Aren't you glad??"

"Sessha supposes... Sessha had been hoping to travel back into the woods and see the old home. But if Hiko-sama desires to leave the cave and come outside once in a while, that's good too."

"What do you mean? Hiko-sama comes to town very often..."

"Yeah!" Kuro exclaimed, "When we wants to get some! That guy... he really has it easy!"

"EASY!?" Ochika snapped, grabbing the big guy by the collar, "What do you mean EASY!? Ne, Kuro-kun!?"

"Maa maa..." Kenshin stammered, waving his hands. Inside he laughed, 'Haha... looks like Shisho hasn't changed at all.'

* * * * * * * * * * * *
After lunch, the girls decided to go shopping. "We'll be back before dinner." Omasu said, "Okina, please take your medicine on time."

"Hai hai!" the old guy said, patting her on the head. "You're always taking care of me, Omasu-chan. I'll surely miss you when you're gone."

"O-Okina..." she stammered, blushing to the floor. "Don't worry about it. When I'm married, Shiro-kun and I will be close by and we'll still be working in the Aoiya, and the Oniiwabanshuu..."

"Iya, I want you to stop living dangerous lives, but have a family and be happy. I want that for all my kids." Okina said with a smile, "You and Shiro will be happy. I will guarantee it!"

"Okina..." Omasu sighed, smiling a little, "You may be a perverted geezer, but you say the sweetest things from time to time. Well, I better get going now. See you later."

"Sou, have a good time."

While the girls walked away, Okina turned to Aoshi. "Someday... there won't be a need for fighting."

"Aa... you and I will continue to hope for that."

"Ne, Aoshi..." Okina said, putting a hand on his shoulder, "Will you guarantee Misao-chan's happiness??"

Aoshi slowly smiled, then went left the room. 'Someday...'

* * * * * * * * * * *
Aoshi joined the other guys in parlor. It was off season so there weren't anyone coming to use the hotel, except one mysterious tenant who didn't want any service. So they had nothing to do.

"At this rate," Kuro sighed, his arms behind his head as he rested on the floor, "How in the world is Okina going to afford this wedding??"

"There isn't going to be a wedding!" Shiro exclaimed, still in his frantic mode and knocking over furniture in the process, "I am not going to marry Omasu!!"

"Not this again..." Kuro mumbled as Aoshi shook his head.

"Eto..." Kenshin cut in, "Please explain to Sessha-tachi what happened. Sessha thought Shiro-dono loved Omasu-dono."

"I do love Omasu," Shiro sighed, sitting down and holding his head into his hands, "But I... I just cannot marry her... You see, we... we just cannot..."

"Heey now!" Sanosuke said, crossing his arms and biting on the fish bone, "What's all this about I cannot this and that. That kind of attitude pisses me off!!"

"Cheh," Yahiko cut in, "And do you think its possible for a Tori Atama like you to marry a girl. I don't think so!"

"SHUT UP!!" Sanosuke snapped grabbing the boy by the head and hurling him across the room, "Who asked you to speak?!"

"OI TEME!!" yelled the bruised Yahiko as he lifted himself out of the hole in the wall. While those two fought, the other guys discussed the situation more seriously.

"Have you told Omasu yet that you have decided not to marry her??" Aoshi said in a calm voice.

"Are you kidding?!" Shiro cried, "She'd kill me! No, first she'd torture me, then lecture me, then she would kill me!!"

"And you're marrying her, because...???" Kuro sighed, "If you ask me, Omasu-chan is the worse person you can think up as a life-partner. I mean, she's a nag and not even all that hot..."

"KI-SAMA!!" Shiro exclaimed, grabbing his friend by the collar, "I won't let you talk about my woman like that!!"

"I just said that to prove that you love her regardless her bad traits," Kuro chuckled. But Shiro was still angry and gave him a good punch. The big guy fell over, with a bruised lip and glared at him. "You serious?! Come on! I was just joking! Omasu is cute and all!"

Meanwhile, Sanosuke and Yahiko had stopped fighting to watch. "Heh, that guy could be pretty tough after all," Sanosuke noted, "When someone disses his girl, that is."

"Sou sou! If we piss him off, we can get a battle or two this weekend!" Yahiko said excitedly, "Hmm, what are some ways we can insult that hag??"

While those two though it out, Kenshin and the others were still trying to figure Shiro out. "What exactly is the reason you cannot marry Omasu-dono?" Kenshin asked, sure that he had asked this before.

Shiro just glumly stared at the floor, his hands resting on his knees.

"If you do not say, then we cannot help you." Aoshi noted, "I am not going to be involved with emotionally injuring another without reason."

"Man, you just got to talk to Omasu-chan," Kuro said, "She's the one who will be affected by your decision."

Shiro sighed and nodded his head. "Sorry, guys... This is all my fault."

"Sure it is!" said a voice. They all lifted their heads and looked to the door. "Hello losers!" Hiko Seijuro said, holding a bottle of sake to his lips. "Didn't expect to see me here??"

"OI!!" Sanosuke snapped, "Who are you calling a loser??!"

"Shisho..." Kenshin stood and gave his master a hesitant bow, "Aren't you a bit early? The wedding isn't for a couple days de gozaru."

"I was getting lonely," Hiko noted, "Besides, I knew I could torture you, so I hurried to get here, Baka deshii."

"Shisho..." Kenshin growled.

Hiko ignored the rurouni’s tantrum and walked up to Shiro. “You know, you ought to be careful. A girl’s heart when injured is vulnerable for comfort. I could have a little fun with her.”

”Y-YOU BASTARD!!” Shiro exclaimed, ready to pounce on him. He was held by by Kuro and Aoshi. “I won’t let you near her!!”

“Hmhmhmhm, don’t speak so confidently, Loser. There’s no way you can last in a match with me.”

“That’s true…” Kuro uttered.

“OI!!!” Shiro snapped at his best friend, “Back me up here!”

Aoshi narrowed his eyes on Hiko. “Why are you REALLY here??”

”Watch your tone with me, Ninja boy.” Hiko replied, “I might just take the Weasel too.” At this, Aoshi’s eyes went ice blue. Kuro and Shiro got a little scared and scooted away. Hiko just laughed. “Actually, I’m here to investigate. I’ve heard of a villain in Kyoto, that preys on young girls.”

”Really? Aren't you talking about yourself??” Yahiko mumbled.

“Shut up, Brat. The cops called me. The fact that you didn’t know about this shows just how incompetent you are.”

“OI TEME!! SHUT UP!!!!” Yahiko snapped, leaping at him and chomping on his hair. Hiko just threw him aside.

”Shisho…” Kenshin cut in, looking very serious, “If girls are being attacked, we should protect them. Let us help you in your mission.”

“Baka deshii!” Hiko chuckled, “Do you really really want to work together with that Shinsengumi cop??”

Kenshin’s face twitched. “ORO! S-Saitou de gozaru…?!”

Sanosuke jumped up, looking enraged. “OI! OI! What?! Where?! Where is that bastard!! Let me at him!!!!”

All the while, Hiko was laughing his head off. Aoshi just turned towards the window, feeling worried. ‘I hope Misao the others will be okay…’

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